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Prison Break: 05x01, Ogygia

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
04/09/2017 10:36 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Prison Break: 05x01, Ogygia  | Ogygia

The boys are back! All of the boys, even T-Bag, and they came back with a bang, a crash, and a bionic hand. The last time we saw this bunch they were heartbroken with the supposed loss of their beloved Michael, as was the rest of America. Could it be? Is he alive? Was this all an elaborate plan? Yes, yes, and thank goodness, yes! 

Season 5 starts out with T-Bag getting released from prison with an envelope that could be of interest to Lincoln Burrows. Lincoln is in disbelief when T-Bag reveals that inside the envelope is a picture of Michael alive and of course in yet another prison. Lincoln takes the picture of Michael and decrypts the message on the bottom to reveal Michael’s location, a prison in Yemen.

Lincoln immediately flies out to find Sara and his nephew. Upon his arrival, we find two suspicious people that could be following Lincoln. We come to find this is true, as Lincoln’s car is taken over and manually driven off the side of a cliff. Lincoln narrowly escapes death and warns Sara that they could be in danger, but danger has already arrived to the doorsteps of Sara’s house. 

Sara, knowing well what kind of threats are out there, has stashed a gun in her house, but it just isn’t enough to protect her new family. Her husband is gunned down by the new enemy while she and her son hide in the bathroom. Good thing, the authorities are already on their way and the gunwoman leaves before getting to Sara and Mikey. Now convinced that there is another conspiracy surrounding them and a current threat out there, Lincoln wants to make a trip to see his brother, but Linc can’t do it alone.  

He enlists help from C-Note, who has connections in Yemen. C-Note says it is not safe for Lincoln to go, but of course Lincoln will not listen, so C-Note gets more back up: Sucre. Lincoln will not let Sucre join them on the trip due to the risk, although we feel like Sucre will most likely be showing up at a very convenient time in the near future.

Upon their entrance to Yemen, C-Note and Lincoln are immediately scammed into going in the wrong car and put in the middle of a trap. Their prison skills served them well as they realize they are in danger and need to fight their way out. C-Note’s real contact figures out they are in a bad area and shows up as their get away ride. 

Lincoln and C-Note are finally allowed entrance to the jail, only if Lincoln surrenders his passport, which of course he is going to do. Only the boys do not find the Michael Scofield that they know and love, they found merely a shell with new tattoos. Michael claims he is has no clue who is brother is and walks away from the bars quickly. As he exits Michael sighs and closes his eyes, which gives us a glimmer of hope that he has a plan brewing. 

In the mean time, T-Bag is given a new bionic hand. Why? We have no clue who in their right mind would want to give T-Bag anything. But, we did get a clue as to who might be on Lincoln’s tail. Could is be this new group known as “Outis”? Maybe. With this season premier as packed as it was, who knows what is in store for this season. 

We already have tons of questions on our minds. Who is the group running from? How did Michael, or someone else, fake his own death? What do his new tattoos mean?  How are they going to break out, yet again? Our minds are spinning at all of the possibilities. Guess we will just have to just keep watching to find out!   



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