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Fashion PopWrapped | Fashion

PopWrapped's Fashion Wrapped At the Tony Awards: Who Scored?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/11/2013 9:03 pm
PopWrapped | Fashion
PopWrapped's Fashion Wrapped At the Tony Awards: Who Scored?

Dani Strehle

Staff Writer

The Tonys are the industries most flamboyant night, and we mean that in the best way possible. Last night’s show was possibly the most entertaining award show this season, and the fashion did not disappoint. Keep reading for PopWrapped’s Tony fashion recap!


Scar Jo decided to take some time away from her impending law suit to present last night. While I think she looks good, I do not think that this is an appropriate look for the night. Maybe she should save the business suits for when/if this law suit of hers goes to court.

Perhaps the men that attended the CMTs last week could take a lesson from Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor looks good-enough-to-eat in his Tom Ford tuxedo. He looks tailored, classy, and dashing. Bravo, Jake! Keep up the good work!

Debra Messing is always hit or miss on the red carpet. She looked great last night in her short Matthew Christian dress and black pumps. And though I’m not crazy about her severe, tight bun; the dress, make-up, and jewels are spot-on.

 Matthew Morrison got back to his Broadway roots last night as he introduced the “In Memoriam” portion of the show. Matthew looked sleek and sexy in his tux, and I personally love his black and white striped bow tie! His best accessory, however, is the gorgeous woman on his arm: his girlfriend, actress Renee Puente.

Sigourney Weaver looked flawless in her cobalt blue asymmetrical gown. In fact, she looked so good, she put women have her age to shame. Go, Sigourney!

Last night’s host, Neil Patrick Harris, was spectacular as the master of ceremonies. He was entertaining, funny, and kept the crowd at home, and in the audience, at attention. He also looked fab in his suit, and the crimson bow tie and pocket square were the perfect pop of color. Neil should team up with Jake Gyllenhaal to give Hollywood’s leading men styling tips. His hubby, David Burtka, also looked dashing in his suit. Gentlemen, take note. This is what men are supposed to look like on the red carpet!

I love Patricia Clarkson. I love everything she does and think she is one of Hollywood’s most under-rated actresses. While I think she looked beautiful last night in her sleeveless black gown, I found the whole look to be terribly underwhelming. We expect more from you, Patricia!

Well, this picture is just a hot mess. Tom Sturridge, who was nominated for best lead actor for his role in Orphans, just looked sloppy. His tie is crooked, his hat is stupid, and he needs a hair cut and a shave. The lady to his left, Pheobe Nicholls (Sturridge’s mother), looks as though she’s ready for a dinner party, and his girlfriend, the beautiful Sienna Miller, looks like she picked this dress out as she was walking out the door. I will give Sturridge and his mom a pass on this one, as they are not red carpet veterans, nor are they known as fashion icons. But Sienna’s choice is unforgivable. The color washes her out and the dress does not fit well and is unflattering; and her hair looks like she just rolled out of bed, and not in a good way. Three thumbs down.

Anna Kendrick, who presented for best featured actress in a musical, looked impeccable in her Donna Karen Atelier gown. Hair, make-up, jewels, clutch, all of it looked superb. The see-through panel right below her bust is sexy, yet subtle. I am also really digging her lighter locks. It softens her look and makes her eyes pop. I have no critiques!

 That’s it, it’s settled. The Tonys played host to the best-dressed men in Hollywood. Zachary Quinto also looked perfect in his Dior Homme tux. It’s amazing what a good tailor and some grooming can do! Bloody Face looks fantastic!

Tom Hanks took a break from Hollywood and celebrated last night with his fellow Broadway actors (he was nominated for best lead actor in Lucky Guy). While his tux is great and fits like a glove, the entire look is ruined by that ‘stache of his. I’m not sure if that is for a role, but either way, facial hair grows back. He should have shaved for the evening. His wife, Rita Wilson, was also in attendance to support her man. Rita was on trend last night with the cobalt color of her gown, but the fit is awkward and makes her look frumpy. Rita has been around long enough that this is just inexcusable!

