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Pretty Little Liars Recap: "I'm Your Puppet!"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/14/2013 9:45 pm
Pretty Little Liars Recap:

Erika Rivera
Content Editor

This season is coming down to the end, and it has been one heck of a ride in this recapper’s eyes. Deaths, breakups, hookups, mystery and shocks have been in heavy supply this season, and this week’s episode does not seem to let up on the shock factor at all. Without much further ado, let’s dive in.

It seems like it has been months since we have seen the Liars as a foursome but at the start of this week’s episode, we got our hopes up as it looked like the gang might be back together again. The girls were so happy to see Spencer (remember that she flew over the cuckoo’s nest last episode) that they were somehow able to ignore the fact that she was inside Radley Sanitarium, which gives off that Shutter Island vibe.

They come to tell Spencer that a body was found in the woods where she apparently lost her marbles and say it’s not Toby. This should be good news to the girls and expect the news to cheer Spencer up and make her want to get better and leave but it doesn’t. Spencer is not impressed and elects to stay put.

Meanwhile, with her mom in New York, Hanna (a very messy person) is crashing at Chez Fields. She leaves Emily’s room just as Mrs. Fields comes to tell Emily not to go all cray cray about her cray cray friend Spencer. Emily asks her mom to let her know as soon as possible if she hears anything about who the body might be, which her mother agrees to. Glad her mother agreed to that or else Emily might have taken it upon herself to hack into her mom’s computer at the police station, seeing as she is trying to be Spencer’s replacement but has a lot going on right now with swimming and Paige’s ex.

 Back in Aria’s land, after promising the Rosewood High School principal that there was nothing going on with her and Ezra, she and he are out at cafe holding hands. She does wise up and point out that this is not smart of them to do. Fitz insists that nothing is going to change when Maggie calls and needs someone to go pick up Malcolm from karate class. Fitz’s cannot because he has an interview so Aria, even though Maggie does not trust her, agrees to pick him up.

Back at school, the girls are trying to find a way to convince Spencer that the body in the woods was not Toby (it had a 4-pack, duh). Aria wants to show Spencer the report but Emily points out that the report lists the person as John Doe. Emily decides the only way to convince Spencer that Toby is still alive is to go to the morgue and get pics of the body as proof (stupid idea, FYI).

Back at the salad bar, I mean Radley, Spencer and her creepy new friend Eddie Lamb, who gives off Cinna ala the Hunger Games vibes, are checking a board game when Wren pops by, looking quite dapper if I do say so myself. Eddie and Wren give off tension vibes. When Eddie leaves, Wren asks Spencer if he was the one to drive her off the ledge. He does notice Spencer eyeing the board game that Eddie left her and tells her that Eddie used to play that game with Mona (dun, dun dun).

Back at school, Aria’s mother is hanging out in her classroom when she sees Hanna walking by (mind you, after she just made out with Caleb), and asks her how much she and her mom knew about Caleb’s dad, Jamie before they recommended him to Pastor Ted. Ella questions because Jamie took the church bell to be fixed and came back with one $8,000 cheaper (major eyebrow raise here). Hanna, already getting weird vibes from Jamie, is looking less and less forward to having dinner with Caleb and Jamie now.

Over at the nuthouse, Spencer follows what appears to map drawn on the board game that leads her to an unlocked window (hey security! I detect a major fail over here!).

Spencer’s mom stops by and while trying to buy her daughter’s way back home, asks her what happened between her and Toby. She then drops a whooper on her daughter by telling her “The last time I saw someone in this state, clinging to a secret it was Alison.  A few weeks later she was dead.”  Flashback to Spencer’s mom looking for a late-night snack, when houseguest Ali comes walking in bleeding from the mouth and saying she had to go home for a minute. She begs Mrs. Hastings not to tell her parents, and she’s clearly pretty worked up (uh oh…).

Flashing back to the present, Spencer’s mom asks her “Is Toby not the person that we thought he was?” Well, gee Mom, if you thought he was a hoodie wearing henchman to a clearly evil and mysterious woman working for someone hell bent on ruining lives, then you were spot on in your thinking! (20 points to Ravenclaw! I jest)

At the most uncomfortable dinner happening in Rosewood, Jamie gives Hanna a gold necklace as a thank you for helping him out (red flag). Unfortunately, Jamie receives a call and finds out that he’s been fired from his job because of the bell tower switch up and leaves to try to sort it out.

Later, the Liars minus Spencer sneak into the morgue, wearing candy striper outfits because that’s what one wears to the morgue apparently. With Aria as the lookout, Hanna and Emily go in, with Hanna misquoting another movie saying “I smell dead people” (facepalm). The John Doe turns out to be in his body bag (eww). Aria then spots Red Coat getting on and leaving the elevator. The girls retreat but not before quickly looking at John Doe’s face and guess what? It’s not Toby!

