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PopWrapped's Pop Twenty: Songs That Glee Should Cover!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/06/2013 10:22 pm
PopWrapped's Pop Twenty: Songs That Glee Should Cover!

Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

Whilst I think Season 4 of Glee has probably been the best in terms of song choices, there are still songs I would like to see covered on the show. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but sometimes when I’m listening to the radio, and a song comes on, I think ‘why haven’t Glee covered this yet?’ then I go on to think who I can imagine singing it etc. etc. Don’t get me wrong, I have LOVED so many songs Glee has covered – I mean they’ve just celebrated their 500th number, and I’ve probably liked 85% of them! I should probably thank Ryan Murphy for introducing me to songs I might not have heard/or liked prior to the show! The writers get a lot of slack, due to the lack of character development, consistency, and some of the storylines in general, but if there is anything Glee does best, it’s the music. Below is a list of 20 songs I would like to see covered on Glee - including which character(s) I would like to see sing the song:


Dance So Good by Wakey Wakey

– OTH (One Tree Hill) fans may recognise this song, it was the one Grubbs sang to Miranda in S7, (If you haven’t heard it, I recommend you do  I think a Finn/Blaine duet would suit this song to a tee, it’s weird because it almost feels like they’ve already covered it, because I can ‘hear’ them singing it. Darren Criss’s voice would suit the song


it has that slow, meaningful vibe to it and kinda reminds me of when Finn sang the acoustic/slowed down version of ‘Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun’ to Santana back in Season 3. Finn and Blaine haven’t had many songs together (to this day, I still don’t understand why).It’s looking like a Klaine and Finchel reunion are on the cards and this would be the perfect song for them to sing to their better half! – PLEASE RYAN MURPHY; I NEED THEM TO SING THIS!!


Thinking of You/The One That Got Away (Acoustic) by Katy Perry

– I’ve seen a lot of Gleeks asking for ‘Thinking of You’ to be covered, because everyone knows Glee does Katy Perry


well, plus Ryan Murphy mentioned on Twitter the other day that he had dinner with KP, so it’s not like there would be any issues getting the rights, if they’re good friends. I think a mash-up of the two songs would be brilliant; the acoustic version of ‘The One That Got Away’ would work perfectly with ‘Thinking of You’. This one is a bit more open, I think in terms of fitting in to a storyline it could work for almost any of the respective couples (Finchel, Wemma, Brittana, Klaine, Jarley – you know where I’m going with this) but who I would


to see sing this is a different story. Yes, it could work as a duet between the two lovers, or a group number like ‘The Scientist’, however I think Santana and Blaine’s voices would be best for this song, Naya Rivera’s raspy voice mixed with the smooth voice of Darren Criss would be a dream combination, nonetheless, just for Glee to cover either/both/mash-up would make me happy, out of them all, this is the one I’d like to see the most!


Honey, Honey by Abba

– This song has Dianna Agron/Quinn written all over it! I don’t feel there is much explanation needed for this one, because I mean surely if anyone was cover this song, Quinn would be the one to do it justice. She’s only been a guest star this season, so where they’ve used her, they’ve put her character to good use. All the songs she’s been given she’s absolutely nailed them. After Amanda Seyfried covered the song in Mamma Mia, I thought Quinn would be perfect for the song, not only would her voice really suit it, the vocal arrangement in ‘Come See About Me’ in 4x08 ‘Thanksgiving’ episode was like a godsend, with backing vocals from Brittany and Santana, the Unholy Trinity’s voices complimented each other so well, that I think if Glee were to do ‘Honey, Honey’ they should again, have Quinn as the lead and Santana and Brittany as back-up.


Pusher Love Girl by Justin Timberlake

– JT’s comeback album, 20/20 Experience


be overlooked; it’s such a great, unique record, that Glee would be silly to not cover any of his songs. Any of the songs would work, but ‘Pusher Love Girl’ jumps out at me as a Jake Puckerman performance. Like JT, he’s got the voice and most definitely got the moves. I can imagine Jacob Artist pulling off a very smooth, sexy performance, I’m just waiting for Glee to reveal they’ll be covering this now, no really, I’ll be waiting.


