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Parental Watchdog Groups Slam Glee For Inventing 'Teen Sex'

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/12/2012 5:00 am
Parental Watchdog Groups Slam Glee For Inventing 'Teen Sex'

Zachary Jaydon

Senior Editor

Several parental watchdog groups have predictably lashed out at Glee and its creators after last Tuesdays episode which depicted two couples having sex for the first time. Melissa Henson, the director of communications and public education for the Parents Television Council even goes as far to call Glee “the self-styled sex-ed teacher to America’s teens,” adding that “the worst thing parents can do is step aside and let Hollywood do the teaching,” also calling the episode “predictable …laughable.” PTC President, Tim Winter states that “the fact that Glee intends to not only broadcast, but celebrate children having sex is reprehensible. The gender of the high school characters involved is irrelevant. Teen sex is now more prevalent on TV than adult sex and Glee is only playing into that trend… Fox knows the show inherently attracts kids; celebrating teen sex constitutes gross recklessness.”

The problem with the PTC and its members is that a gross majority of the time, situations, circumstances and specifics are taken so completely out-of-context, hyped up and thrown into a Christian/Conservative blender, essentially negating the purpose of the show in the first place. This attack on Glee and its creators is no different.

“The First Time” did indeed show four teens, a straight and gay couple, having sex; three of them for the first time, but presented the situation so delicately and with so much class and tact, that the only thing “predictable” or “laughable” is the fact that the PTC chose to attack and criticize the episode in the first place. The choice to have sex was responsibly weighed and neither couple felt pressured into making the decision. Both couples did it with mutual understanding of what they were going to do, and both loved each other. For the record, Rachel, Finn and Kurt are all High School Seniors, the vast majority of which are 17 or 18 years old. Blaine, the youngest is a Junior, making him at least 16.

Apparently, Henson and Winter live in a fantasy world where 16-18-year-olds aren’t having sexual feelings, questions and encounters. Henson, Winter and their peers must also live in the same fantasy world in which all parents actually have “the talk” with their kids, let alone presenting it in real life situations which not only demonstrated the consequences (good and bad) of sex, but also encourage young people to be responsible and to protect themselves. You regularly hear all about rape and snuff films on CSI or Criminal Minds, but it’s depictions of loving, consensual sexuality that get the parental watchdog groups fired up.

I love it when people speak of the halcyon days of “morality” in America. Remember the good old days, filled with segregation and lynchings, when pregnant teens could be easily be shipped away to “visit family” for a year, or when rape was considered just a “bad date?” Men could happily beat their wives and the law wouldn’t do anything about it because he was just “taking care of his home?” Remember when homophobia ran rampant and men and women chose to lie to their unsuspecting spouses, all the while having affairs with same-sex partners while lying to everyone around them for the sake of raising a traditional Americanfamily? American morality is not eroding. It’s is a completely different landscape, and in most cases, a lot more honest one. The PTC needs to wake up. Don’t look back Americas past with rose colored glasses, as if Glee, suddenly and irresponsibly confronted unsuspecting teens with this totally new concept of sex.

Instagram: PopWrapped


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