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PopWrapped GLEEcap - "Sadie Hawkins"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/25/2013 7:49 am
PopWrapped GLEEcap -

Bec Heim

Staff Writer


Glee season 4 has been called the Season of Cautious Optimism (mainly by me). I have called it this
because, well, after the whole mess of the majority of season 3, everyone was a bit nervous coming into
season 4. However, the first half of season 4 contained coherent story lines, awesome musical numbers,
superheroes, character development, New York , a good balance of drama & comedy along with some
decent villains. On the whole it has been one of the strongest seasons of Glee since the first.

The real question is coming into tonight’s episode “Sadie Hawkins” is will Glee keep up the momentum?

The answer is a resounding “YES”!

Be forewarned from this point on there will be spoilers of the spoilery-est kind.

For the sake of keeping the plots straight I’ll be breaking it up into sections.

Ladies Choice: The girls are reclaiming their power this week in both glee club and being the ones to
ask out the boys! It is a nice role reversal to see. Plus, we get one hilarious scene with the current New
Directions guys walking down the hallway and seeing all the predatory smiles on all the girls’ faces. Finn,
still trying to keep the glee club together and interested, declares the week Ladies Choice and the girls
sing a song to the guy that they would like to go to the dance with. It has varying levels of success.

Blina and Blam: Sigh poor Tina and Blaine. Tina has a crush on her gay best friend, Blaine. Blaine has
a crush on his straight best friend, Sam. It’s a whole heap of awkwardness all around for the poor duo
culminating in Blaine rejecting poor Tina in front of the glee club after she sings “I Don’t Know How To
Love Him.” It’s cringe inducing high school awkwardness that everyone can relate to! Though props to
Tina for her first real solo of the season, she nailed it.
They do understand where each other is coming from being in love with someone that you can never
have. However, Tina, you should talk to Mercedes. She went through the same thing with Kurt in season
one. (Actually wasn’t Tina the one who told Mercedes that Kurt was “lady fabulous”?) But the heart
wants what it wants, I suppose. This whole plot line is pretty strong. It’s a real life thing and both parties
were treated with respect. Neither Tina nor Blaine are going to be getting over their crushes anytime
soon so it will be interesting to see where these plots are going.

Jarley and Kuck: Marley is definitely getting some steel in her spine following her whole eating disorder
and Sectionals fainting spell. It’s good to see her getting back on track following it. However, she and
Jake have been “weird” since the Sectionals disaster and is unsure if she should ask him to the dance.
Surprisingly, Brittany is the one who encourages her to “Tell Him” what she wants. Jake says yes.
However, there is one obstacle in the way: Kitty Wilde. She pretty much corners Jake and tells him that
she’ll put out if he goes with her to the dance.
Jake Puckerman, recovering womanizer, goes to Puck to get his input on the situation. Puck defends his
little brother and in the process is asked out by Kitty to Sadie Hawkins. Aaaand…Puck agrees to go to protect Jake. Also we learn that Kitty doesn’t even WANT Jake. (Okay so if you didn’t want him then why
help contribute to Marley’s eating disorder? Also is anyone ever going to learn of Kitty’s contributions to
that whole thing?)
Still though at the dance both couples surprisingly work together. Marley lays down the law for Jake
that she wants a one woman man and that they have to take it slow. Meanwhile, Puck and Kitty seem
to have a genuinely good time together and have legitimate chemistry with each other. Kitty actually
encourages Puck to pursue his screenwriting career and it is honestly the first time we see her be
legitimately nice all season. I like this Kitty. Can we keep her?


: FACT! The Warblers cheated at Sectionals. FACT! They’ve been using
steroids to bulk up and do those amazing dance moves. FACT! Superhero/Detective Team Blam is on the
case. FACT! Sam really likes to use the word “Fact” a lot.
This whole thing was beautifully done. There was a legit mystery on how did the Warblers cheated along
with a calling out on the group has become villains during the course of the show. Seriously it devolved
from a friendly rivalry to well this. I blame Wes and the gavel leaving. But yes the Warblers highly
respected show choir has been cheating using steroids. Trent (a.k.a. Sassy Warbler), played by Dominic
Barnes, is absolutely heartbreaking tonight when he agrees to be the star witness against the group. It
was a legitimate and masterful moment of drama as Trent laments what happened to his beloved choir
but also showed real convictions toward his beliefs. We saw a peek of it in “Michael” last year and now
he means business. It will be sad but necessary because Trent kind of reflects most people’s beliefs on
the downfall of the Warblers. Hopefully a fall from grace means a kinder Dalton choir next season or
later this season.