Spencer and Eddie, meanwhile, are bonding over the board game, with Eddie cautioning Spencer about Wren and his motives. Eddie seems to give Spencer the impression that Wren was behind the faulty badges. He then gives Spencer her pill which she spits out later and adds to her stash of not taken pills.

The next day at school, Caleb corners Hanna and quizzes her about her feelings about Jamie. She caves and tells him that she’s not sure his dad has really changed (ouch).

Aria, in the meantime, heads over to Malcolm’s karate to go pick him up when she is told that Malcolm has already been picked up. His instructor tells her the person’s name was Aria Montgomery (uh oh!). Aria finds a poster for the town carnival in Malcolm’s cubby with the letter A circled. Over at the carnival, Malcolm seems perfectly comfortable, yukking it up with someone wearing a black hoodie and black leather gloves (don’t they teach kids Stranger, Danger anymore?!).

Aria rushes to the carnival and runs into her mom. While Ella tries to talk to her about her and Ezra, Aria catches sight of Malcolm but is unable to find them later on.

Hanna, against her mother’s wishes, heads home when the doorbell rings and Jamie is on the other side. Jamie tries to explain the situation to Caleb but he’s not having it. Caleb tells his dad that they are done (insert sad face).

Eddie, back at Radley, tries to give a copy of J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Joey to Spencer when Wren stops him and asks him “We’re not having the same problem again, are we, Eddie?” (Suspicious! ).

Aria, meanwhile, is still trying to find Malcolm when she sees a tent for a Faust puppet show, and inside finds Malcolm eating ice cream and looking like in addition to being abducted by a person, he may have also just been abducted.  Aria asks who picked him up from karate, and he says it was her friend, Alison (facepalm).

Back at the police precinct, Emily’s mom tells her daughter that she’s staying late to work and will have something to tell her later on. When she arrives home, she tells Emily she has information that Emily has to keep from her friends. (yeah right!).  She takes Emily’s phone away, and tells her that they found another body, right where Spencer said Toby’s was.  Due to trauma, they haven’t yet been able to identify it.  Completely unnerved, Emily realizes Spencer could be right about Toby after all (cue the violins).

Speaking of Spencer, she ends up wandering around Radley following a woman humming and ends up in room with Ali (creepy). Possibly trying to seduce another one of the Liars, Ali invites Spencer to dance. Spencer asks Ali if Toby gave her the bloody lip, and Ali replies, “Girls fight much dirtier than boys”(PREACH! Ain’t that the truth!)  She then asks Ali about the star drawn on Mona’s board game, and Ali directs her to the next room over.  In the room, there’s a rocking horse with a star on it, an innocent toy that Pretty Little Liars decided to make creepy again by hiding things in its neck.  Inside, Spencer finds a staff nurse badge with Mona’s picture and the name “Ali Dee” written on it.  She also discovers a CeCe Drake visitor’s badge, authorized by Wren. 

Suddenly, Ali disappears, and Wren is standing in the doorway inquiring what Spencer is doing.  She confronts him, asking why he would violate Mona’s no visitor policy for CeCe.  He says that CeCe got kicked out of college for a stunt Ali pulled at a frat party.  Since CeCe was able to recover from that, she thought she could help Mona get over what Alison did to her.  When Spencer asks how CeCe knew Mona was in Radley in the first place, he replies, “Melissa called her” (the plot thickens…).

Ever the happily family, Ezra tells Aria she’s Malcolm’s new hero.  According to Maggie, “he mumbled something about puppets, and then fell right asleep.”  Sounds to me like a concussion, but whatever.  Overwhelmed with the stress of knowing someone pretending to be the ghost of her best friend kidnapped her boyfriend’s son earlier that day, Aria says she can’t do it anymore, and leaves (ugh….).

Back at Rosewood’s carnival, Hanna and Caleb are hanging out. Caleb goes inside to get coffee refills, but comes back as the bell tolls to see her reading a text:  “Hear that?  It’s the sound of your mistake.  When you want the bell back, gimme a ring!” Instead of talking with Caleb about the text that implies his dad was framed, Hanna brings her phone to Aria’s house.  

Suddenly, Emily comes running in, somehow bypassing her mom’s fool proof “if I take her phone away, she’ll have no way of telling her friends” plan.  She reveals the news about the second body, saying they found Spencer’s purse close by.

IN her room, Spencer opens up her pillowcase, and from it, she removes the pills, along with her very own A team hoodie and two tickets to the Faust tent.  Looks like Spencer wanted to get to know Malcolm!  We hear a dialogue between Mona and Spencer, presumably from when Mona came to visit.  During it, Spencer says, “You don’t have to ask me again, Mona.  I’m in” (OMG!).

With that, I leave you, my fellow Liars, to digest this week’s episode….Until next week! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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