Give Me Everything by Pitbull Feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer

– This would be a New Directions number at sectionals/regionals/nationals, it has that energetic feel to it, similar to Gangnam Style but better.


Ho Hey by The Lumineers

– Maybe this would work as a Blaine with the ND’s number. Now that they seem to do a ND’s song at the end of every episode, this would be the perfect, the more I think about this, the more I wish it would just happen. I’m envisioning them singing this, in the auditorium, Darren Criss pulling those adorable facial expressions he does when he sings and the ND’s just going wild and freestylin’ – which is what seems to happen a lot now!


Wonderland by Ke$ha

– If you cast your minds back to Season 2 ‘Blame It On The Alcohol’ the ND’s did Ke$ha’s ‘TiK ToK’ for the assembly, like me you probably only have the memory of them all projectile vomiting everywhere, as the episode title suggests. Taken off Ke$ha’s latest album ‘Warrior’, ‘Wonderland’ is one of the album tracks (Listen here: it’s different to her usual party-style music, this one is slow and quite beautiful. If I were Ryan Murphy (which I’m not) I would have Miss Rachel Berry singing this one.


Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson

– Glee have covered a number of Kelly Clarkson songs ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’, ‘Dark Side’, ‘Stronger’, ‘Cry’ like Katy Perry, they always do Kelly Clarkson songs justice, off her newest ‘Greatest Hits’ album, ‘Catch My Breath’ is a good piece of upbeat, catchy, pop music. I reckon it would work great as a group number for the ND girls, or a trio singing it, similar to when Rachel, Santana and Quinn sang ‘Love Song’.


Demons by Imagine Dragons –

They’ve already done Imagine Dragons, in the season premiere, Darren Criss performed an energetic version of the hit song ‘It’s Time’ also demonstrating his cup skills -  I mean c’mon I’m beginning to ask myself, is there anything Darren Criss can’t do? ‘Demon’s’ is an album track from Imagine Dragons debut album ‘Night Visions’ I reckon this would work as a Klaine duet, it might not be the typical Kurt/Blaine duet, but after all, Glee is best-known for embracing difference, also I don’t think we’ve heard enough of Kurt this season!


Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth Feat. Emeli Sandé

– To me, this has either Finchel or Brittana all over it. Finchel in particular though, as Cory Monteith and Lea Michele have demonstrated over the course of four seasons, that their voices work brilliantly together. This is such a heart-warming and truthful song, I can really imagine Finn getting stuck in to it and Lea Michele has that angelic voice, that there is

no way

Ryan Murphy can’t have it on the show!



Secrets by OneRepublic

– Again, I imagine this as a group number for one of the competitions (sectionals, regionals, nationals) all members of the New Directions uniting, they are one big happy family after all and this song is about sharing all your secrets, really it’s the glee club in a nutshell.


When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

– Right, I am fully aware that the song is called ‘When I Was Your Man’ but why not put a different spin on it and make it ‘When I Was Your Girl’ when I first heard this song, I immediately thought ‘Santana should sing this in Glee’. The whole break-up scene in 4x04 ‘The Break-Up’ involved Santana saying she hadn’t been a good girlfriend and this was the reason for her breaking up with Brittany (I still can’t watch that whole scene, the performance of ‘Mine’ especially without crying my eyes out, but I’m working on it). This song demonstrates exactly that, whilst withholding some regret. As we all seen in 4x13 ‘Diva’ (and what we already knew) Santana still loves Brittany and vice versa. Naya Rivera’s raspy tone would fit the bill perfectly, this feels like my pitch to Ryan Murphy – it kinda is!


What About Now by Daughtry

– I’ve missed Puck (Mark Salling) so much this season, he’s been here and there but never actually stuck around. I’m surprised Glee haven’t covered this yet, Puck would be the ideal candidate to sing this, it has that rocker feel to it which is Puck’s speciality and kind of reminds me of when he sang ‘I’m The Only One’ to Shelby – Yeah that ‘relationship’ was a bit weird, regardless, I’ve dreamed up a situation where Puck sings this to Quinn, after all it is very relevant to their on/off relationship and then all the couples get back together and live happily ever after.


