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Pretty Little Liars Come "Under The Gun" In Last Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/24/2013 7:19 pm
Pretty Little Liars Come

Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Hello my fellow Liars! I’m back from vacation! The lovely

Adele Fredeluces

took over recapping duties to make sure all you Liars stayed in line. A million apologies for the lateness in this recap (Comic Con got the best of me). This week’s episode’s recap will be posted later on today but for those who are behind like me, this will help you catch up. Two weeks ago, a lot of crazy things happened to all our girls; one even got arrested! Let’s see what happened to our girls last week!

Major plot points from last week:

  1. Hanna deals with the aftermath of her arrest. The police think the gun she tried to bury is the murder weapon. Hanna knows A’s behind all of this but gets warned to keep her trap shut: “You bark, I bite. Say my name, they BOTH get the blame. Kisses - A”. Ashley, Hanna’s mom, admits to taking the gun but only to threaten Wilden as he was blackmailing her. By the end of the episode, Ashley is arrested.
  2. Emily has her own problems. Shana has transferred schools to get on Emily’s nerves. She tries to help Hanna out of her situation by turning the video of Jenna and Shana picking up Wilden after Mrs. Marin mows him down. Emily is still mad at Spencer about the whole college thing from last week. Her good deed goes punished by A as the video is switched out, and instead of showing Jenna and Shana, it shows Emily being framed for murder by a person in a creepy mask. She ends the episode at the police station, being held for questioning.
  3. Spencer faces the music as Mona outs her for knowing about Toby taking the lair to A. The girls are furious with her, and she spends the rest of the episode trying to make it up them. She and Toby venture out of Rosewood and go to Ravenswood (the locale of the new spin-off) to find the house mother of the sorority. The town gives off creepy vibes, and they do succeed in finding the creepy woman. She apparently knows nothing and clams up. They are about to leave when they spot Shana at a cemetery but do not catch up to her. 
  4. Aria has other issues to deal with, mainly dealing with her love life. She tutors one of her brother’s friends, Connor, and the guy makes his move on her. She rebuffs him, and the guy slanders her the next day at school, saying she gave it up to him. Mike believes him, and Fitz tries to comfort her, with her raging out at him. Mike eventually comes to his senses and apologizes to his sister for not having her back.

As for our friend, the hooded figure: that person ends up stealing a car as the episode closes…

Quote of the night: “Mona may not be A but she’s still a B.” - Emily

Check back with me later on today as I bring this week’s episode. Until then, stay out of trouble, bitches.




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