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PopWrapped's POP 5 Reasons To Squee for Submission's Only!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/02/2013 5:06 pm
PopWrapped's POP 5 Reasons To Squee for Submission's Only!

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate Wetherhead are the minds behind the brilliant webseries Submissions Only.

Submissions Only tells the story of casting agent Tim Trull, played by the unfairly attractive and adorable Colin Hanlon, and his actress best friend Penny Reily, played by Kate Wetherhead.

The series provides viewers with an inside look at the theatre business, as it focuses on casting, readings, workshops, and the audition process. It provides a comedic spin on the ups and downs of finding and keeping work in the biz.

The show has two seasons which you can watch online (obviously) on

The third season, founded by Kickstarter, seems to be in the editing stages based on tweets from the shows official Twitter page.  Now, we are impatiently waiting for the shows return, and there are so many reasons to be excited.




The beauty of Submissions Only is that it imagines a series of different musicals for Penny to audition for, and for Tim to cast for. This means songs are imagined for these shows for Penny to audition with, and for people to audition for Tim with.  More often than not, these songs are hilarious. Also, background music for montages and ending credits are normally sung by Broadway actors. It was particularly exciting to hear Gavin Creel’s “Might Still Happen,” play against an episodes ending credits.  Fans can get excited to hear more hilarious music next season. Maybe we will get another song from Mean Girls the Musical?



Submissions Only refreshingly makes sure there is someone for everyone – as in singular, not plural. There are no cliché love triangles. Stephen and Cameron (Evita’s Max Von Essen) are adorable together, and Penny’s off again on again relationship with Arron Miller keep viewers on their toes. In season three we can hope to see more of these couples, and the evolution of the relationship of Tim and director Nolan Grigsby.

Guest Stars


Season one and two of Submissions Only was jam-packed with guest star cameos by big name Broadway actors. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kristin Chenoweth and Adam Pascal to name a few appeared in the first two seasons of the web series. One can only hope that season three will feature more familiar faces.



The friendship between Tim and Penny is really what drives the web show. When one falls, the other is there to pick them up. They smother one another in support, and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Viewers can look forward to another season of pure cuteness between this duo. We can only hope that in the upcoming season the two will be seen getting themselves into and out of sticky situations.

Jared Gertner’s Shirts


Okay, so nobody knows if Jared Gertner will return next season, but all through his performance in the shows second season he wore amazing merchandise shirts from Broadway Musicals.  We can only hope he will return, and wearing merchandise shirts from newer shows. Fingers crossed for Gertner wearing a Peter and the Starcatcher shirt.


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