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Prison Break: 05x02, Kaniel Outis

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
04/12/2017 3:36 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Prison Break: 05x02, Kaniel Outis | Kaniel Outis
Media Courtesy of FOX

So who is Michael Scofield or Kaniel Outis? We don’t know, but we do know, whoever he is, his ways have not changed. This episode starts out with an attempted escape. Michael and Whip look like they are about to make a break for it when something goes wrong: the flood lights remain on. The run to the fence would be too far, and the rebels fire is getting closer. Michael knows they do not have much time; sounds like he is considering a plan b. 

This leads us to Lincoln and C-Note trying to uncover a little bit more about Kaniel Outis, who sounds like a pretty dangerous man. During their conversation, they find that they are being listened to. Lincoln chases the boy away, but C-Note find what he leaves behind: a paper crane. We all know who this is from: Michael. Who is now clearly himself. So why is he still pretending to be Kaniel Outis? We guess this picture is going to take a lot to put together. When Lincoln unfolds the paper crane, he finds a note, “Find the sheik of light and I will be free.” Lincoln and C-Note are forced to get help, which is Sheba. 

When approached, Sheba is not willing to help out Lincoln or C-Note. She believes that Lincoln is working with the enemy and that Michael is Kaniel Outis, but Lincoln gives her an offer she cannot refuse: money. Sheba is in need of money to get herself and her father out of the country.

Meanwhile, back in the States, Sara and Mike are forced to live out their lives as normal as possible. Sara is faced with the fact that Michael is still alive and that there is something greater going on. Sara is definitely on edge as she drops Mike off at school. Sara decides to drop by the State Department, where she is put face to face with Kellerman!

We were as shocked as you are.

Kellerman informs Sara that someone has completely replaced Michael Schofield’s life and that Michael’s only identity is Kaniel Outis. Who has this kind of power? Kellerman thinks it is Michael himself, but we don’t buy it. We are thinking maybe those people that went after Lincoln and Sara during Episode 1 that call themselves “Outis” like “Kaniel Outis.”

Coincidence? We think not.

Later on, Kellerman emails and calls Sara to tell her he found a series of pictures that show Michael killing the Deputy Chief of the CIA. He then goes on to tell her that Michael fled to Yemen and was almost caught by the US. He narrowly escaped and ended up in Ogygia Prison.

Back in Yemen, Michael -- I mean Kaniel -- and his crew are facing a deadline, and they have to try to expedite their escape, not knowing that Lincoln, C-Note, and Sheba are chasing a lead. Although their lead brings them behind enemy lines, as the “Sheik of Light” has gone on a wild goose chase to bring his daughter out of harm's way. The crew, knowing full well that they need the “Sheik”, chase after him behind the barricade and put themselves in harm's way. By the skin of their teeth, the gang makes in back across the border with the “Sheik” and his daughter.   

In true Scofield fashion, Michael’s new plan begins in a very obscure way. A stick of gum? How is that going to work?

The stick of gum is going to be used to make a fire to heat a cloth that Michael will put around his head to fake a fever to get into the infirmary to steal drugs for his crew member going through withdrawal. Michael then plotted to give him the drugs if he gives Michael his credit card and cell phone. But then Michael says he wants to order a pizza? We thought it was a ridiculous statement, too, until little Michael in the US receives an origami flower from a pizza guy at school, which says, “Hide everyone. A storm is coming.”

This can’t be good.

On the outside of the prison, Lincoln and C-Note talk to the “Sheik of Light” and see what he was supposed to do. They discover he was to pulse the power grid two times, 24 hours before their attempted escape. Michael gets the message and the escape is on, but there is another escape already in the process. The highly dangerous inmates are released into general population, which could be a huge problem for Michael.

Until PLOT TWIST! Michael sees the rebel leader Abu Ramal across the room and embraces him like an old friend. Ramal asks if his escape plan is ready, and Michael says that they will escape tomorrow.

“Mike-drop!” What?! Part of Michael’s crew is afraid of this man. This cannot end well, or could it? After all, Michael/Kaniel is a very calculated man.  



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