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Spoilers PopWrapped | Spoilers

PaleyFest: 'Revolution' Panel Shares Intel!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/04/2013 8:43 pm
PopWrapped | Spoilers
PaleyFest: 'Revolution' Panel Shares Intel!

Deanne Cooper

Staff Writer


Middle Earth on the American highway, that’s how Eric Kripke describes his vision for Revolution. This NBC post-apocalyptic drama begins 15 years after some unknown event causes all power everywhere to shut down. We left off the first half of the season by seeing Miles and Monroe finally confront one another, and Monroe offering Miles forgiveness and a place at his side, once again. Miles rebuffs the offer and a fight ensues, but Miles escapes when the Monroe militia starts closing in. Once outside, the gang sees a militia helicopter take flight and begin to aim its guns.

So what can we expect from the second half? We checked in with the PaleyFest Revolution panel yesterday to find out!

According to the PaleyFest live twitter feed of the event, Kripke had these statements to make about the second half. “The time off the air gave time to analyze what did and didn’t work in first part of season.” “If you can make characters stick, you have a shot at longevity. We did well with that but we didn’t move story fast enough. Viewers are impatient for the story to go and that will happen in second half.”

Kripke also says that the reason that the power went out will be revealed early in the second half of the season.  Favreau says that we will see the politics of power becomes a major aspect in second half of season. Also there will be character shifts and personal conflicts.

According to Kripke, Miles is a redeemable character, along with Nora. Miles keeps trying, and even when he stumbles, he gets back up. Nora is the same. (sidenote: For me, Miles is a badass with a sword. AND I LOVE IT. End note.) Also, for those of you who are fans of Miles and Nora, you can get excited knowing they will have some action between them coming up soon.

Giancarlo Esposito said of his character, Tom Neville, that there is humanity in him. All of what they are living is circumstance, there’s no black & white. He also says that Neville tries to protect those who will get in line, and gets rid of those who won’t. He’s the ultimate soldier.

David Lyons when asked, “is Monroe unhinged?”  says that he’s more complex than that and adds that Kripke is great at capturing the grayness  leaning toward blackness. He also believes there is a void in Monroe that can’t be filled with all the power in the world. He’s broken. Can he be mended? Not sure. Lyons also let it slip that Monroe and Nora will have a scene together.

When Kripke was asked about the basis of the show, he says it is about family, some related by blood and some by circumstance. And ultimately finding out if they can they stick together in the face of these forces. He thinks everyone wants to believe in loyalty & the person next to them.

When JJ Abrams was asked about genre shows, he says every time you think you learned a lesson, you forget another one. It’s about what makes you FEEL something. He also says that when Eric pitched this show about the family finding their way, he liked it. Some shows take longer to find their way than others. In the end, Revolution wasn’t genre first, it was people first.

Kripke gives credit to the actors and says they “are killing it” by drawing viewers into the chararacters. Abrams adds that it’s exciting to see that dialogue evolve as the show progresses.

Favreau says that because of the gap in the season, that they can answer the audience’s questions before the end of the season. Kripke added that we will find out the history between Rachel and Miles, and we will also learn where Grace is. The world of Revolution will be expanding. President Foster will be coming in and he is a steely, strong badass. He’s much different from Monroe. The second half of the season is bigger and better than the first.

The biggest news that this Revolution fan is excited about? That Aaron will be reunited with his wife. Kripke assures us that Aaron will see her again, and they work out their issues.

My favorite part from the panel? Finding out that Kripke is a fanboy, too. For those of you who are Supernatural fans, you are already well versed on Eric Kripke and his love of classic rock music. As such, he is a huge Led Zeppelin fan, and has been thrilled that a few of their songs have been featured in Revolution. He also says that he freaked out when they told him that Page and Plant watched the Revolution episode that he wanted to use a song for.

As for how Kripke and Abrams would handle a real life post-apocalyptic world? Kripke would turn to a concubine, while Abrams went in search of an insane survivalist friend. In closing out the panel, Kripke asks everyone to make sure they check out the Revolution webisodes. You can find those here, and here

So are you as amped up for the return as I am? If so, then don’t forget to tune in when “Revolution” reboots on Monday, March 25th at 10/9C. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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