Oh, hello, Zachary Levi, how you doin’? Zachary cleans up so well, who would have known?! Flynn Rider, er, Zachary looks like perfection in his sleek suit and slicked back hair. It’s a toss up between Zachary and Jake for best dressed man of the night for me. Who gets your vote?

Did you know that Mike Tyson was a Broadway actor? You are not alone. Tyson starred in the one-man show Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, which was directed by Spike Lee. Mike looked event-appropriate in his white tuxedo; but, while I know I should be used to it by now, that face tattoo throws me off every time. His wife, Lakiha Spicer, looked beautiful and shiny in her shimmering silver gown. I was honestly shocked at how good they looked!

 Broadway legend, Bernadette Peters, stepped out in this forest green gown last night. While the color was beautiful on her, and her body is amazing, I felt like dress kind of gobbled her up. The color of the gown, and her hair and make-up looked great, though!

Okay, I know I’ve been raving about how all the men at the Tonys looked so great, but now I’m starting to get bored. Typical woman, right? We just can’t make up our minds! Billy Magnussen looked fine in his tux, but unlike some of the other men that added extra accessories to make their looks pop, Billy’s look is average. Sigh.

That’s what I’m talking about, Charl Brown! Brown’s navy suit and striped tie set him apart from the other men in attendance. The suit is still classic, but the color gives him just enough of an edge to really stand out.

Alright, Cyndi Lauper, we get it, you’re hardcore. You’re a rock star and you’re not afraid to show it! But you know what would really throw us off? If you wore, oh, I dunno…a gown?! This black, lacey disaster is enough to set my teeth on edge. You’re a featured performer and a nominee, please dress the part!

Jane Krakowski looks phenomenal. The hilarious actress outshone -literally- everyone on the red carpet in this gorgeous gown. The fit is perfection, the sparkle is just enough, and her hair and make-up look divine. She looks age appropriate and stunning. Best dressed contender, in my opinion.

Jane Lynch is quite possibly the funniest woman on television. Sue Sylvester may be my favorite character of all-time. And usually, Jane wows us with beautiful gowns that fit her statuesque frame like a glove. Last night’s tuxedo get-up definitely did not wow. The outfit looks like a mix between a man’s tuxedo and a goth-girl look, especially with that big tacky necklace at her throat. Very disappointing, Jane!

Nominee Kristine Nielsen should really hire a stylist. The brilliant red color looks great on her, but the dress itself, sadly, does not. It does not fit properly and makes her look thick around the middle and gives the impression that her body is straight up and down. You are a beautiful woman, don’t be afraid to flaunt it, girl! Just make sure it fits right, first.

 While I applaud Laurie Metcalf for taking a fashion risk, I wish she would have taken said risk with, well, pretty much anything else. The geometric gown was one-of-a-kind last night, so she’s that going for her. But the severe embellishment at her neck looked more like the pins a captain gives you on your first airplane flight. Sorry, Laurie, epic fail.

 I don’t believe I have ever uttered these words before, but Sally Field about put me to sleep last night. I adore Sally, she stars in my all-time favorite movie. But this forest green gown looked like something she could have picked up at Target. Right or wrong, we hold legends like Sally to a higher standard, and she fell way short last night.

Sopranos star, Broadway veteran, and rock n roll legend Steven Van Zandt introduced The Rascals at last night’s show. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what he did. I honestly couldn’t focus on anything other than the ridiculous do-rag atop his head, including why he was on stage in the first place. What was he thinking?! He also had his wife with him and she looked fine in her…oh my god I just caught sight of the do-rag again. What was I saying?

