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PopWrapped | Technology
Periscope Introduces 360 Live Broadcasting | Periscope
Media Courtesy of 360 Live
Twitter-owned live-stream video company, Periscope, has announced a brand new feature for its creators, and it’s a very exciting development in the world of live video. A blog post published by the Periscope Team stated that 360-video support was unveiled for iOS and would soon be available for all creators on the platform. The inaugural 360 live video was posted by Alex Pettitt, known for his fun and engaging style on Periscope . Watch the video below (works best within the app). As you can see, the viewer can pan around the broadcaster’s location when viewing the broadcast live and when the broadcast has ended. 360 video is nothing new, as YouTube and Facebook had adopted the technology on their own platforms. Twitter joined the party with native live video broadcasting, previously only available via its Periscope app. Now, they have taken the next step in video content creation and immersive experiences in order to embrace the next era of augmented reality and VR trends. The new feature isn’t available to everyone; however, Periscope informed the public that they will be rolling out the ability to broadcast in 360 live video over the next few weeks or so. They do encourage users to apply to be placed on the waiting list for the beta version. The form is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. It is suggested that the applicant first apply for Periscope Producer in order to ensure a more streamlined process when connecting and syncing an external camera or recording device. The Periscope Producer program was initiated to allow individuals and brands to broadcast higher quality live video, comparable to a desktop platform like OBS. We at PopWrapped would be remiss if we didn’t mention that you need a camera that can shoot 360 video. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. When you go to the Periscope360 waitlist application form, you come to a section asking what 360 camera you plan on using with the app. The fine print reads: “Periscope360 supports native integration with the Insta360 Nano camera. You may experiment with connecting other 360 cameras via Periscope Producer (” See where establishing yourself with Periscope Producer comes into play now? After researching the suggested camera, we found that the Insta360 Nano is actually a really decent camera that is incredibly easy to use and is one of the most affordable 360-enabled cameras on the market right now. Insta360, a new company whose mission is to create affordable and high-quality products for the VR and immersive content market, is gaining traction as a front-runner for accessibility and is helping to cultivate change in our technology-centric society. The company is currently in the process of producing an Android-compatible camera called Insta360 Air, currently taking preorders on IndieGoGo.

The company has also made an announcement about a brand new product at CES 2017 in Las Vegas called Pro, an 8K 360 digital camera. During a press conference at the LVCC, onlookers were able to get a hands-on experience and were given a live demonstration.

While 360 video is only currently available for Periscope broadcasters on iOS, hopefully the development of Insta360's new camera is a clear indicator that the Android version of Periscope360 is just around the corner. The excitement is certainly palatable in the realm of augmented and virtual reality technology. We are at a pinnacle of creativity and the imaginations of humans have brought devices to life that we could only dream about in our brief history on this planet.


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