Kurt Hummel Faces NYADA: Kurt has finally arrived at NYADA! …Except he feels utterly out of place
there. Rachel isn’t helping matters much either. She’s too wrapped in Brody and her Winter Showcase
win to notice that Kurt is struggling a little bit. And when he thinks he may find a place with the NYADA
show choir she just shoots Kurt down. However, Adam (Oliver Kirean-Jones) of the Adam’s Apples is
not the type to be deterred and gets Kurt to check out the choir. Adam’s Apples are the students of
NYADA who clearly got in but who everyone at NYADA probably thinks is not going to go anywhere after
graduation. This eclectic group of characters looks to be fun lot and I hope we learn more about them.
Also say hello to StarKid’s Joey Ritcher and YouTube’s Tessa Netting amongst the Apples!
Adam is an adorable and fun character. He refuses to let Kurt deflect compliments from himself and just
looks like a sweet, goofy guy. I find myself optimistic over how Kadam will develop.

Wait…Brody’s Moving In?: Now this was a light Rachel episode. However, we do find that hers and
Brody’s new relationship is moving rather fast. After Brody is late for a date ending with Rachel blowing
up at him with him having to calm her down, she asks Brody to move in with them. Wow Rachel first
rushing into marriage and now asking Brody to move in with you without consulting Kurt. I hope he’ll be
okay with the new roommate.

Favorite Moments


Tessa Netting’s face during “Baby Got Back.” Seriously.

Lauren (Ashley Fink) is back you guys! She wasn’t around for long but all of her scenes she nailed in
classic Zizes style. It was fun to see her take her power back.

Coach Bieste at the dance with the Wall Flower girls telling them to be brave and face their fears was

Brittany and Marley right before they go into Tell Him. Complete with Brittany’s hilarious (for real this
time) breaking of the fourth wall.

Dottie eating the brownies Stoner Brett made her.

Hunter going into ‘roid rage should not be as hilarious as it is.

Musical Numbers

"I Don’t Know How To Love Him"

– Tina Cohen-Chang: Tina absolutely nailed this song about unrequited
love this week. It also definitely set a theme from her and Blaine. It was a good solo. However, it was
riddled with awkwardness for the viewer because we knew this was going to end in tears.


"Baby Got Back

" – Adam and the Apples: Adam and the Apples are definitely an awesome addition to
Glee world of show choir. This was such a delight to watch along with being a genuinely funny number.
It definitely set the tone that this choir is unlike any we’ve seen before which is awesome in its own
right. Everything about Baby Got Back was glorious and cracky fun. I hope we definitely get more of
Oliver’s great singing in the future!


"Tell Him"

- Marley, Brittany and the Ladies of New Directions: This song harkened back to the girl groups
of the 60’s which I think is a good thing. All of the girls were on point and looking fabulous. Melissa
Benoist’s and Heather Morris’ vocals were just stunning on the song. It was a fun girl empowerment
number complete with matching dresses. It makes me want to see more of this in the future! And it
makes me kind of sad that we don’t see this more than we do.


"No Scrubs

" -Gentlemen of New Directions: This song is about female empowerment. And the guys lovely
acknowledgement of that before singing definitely made me love this song even more. It has so much
energy and awesome dance moves. It’s absolutely fun to watch them perform. It makes me wish all the
more for that boy band tribute episode. Please?


"Locked Out of Heaven"

-Unique, Marley and the Ladies of New Directions: Again another great high
energy song. I love how well the voices of Alex Newell and Melissa Benoist blend together for the song.
However, there just seemed to be a bit of magic missing here that they had in Tell Him. I still like the
number a lot though.


"I Only Have Eyes For You"

-Ryder with backup from Joe and Artie: This is definitely the weakest song of
the episode for me. It’s very pretty but after all these amazing songs this episode this one felt a little lack
luster in comparison. I love your voice Blake it was the song that just didn’t work for me this time.


What did YOU think about “Sadie Hawkins?”  Did it hit a bulls eye, or miss the mark completely? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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