Valisia LeKae was nominated last night for best actress in a musical for her portrayal of Diana Ross in Motown: The Musical. She will not, however, be nominated for best dressed star at the Tonys. This pink gown (and I use that term loosely) is just plain ugly. The fabric looks cheap, the enormous rosettes look out of place, and the layering looks sloppy. Not to mention, it could have used a good steaming before it was worn. My dreams will inevitably be filled with me running from lengths of bright pink satin trying to smother me tonight.

Oh. My. God. I don’t know if there are words to fully describe this, um, dress? Miss Cicely Tyson may have walked away with a Tony, but she should have walked away from this dress. Quickly, and without looking back. This dress looks like a purple satin graveyard; a place where all of the purple satin in the world went to die. The worst part about the ensemble is, it had to have taken a seamstress days to make this atrocity. I’m sure that time could have been better spent. Congratulations on your win, now please, burn this dress so we never have to see it again!

Audra McDonald surprised us all when she came out and helped Neil Patrick Harris with the closing number. What was not surprising, however, was how fabulous she looked in her black and white gown. It was simple, understated, and sexy. She looked gorgeous!

Laura Benanti wins for best blue of the night. Cobalt was an extremely popular color, but Benanti’s sleek and sexy harness-like gown was the clear winner. Her loose, wavy locks topped it all of beautifully.

Patina Miller took home a Tony last night, which is obviously a remarkable achievement. However, I believe her greatest achievement last night was how well she pulled off this Zac Posen dress. I was shocked by how much I loved this look. The colors were beautiful, the fit was perfection, and she looked so happy wearing it, it was hard not to smile with her! I think if this gown had been on absolutely anybody else, they would have been given the worst-dressed award. But Miller not only pulls this look off, she rocks the hell out of it!

I am still mourning the loss of Smash. While I can admit that this season had its share of issues, I thought the music and characters were strong enough to see it through. One of Smash’s stars, Megan Hilty, did not let this hold her back, however. She performed a number with Neil Patrick Harris, Lauren Benanti, and Andrew Rannells. Benanti and Rannells also had shows cancelled this year (Benanti was in Go On, and Rannells was in another of my favorites, The New Normal), and the actors made light of the situation by singing a hilarious song about their misfortune. Hilty’s gown was beautiful. This is another instance where I surprised myself, as this is not normally something I would like. It’s busy, and the sheer panel at the bottom is a little strange, and the design is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. But for some reason, it all works. Hilty looks beautiful and in good spirits. When you have a voice like hers, it’s easy to see the silver lining!

In conclusion, I’d like to leave you with my best and worst dressed of the night: 

Best Dressed Male:

This was a near impossible decision. I have been bouncing back and forth between Jake Gyllenhaal, Zachary Levi, and Charl Brown. But, in the end, I have to give it to Mr. Levi. He looks like he was born to wear a tux!

Best Dressed Female:

Again, this was a tough one. Anna Kendrick, Jane Krakowski, Laura Benanti and

Patina Miller all looked absolutely stunning. But, in the end, I think I am going to have to give it to Patina Miller. This Zac Posen gown just took my breath away, and she looked so incredibly beautiful; this look is unforgettable. An honorable mention goes out to the other fashion contenders!

Worst Dressed Male: 

Unlike the “best dressed” category, worst dressed man was a no-brainer. This title goes to Steven Van Zandt for worst accessory at an award’s show, um, ever. The do-rag does not befit your legend, Steven! 

Worse Dressed Female:

Unfortunately, this category is not as simple for the women as it was for the men. The obvious choice would be Miss Cicely Tyson’s purple catastrophe, but we cannot discount Jane Lynch’s tuxedo, Cindy Lauper’s lace, or Valisia LeKae’s pink nightmare. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to bestow this dishonor upon Ms. Lauper. While her outfit may not be the WORST, it’s the most annoying. We’ve seen it, a hundred times before. At least the others tried something new!

Do you agree with our choices? Were you keeping a watchful eye on the last night’s fashion? We’d love to hear your opinions and see if they mesh with ours!


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