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An Exposé Of Prince's Drug Addiction

Mary Kiser | PopWrapped Author

Mary Kiser

Staff Writer
04/19/2017 8:24 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
An Exposé Of Prince's Drug Addiction | Prince

Addiction's a global epidemic, and celebrities aren't immune to the demon of drug dependency. Several legends have died decades ahead of their time due to their addiction. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Marilyn Monroe are just a few of Hollywood's biggest tragedies, not to mention the world's biggest tragedies.

People are still in mourning, so Prince's death put them in an even deeper pit. He was loved for his sweet personality, eclectic style, and iconic artistry. However, his admirers rarely saw the musician at his worst, and they barely heard his cry for help. He was also an addict, and his love for opiates surpassed his wildest nightmares.

While he'll always be a musician avant-garde, he was still just another man trapped in a toxic relationship.

On April 21 of 2016, his turbulent affair finally ended ... his life. He was pronounced dead of a drug-related overdose, and people pointed their fingers at his doctor, a licensed physician who readily prescribed painkillers to the famous artist. Prince's death was regarded as another fatality, case closed.

When more information was spread and read, questions began to be asked. There had to be more to the story. According to The New York Times, Dr. Michael T. Schulenberg helped Prince with his pain management, but he did so in a shady way. "[The doctor] told investigators that he had prescribed the singer oxycodone on April 14, a week before the fatal overdose, 'but put the prescription in Kirk Johnson's name for Prince's privacy,'" the article states. While Dr. Schulenberg wrote the prescription under a false name to protect the legend's privacy, he was still in the wrong.

The physician went against Minnesota's law, so he endangered both his practice and his patient. He aided Prince's addiction, even though he claimed to be unaware of the singer's spiraling dependency.

Well, authorities have found "20 and a half white pills labeled 'Watson 853,' a mix of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, that were found in an Aleve bottle," according to the article. They later discovered that the pills were laced with fentanyl (an opiate 100x more powerful than morphine). There were a myriad of other pills scattered throughout the musician's home, too. How was the doctor so oblivious? Maybe he really was unaware.

However, he should've treated Prince with caution, and he should've adhered to the state's law. However, at the same time, Dr. Schulenberg never force-fed Prince his pills, nor did he administer him his deadly concoction in late April of last year. Prince was struggling with his own issues, and he was just coping with his problems in his own way. Unfortunately, his coping mechanisms took his life.

Rest in peace, The Purple One.


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