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Politics PopWrapped | Politics

Pop6 Wishlist Presidential Candidates

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

12/30/2016 9:37 pm
PopWrapped | Politics
Pop6 Wishlist Presidential Candidates | Presidential
Media Courtesy of Global Risk Insights

As we prepare for another presidential debate, a lot of Americans are feeling more discouraged than ever about our country’s future. And, though it’s too late now to change things, we over at PopWrapped had a few suggestions for who should have run for president instead! Feast your eyes on our wish list ballot of presidential candidates.


I mean, she’s already a Queen, why not make her a president? Aside from being a mind-blowingly phenomenal performer, this singer/songwriter is also a huge activist, lending her voice and influence to movements such as Black Live Matter, and gender equality, and speaking out against police brutality. Needless to say, we’d be more than happy to be saluting President Knowles come inauguration day.

Ellen DeGeneres

Presidential EllenTV

Do I really even need to explain this one? Throughout the course of her career, Ellen has done more for the country’s citizens than most politicians can boast in a lifetime. Her unprecedented generosity is constantly making headlines, and we have zero doubt that as president of this ALREADY GREAT nation, she would continue her practice of simply being a phenomenal, noteworthy, and innovative human being.

Sharon Hills



You may know her better as @NerdistMom on Twitter, also known as TV personality Chris Hardwick’s mother. To be quite honest, we’d elect this woman based on her Twitter feed alone. Her tweets are not only hilarious but also full of incredible warmth. It’s like getting a virtual hug every day. President Hills, at your service.

Joe Biden

Presidential Politico

While we know our current VP isn’t without his flaws, the country collectively let out a dramatically sad sigh when he announced that he would not be running for president. Throughout the course of his vice presidency, Biden has been an activist for gay rights and gender equality, in addition to speaking out against sexual assault on college campuses. If he were on the ticket, this hilarious VP would definitely have my vote.

Michelle Obama

Presidential Variety

Okay, we’re definitely not alone in this one. Since the beginning of this presidential campaign, Americans have advocated for the current First Lady to pick up where her husband left off. Not only is our FLOTUS well-educated, openly-opinionated, and strong-willed, but she doesn’t blanch when faced with discrimination and ignorance. Instead, she uses the negativity to fuel her fire as she continues to advocate for equal pay, gay rights, and gender equality -- and did we mention her efforts to combat childhood obesity? WHY AREN’T YOU RUNNING?

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Presidential Chicago Tribune

If you don’t know who this phenomenal human is, I say, “Hello, Patrick Star! Welcome out from under that rock of yours.” Aside from his huge successes as a playwright and actor -- writing Broadway smash-hit Hamilton in its entirety and taking on the lead role as the “ten dollar founding father without a father” -- Miranda has never been shy about his efforts to make the world a better place. Not only is Miranda a self-proclaimed feminist, but he has advocated for gay rights, equal pay, arts education, and has spoken out on behalf of Puerto Rico as it deals with its own financial crisis. Basically, he’s an incredible person with a voice that demands to be heard. Unfortunately, Miranda has stated on multiple occasions that he would never consider running for office; his exact words were: “I would rather play the back-half of the horse in Equus in a non-regional production with poor pay then run for anything.” Somehow, I don’t think he’s budging on that issue. Pity.

Honorable Mentions

Since technically these people can’t run because of citizenship laws (details), we didn’t include them on our main list. However, we thought it was necessary to note that we’d be willing to bend the rules for the right candidate.

Justin Trudeau

Presidential Al Jazeera

Although this hunk of a Prime Minister is a bit preoccupied, you know, running Canada, we think he’d be up for the task of pulling double duty! Outside of obvious (and, I mean obvious) appeals, Trudeau is also a self-proclaimed feminist and advocate for gender equality. We could use more of that down south, eh?

John Oliver

Presidential MaClean

Honestly, there’s nothing more embarrassing than being schooled on your own country’s history and policies by someone from across the pond. And yet, John Oliver delivers his civics lessons with a balance of hilarity and knowledge that keeps fans of his show Last Week Tonight coming back for more. Despite his lack of real political experience, Oliver has made it clear that he understands more about the American political system than most natural-born citizens combined. Maybe we could just whiteout that rule. Just this once?

Now, as you sit down to watch the presidential debate and grow weary thinking of consequences of this crucial election, take a breath, and allow yourself to imagine the future that could have been. Come on, Lin! Not even just this one tiny office?


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