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PopWrapped Hits The Veronica Mars Fan Event

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/21/2013 2:58 am
PopWrapped Hits The Veronica Mars Fan Event

Adele Fredeluces
Staff Writer

The first 130 people were let into the theater while a line still formed outside, many fans hoping that they would still get in. As those inside were mingling and talking about their favorite VM moments an uproar of screaming came from outside. Since there was a camera crew around, documenting the whole Veronica Mars journey, I figured they wanted to get a shot of fans being all excited. But then people towards the front of the line inside the theater started screaming causing a domino effect.

Percy Daggs III (Wallace) and Francis Capra (Weevil) were in the building and they brought us donuts! At this point it was about 7am and they both brought so many donuts making sure that everyone inside and outside got something to eat. The Veronica Mars panel at SDCC didn’t begin in Hall H until 11am so Percy and Francis didn’t even have to be awake and with us. But they were! They spent their time taking pictures and taking with fans. I also want to note how happy and grateful Francis seemed. “You guys saved me again”, I overheard him say to a couple fans and everything started to really sink in. This was really happening.

We all got our numbered wristbands and were told to come back by 7pm. When we came back later in the day, the line situation was a little more hectic. There were Samsung-invited guests, almost 150 VIP backers, the 130 of us that had waited in line that morning, and people on standby. People who were shopping around the mall or trying to watch a movie at the theater all looked thoroughly confused at the crowd.

Once inside, video clips were rolling. It started with the Kickstarter campaign video and went on with the cast thank-you videos that backers/fans have seen in the past few weeks from updates from show runner Rob Thomas. I think the fan favorite video was definitely Ryan Hansen’s (Dick Casablancas). At least, it was my favorite. The dancing was great and Kristen Bell’s cameo was fun. I mean, who doesn’t love Dick?

The videos stopped and it was another waiting game (but totally worth it). The audience started singing the theme song “We Used to Be Friends”. A long time ago, we used to be friends, but I haven’t thought of you lately at all – definitely not the cast for VM fans. We’ve been thinking about Veronica for 6 years now.

E!’s Kristin dos Santos then came out to do a little trivia game with the audience. People who got the right answer won Samsung Galaxy tablets and other prizes. Questions about episodes and the cast were all thrown at us. And the one question everyone stood up to answer – What does Veronica always ask her dad for? Yup, we’re still waiting to see Veronica get her pony. Maybe it’ll happen in the movie!

I think the big prize of the night was the Jason Dohring’s “Logan” chair panel signed by him and the cast. The question was “What season and episode did Paris Hilton appear in?” One fan stood up and answered correctly: Season 1, episode 2.

The sizzle reel that was shown in the morning panel at Comic-Con played and it was new to a lot of the audience sitting in the theater. Seeing Veronica (Kristen Bell) and the rest of the cast on the screen again was just too surreal. The screen went black and all you heard was Logan (Jason Dohring) saying, “I need your help, Veronica.” “I don’t really do that anymore,” you see Veronica respond on the phone, looking at her reflection. I heard all the LoVe (Logan and Veronica) shippers scream and I felt the intensity and the tension in that one scene.

We saw behind-the-scenes clips of the cast and learn that Veronica Mars moved to the east coast to be a big shot lawyer. Little snippets of the movie were thrown in and I can’t wait to see the whole thing. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis was also revealed as a guest star in the sneak peak.

Kristin dos Santos then brought out Executive Producer Rob Thomas and the cast of the highly anticipated movie: Kristen Bell, Francis Capra, Chris Lowell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Cantaloni, Tina Majorino, Percy Daggs III and Ryan Hansen. Ryan Hansen ran through the audience and high fived everyone (including myself). He’s always fun to have around.

Dohring and Lowell threw the Team Piz and Team Logan shirts they wore at the earlier comic-con panel to audience members and a discussion about Veronica’s love life emerged. Kristen Bell told the audience that anytime she watches scenes with Veronica and Logan, she sees the chemistry. “Logan and Veronica were on fire!” she said and the audience showed their love for LoVe. Chris Lowell, who played the sweet Piz, recalled the time the paparazzi were around the set of the movie. Pictures of Lowell and Bell together surfaced and he knew fans were going to “go fucking crazy.”

Dos Santos then started a drinking game of “I Never” because we didn’t get to see the cast live out the rest of their college years. We learned a few interesting things. Jason and Chris were the only two members of the cast that has kissed another off screen. Yup, I love those two. We also learned that almost the whole cast took something from the set when the show ended. Kristen Bell downed her whole water bottle.

An exclusive clip was shown and the whole cast and Rob got out of their seats to watch. In the clip we see Veronica, Mac (Tina Majorino) and Wallace (Percy Daggs III) return to Neptune for their 10-year high school reunion. Veronica is left to deal with resident bitch, Madison Sinclair (Amanda Noret). Madison’s still a bitch and Veronica still holds her ground, sassy as ever.

The panel moved on to fan questions in which we learned some of the cast’s favorite lines and episodes. We also learned that they would bring Lily Kane (Amanda Seyfried) back from the dead if they could. And when Kristen Bell was asked whom she would choose for Veronica, the choices being Logan, Piz or Leo (Max Greenfield), she would tell Veronica to “get gone with Logan” and choose Piz or Leo. But she knows that Piz and Leo don’t provide the drama that Veronica craves, implying that Logan does.

The cast talked about fan experiences and how many of them are very proud to be on Veronica Mars. Majorino, Daggs and Capra all thanked the fans for believing in them and supporting them. They were all just so genuine and appreciative as I watched them talk about their experiences.

Darran Norris, Ken Marino and Ryan Devlin also made short appearances at the event surprising fans. Marino also sang his character’s rendition of “Private Eyes”. It was one of Vinnie Van Lowe’s finest moments in the series.

We all had a surprise for Percy and Kristen for their birthdays. A cake came rolling out and the cards we signed earlier in the day were given to them as we sang “Happy Birthday”. 

Rob Thomas and the whole cast all gave us their thanks and it just felt good to be part of the history that is Veronica Mars.  One of the things that I want to note is what Kristen dos Santos had said at the beginning of the panel. She mentioned that if social media was what it is now, Veronica Mars would have been such a bigger hit. I totally agree and it’s evident in how we all responded to the Kickstarter campaign. We followed these characters for 3 years and connected with them, but it was cut short. Veronica Mars was witty, intelligent and fearless. Hands down, she will always be one of my favorite characters of all time.

I can’t wait to see the movie and the rest to come for the Veronica Mars franchise. Netflix revival anyone?


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