I Almost Do by Taylor Swift

– Jenna Ushkowitz as her character Tina, has really come in to her own this season and whilst she’s probably sung more this season than all the previous seasons combined, I still feel she has a few more solos in her, before the season draws to a close. I like how out of all the characters, Tina hasn’t been reliant on anybody else, she’s shown she’s a strong independent woman who don’t need no man – I’m sorry I had to! Anyway, as much as I’ve enjoyed seeing this side of Tina, I really miss Tike. They were the most underused couple and still to this day, I’m not quite sure why they broke up. I figured Tina could sing this song to Mike; it’s a Taylor Swift song, about missing someone so much, but restraining yourself from calling/contacting the person. Jenna has a great voice and I feel this song would be appropriate for Tina.


Set Fire To The Rain/Don’t You Remember by Adele

– They’ve already done an Adele mash-up of Rumour Has It/Someone Like You in Season 3 - which I have to say is one of my all-time favourite Glee numbers.  As everybody knows, virtually all of Adele’s songs have Glee potential. I’m suggesting we have a repeat of the S3 mash-up, The Troubletones 2.0 with a twist (the addition of Tina). Brittany/Tina/Santana/Mercedes could definitely pull off a mix of ‘Don’t You Remember’ and ‘Set Fire To The Rain’, like always Adele’s both songs are really soulful and passionate, Mercedes and Santana could lead similar to ‘Rumour Has It/Someone Like You’, I’d give anything to hear those two divas give it all they’ve got!!


Who You Are by Jessie J

– Much to my surprise, I realised Glee have


covered Jessie J. She’s one of the hottest singer-songwriters around at the moment and Ryan Murphy still hasn’t caught on. My favourite Jessie J song is ‘Who You Are’, not just because it sounds great, but because it’s meaningful. Why they haven’t covered it yet, I’ll never know. It really sums up the overall message that Glee sends out. Ideally, I would have the four biggest voices of the show singing the song; Mercedes/Rachel/Santana/Unique.


Soldier by Gavin DeGraw

– Chord Overstreet has really shone this season, Sam definitely has more depth as a character and his bromance with Blaine has quickly become one of the sweetest, most genuine friendships on the show. ’Soldier’ would suit Chord’s voice brilliantly; I would also have Artie sing with him too as they haven’t really sang together, yet they both have great voices!


Daylight by Maroon 5

– I am in love with this song right now, I would like for Finn to lead the song with the ND boys accompanying him. Cory Monteith has definitely got what it takes vocally to take on the Adam Levine track. It’s a soft-rock ballad that I believe Glee would do justice.


We Both Know by Colbie Callait Feat. Gavin DeGraw

– From the Safe Haven movie soundtrack, ‘We Both Know’ could quite definitely be a Jarley song. Time and time Jacob Artist and Melissa Benoist have proven they’ve have outstanding vocal chemistry with their duet of ‘A Thousand Years’ further proving that. This sweet song describes their relationship in the best way possible, with lyrics.


Try by P!nk

– Glee have covered a number of P!nk songs already, I’d like Marley and Kitty to sing ‘Try’ because I like the song, but also I enjoy Melissa and Becca singing together. Their budding friendship on-screen is sweet to watch, despite Kitty’s wrongdoings towards Marley, the two of them performing this song in the choir room would come under ‘perfection’ in the dictionary.

That’s it for my

Pop Twenty

songs I’d like to see Glee cover, now I’m praying Ryan Murphy and all the other Glee staff that are involved in the song selection process, listen to me (here’s to an optimistic attitude!) And fellow Gleeks, I trust you will do me proud and spread the word!

What song(s) would you liked to see covered on the show? Let us know! (Fingers crossed for a fifth season!!)

Instagram: PopWrapped 



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