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Prison Break: 05x03, The Liar

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
04/19/2017 4:53 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Prison Break: 05x03, The Liar | The Liar
Media Courtesy of FOX

When we last left our prison friends, they were given the signal that the escape was on. Shocking to everyone, we find out that Michael intends on breaking out Abu Ramal, the rebels’ leader. With the impending threat of the rebels getting closer, Michael and his new crew do not have much time to escape. Which means Michael needs to move fast and happens to lead him to a new alias.

Bubble Gum Man

The little boy that Michael sent with the paper crane hangs out outside the prison walls. Michael sends him notes, via paper airplanes, to deliver with attached bubble gum as payment. But where does Michael want the boy to go now? To Lincoln, of course, who also gets a new name: Tic Tac Man. He gets this name when he hands the boy Tic Tacs as more payment in exchange for information. When Lincoln gets the note he is confused because, in true Schofield fashion, the note is cryptic. Thank goodness it doesn’t take the group long to figure it out. Michael has sent them a map of where they are to meet after the escape.  

Lincoln, C-Note and Sheba go to the meeting spot and find Michael’s escape plan. Sheba tells the men that Michael’s plan will not work as their escape route goes through rebel territory. C-Note figures out that Michael plans on breaking out Abu Ramal, which makes him question Michael’s true identity because of who Abu is. 

We see Abu’s real character the day after he is realized into general population, as he tries to hang Sid for being homosexual. Michael does not stand for this and gets Sid down as one of the guards starts shooting into the air and says that there will be no murder in his prison.

Meanwhile, back in the US, Sara goes to visit her husband in the hospital. Those two maybe Outis agents are still on Sara’s tail and are watching her from the waiting room. They are discussing their boss named Poseidon’s weird ways. They are caught in the middle of a big game. Little do the two of them know but they aren’t the only people following Sara. Someone else is, too. 


T-Bag tells her that he knows about Kaniel Outis. He also asks about his hand and wants to work with Sara to find the answers. Someone is also searching for answers by means of hacking Sara’s cell phone. Sara goes to an electronics store and has the man look into it for her. Sara takes one out of the Schofield playbook. She knows that whoever hacked her would go looking for the phone, so she waits across the street to see who shows up. Who is it but the two Outis hit men. They spot her and chase after her, but Sara is able to hide, and they think she escapes. The guy in the electronic store calls Sara and says he figured out who hacked her: herself by using her thumbprint. Remember when Kellerman wouldn’t let Sara drink out of a plastic bottle? We do! Sara thinks it could be Kellerman. So, she takes T-Bag up on his offer and sends him after Kellerman.

Back in Yemen, the Prison is on lock down, and all of the men are lined up. The man standing behind Whip, Zakat, is trying to talk him out of escaping with Michael. Zakat says he was in solitary with Michael for four years and refused to escape with him. He says Michael would have just used him and then ditched him and that he will just do the same to Whip. Whip confronts Michael about the escape and says that Abu now works for Poseidon and doesn’t know why they are still letting him escape. Michael assures him that he is on Whip’s side and might have other plans for Abu. Whip doesn’t believe this and starts a fight. Michael uses the opportunity to steal a watch from one of the guards.

Now we know Michael; he has something more than a watch up his sleeve.

At the same time, Lincoln and Sheba are trying to obtain new passports and are going to trust the same man that took Lincoln’s passport away in Episode 1. They are hesitant but know it is the only way. When they go to pick up their new passports, it is a trap. Lincoln fights his way out, but Sheba is taken.

So, what ever happened to that watch?

The guard realizes his watch is gone and figures Kaniel/Michael has it. He has guards toss the cell, but it is nowhere to be found, making the entire prison go on lock down until the watch is found. Could this be part of Michael’s plan? Yes! It could be. Now to wait two hours until the plan can come full circle. Whoops, there is one hang up. Passports.

We find that Sheba has been taken by the man who, in the last episode, lets her go free in the rebel territory. Seems like they have a pretty bad history. Lincoln is able to free her, but she is in bad shape. Time is running out, and the escape is on.

Kaniel Outis and his gang are ready to escape. We find out that Michael planted the watch on Abu. Sneaky Michael. But things are about to get hairy. Michael and his group aren’t the only ones that want to get out. Abu and his cell, along with Zakat and his brother, are onto Michael and are also out of their cells and try to break into Michael’s cell to break out. Zakat and his brother get there first, which makes Abu angry, and he shoots Zakat’s brother. Shortly after this, the guards show up and realize there is an escape in progress. Michael and his crew have been caught. So many things went wrong, Michael!

What is he going to do next? Is escape even possible? We are all on the edges of our seats waiting to see what happens next! 

Check out the trailer for next week's all-new episode of Prison Break below, entitled "Danger Is Approaching." Prison Break airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox!



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