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Pop10 Favorite Moments From The Flash

Carleen | PopWrapped Author


Staff Writer
12/30/2016 9:51 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Pop10 Favorite Moments From The Flash | The Flash
Media Courtesy of Ooyuz

As we get ready to see how the flashpoint changes Barry’s life. We look back on some of our favorite moments of the past two seasons of The Flash. Here are our Pop10 Favorite moments of The Flash.

10. Zoom’s Identity revealed

The Flash

We start the Pop10 countdown with the villain who gave Barry a run for his money in Season 2, and that is Zoom.

Early on in the second season, Zoom made his first appearance. The frightening masked speedster made a presence on the show as a force to be reckoned with. What threw fans for a loop was when it was revealed that Zoom was Hunter Zoloman, who ended up tricking Team Flash into believing he was Jay Garrick. I was shocked to find out who Zoom really was because, during the season, I never had an inkling of who Zoom could possibly have been.

9. Barry/Oliver Moments

The Flash Superhero Hype

What would be a Flash Countdown without some Flash/Arrow moments. Although there are many Oliver and Barry moments, the moment that sticks out my head the most is back in Season Two when Barry talks to Oliver about him time traveling back in time before the fight with Vandal Savage. In this scene, we see both Barry and Oliver a little shaken up. In the end, Barry tells Oliver what’s going on. You can see a real friendship formed between the two of them.

Check out the scene below:

8. Henry Allen is released from Jail

The Flash Arrow.Wikia

At the beginning of Season Two, events occur that lead to the release of Henry Allen. This emotional scene really brings a tear to your eye, as you feel happy for Barry as he gets his father again. Barry is excited to have his father back, but, in a surprise turn of events, Henry doesn’t plan on sticking around because he doesn’t feel like Barry can continue being The Flash with him there.  There is always a little give and take when you’re a superhero, isn’t there?

Check out the scene here:

7. Barry Tells his father he is The Flash

The Flash CW

In Episode 17 of the first season, The Flash meets The Trickster, and, after loads of tricks and kidnapping his father, Barry thinks it’s time to fill his father in on what exactly is going on in his life. I just love how amazed how much Henry is thrilled with what Barry has accomplished and is doing for Central City.

6. The Real Jay Garrick is Revealed

The Flash Collider

After Zoom was defeated, the man in the Iron Mask was revealed, and, lo and behold!, it was the real Jay Garrick. To Barry and everyone’s surprise, it was Barry’s father’s Doppelganger. This was an emotional scene to watch, especially after the Death of Henry Allen made by Zoom. What I loved most about this scene is we got to see John Wesley Shipp back in some form of Flash Costume (as he was The Flash in the old Television show!).

5. Diggle/Barry Moments

The Flash Meltly

Back in Season One we saw a lot of firsts, first meetings, first encounters -- you name it. One of the best moments was when Barry met up with Team Arrow, and Diggle was shocked that he was the Flash. Diggle’s body language said it all. I mean, who wouldn’t be speechless about finding out a friend is a superhero?

4. Earth-Two Barry Allen

The Flash CBR

In Season Two, we got to adventure into the world of Earth Two. We saw different sides of the characters, especially Barry. On Earth Two, he isn't the same person as you would think. I personally enjoyed seeing another side to him.

3. Iris Gets Barry Back From The Time Force

The Flash The CW

In this scene, I felt like it really showed how much Iris' love for Barry has grown. She will do anything to make sure he is okay -- even going into a force to rescue someone she cares for.

2. Flash v. Arrow Fight

The Flash Golden Spiral Media

During Season One, we saw a not so typical fight between Barry and Oliver. Although I enjoyed seeing Barry being the "bad guy", this fight sequence was full of action and thrill, and I was biting my teeth seeing what was going to happen next.

1. WestAllen Season 2 Ending Scene

The Flash The CW

With The Flash defeating Zoom, everything can go back to normal, right? Well, in this ending scene from Season Two, we see a nice conversation between Iris and Barry. It was a very heart-felt and sincere scene. With Iris telling Barry that he still has her, all the WestAllen fans screamed with Joy. Until, lo and behold!, Barry has to mess things up.

Well, there you have it!: our Pop10 Favorite Moments from The Flash. What are you looking forward to most for the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below.

Don't forget to check out Season Three of The Flash as it premieres tonight at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.


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