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Once Upon A Time Recap: "Selfless, Brave, And True"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/26/2013 5:18 am
Once Upon A Time Recap:

Onyx Hamar

Staff Writer

The episode starts with a flashback of August before he came to Storybrooke. It looked like he was living it up on a beach in Hong Kong, but when Emma entered Storybrooke and the curse began to break, August began turning back into wood. He goes to the hospital, but of course no one can see that one of his legs is wood because they don’t believe.

A kid overhears August’s situation and tells him he knows someone who can help. He leads August to a back alley in Hong Kong, and into an apartment. There are several people sitting in chairs, all waiting to see the man behind the curtain; the Dragon. A woman goes in to see the Dragon before August, and it turns out to be Tamara, Neal’s fiancé.


In present day Storybrooke, Tamara has just arrived at Granny’s. Tamara, Neal, Emma, and Henry all enjoy a slightly awkward lunch together, and Neal attempts to tell Tamara the truth about who he is. She thinks he’s bullshitting, or I should say, she pretends to think that he’s bullshitting. She leaves and tells him to come find her when he’s ready to tell the truth about his feelings for Emma.

Snow is still struggling with her depression over killing Cora, and decides to go into the forest and shoot some arrows. While there, she discovers a run down and over grown trailer. Inside is a completely wooden, but mobile August Booth. Snow confronts him, tells him to come home, but August says that he can’t because he’s too much of a disappointment. He’s turned to wood because he hasn’t been selfless, brave, and true as the Blue Fairy said he had to be to remain a real boy.


Back to August’s flashback, the Dragon says he can cure August, but as payment he demands a personal item of great value and $10,000. As for the personal item, August gives him a wooden whale necklace, (I see what you did there) but he’s shit out of luck when it comes to the 10k. He has until midnight to get the Dragon the money.

Later that night, August runs into Tamara in a bar. We learn that Tamara went to the Dragon because she has some terrible incurable cancer. She buys August a beer, in celebration of finally getting her cure, and August sees that she has an envelope full of cash in her purse. Desperate, and a bit of an asshole, August steals the money and returns to the Dragon.

August receives his cure, but as he exits the Dragon’s he runs into Tamara. She of course, is pretty pissed off. A chase scene ensues, ending with August tripping on his wooden leg and Tamara taking his cure.


In present day Storybrooke, Tamara has been eavesdropping on the residents. She happens to be in the diner when Snow runs in to tell Emma and Geppetto that she’s found August, but he’s completely wooden. Those three run off to find the Blue Fairy in hopes of helping August, while Tamara heads straight for his trailer. When she gets there she tells him she still has his cure and that it’s in her apartment in New York. She tells him he can have it if he leaves now and never returns.

Meanwhile, the Blue Fairy informs Snow, Emma, and Geppetto that she can’t help August because he did this to himself. The three then head to August’s trailer to tell him they love him anyway blah blah blah, but he’s gone. Geppetto reveals to Snow that she could’ve come here with Emma originally, but he lied to send his son instead. Snow strikes him, but it seems as though her hand had a mind of its own. She apologizes to him and says she understands.

Flashback to Hong Kong, August returns to the Dragon’s apartment a few days after Tamara has taken his cure. He plans to beg the Dragon for help even though he can’t pay, but when he arrives he discovers the Dragon is dead. Tamara has killed him (with a taser, but whatever); August doesn’t realize this at the time, but he does as he’s leaving Storybrooke in the present. We learn that Tamara never had cancer, she only made that up because she was searching for magic. She wants to destroy magic for reasons not yet clear.


August, in the present, turns his car around and heads to the sheriff’s station to warn Emma about Tamara. She isn’t there, but he calls her cell and just he’s about to reveal the truth, Tamara cuts the line. She tases August (even though he’s wood…) and flees the scene. Emma, Snow and Geppetto find him, August uses his last breath to attempt to warn Emma, but he doesn’t quite get the words out, and he dies. Out of nowhere the Blue Fairy appears, and since August’s last actions were selfless, brave, and true, she was able to turn him back into a real boy. Key word there would be boy. August is now approximately 10 years old. Awkward. He also conveniently doesn’t remember anything of use.


edWhile all this has been going down, Regina confronts Greg/Owen. She remembers who he is and she tells him to leave town. He refuses to leave without his father, but Regina tells him she let his father go and that he left town shortly after Owen did all those years ago. Greg/Owen of course doesn’t believe this, (I certainly don’t believe it) but Regina has delivered her threat and she leaves. Greg then receives a phone call from “Her,” that mysterious woman that he’s been sending pictures and videos to. There’s a knock on the door.

IT’S TAMARA!!! “HER” = TAMARA. As if that weren’t enough, Tamara and Greg are also romantically involved. It’s then revealed that her whole romance with Neal was entirely fabricated in order to gain access to magic and to Storybrooke.


I wasn’t really a fan of this episode, other than the big reveal about Tamara. And what is up with that taser? It can’t be normal, because that would make no sense.

What did you guys think?

Reminder that there’s no Once next week, as we are now on a 3 week hiatus.

Some of the screencaps courtesy of: Once Upon a Fan
htttp:// (COMING SOON!) 

Instagram: PopWrapped


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