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Prison Break: 05x04, The Prisoner's Dilemma

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
04/26/2017 11:47 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Prison Break: 05x04, The Prisoner's Dilemma | The Prisoner's Dilemma

When we last left our gang of escape artists, their plan had taken the worst turn possible as they were caught on their way out. Top this off with the rebels closing in and Sheba and Michael being attacked, and things are not looking good. "The Prisoner's Dilemma" begins with C-Note telling Lincoln that they need to get out of the city, but Lincoln insists he stays back while C-Note gets out of the country. Little does Lincoln know that Michael and his friends are now locked in solitary.  

Now what?

Well, remember when Zakat spent time being hall buddies with Michael in solitary? Of course Michael has a plan. Michael says it's a long shot, but it becomes even moreso when Abu Ramal ends up being the one that has their escape plan in his cell.

Due to the fact that Michael tried to escape without Ramal, Ramal refused to help. This is bad timing considering the Rebels are closing in, the guards are about to jump ship, and if the rebels take the prison, they will all be dead.

Things just keep getting better.

For helping Sheba, her father is offering Lincoln a deal with a judge to get Michael pardoned in exchange for a car. Although, Lincoln is underestimating his brother and his escape plans. In the cells, Michael is trying to convince Ramal to start the escape. When they get to the prison chaos is breaking loose and the pardon is no good.

Meanwhile in the US, Paul Kellerman is about to get a surprised visit from T-Bag. Sara and T-Bag think that Kellerman is “Poseidon,” but could Poseidon be the man who walks from a government office to talk to the two hit men? We think so. Kellerman continues to tell T-Bag that he is on to more than he knows.

Poseidon is in an urban legend in the government: a man who can pull strings without anyone knowing. Apparently Poseidon does not like that Kellerman is on to him and sends the hitmen to kill him. When they get there they find T-Bag too, but T-Bag manages to escape.

And just like that, all of the guards flee the prison. Except for one that will stay back and try to keep order. But unfortunately for him, that didn’t last long. Zakat tries to rally the prisoners to get Ramal to use as leverage to get out of the country.  Once Ramal hears this, he decides to help them escape. How is this going to happen?

A string, a spoon, and a pipe? Seems legit.

The prisoners are now trying to break into solitary. Either Michael’s crazy plan works, or they are goners. Because Ramal is who he is, he tries to free himself, before Michael.   Michael tells him that the hinges on his own cell are older and can be set free. Somehow, this crazy plan works and Michael is out! He gets the keys to unlock his friends cell and is hesitant about opening Ramals. But he is Michael, and he lets out Abu Ramal in exchange for free passage out of the country. We hope this is a good choice. Ramal is instructed to call his men and ask for trucks to meet them at that auto body shop Michael has on the outside.

As the gang tries to escape they are being chased and hunted by the other prisoners. Zakat is threatening to kill anyone that comes in the way of their man hunt. Sid takes a stand and stabs and kills Zakat. Michael and his gang are free to escape! Finally!

They make it out of the Prison and Michael and the gang head toward the auto body shop. Michael and the drug addict of the group get into an argument and Michael tells him to leave. Later we find out this was set up, so that he can get to the shop first. Only once the whole group gets to the auto body shop, Ramal’s men are waiting and have everyone held at gun point and Ramal is holding a knife to Michael.

Who should show up, but Lincoln!

Things are getting pretty tense when Whip decides to step up and start talking. Up until this point, Whip hasn’t really been good for much. He is a very nervous and anxious guy. We can’t see how this can help. When in a split second he steps up and stabs Ramal, and Lincoln kills the rest of his guys with a machine gun.

We thought the episode should end here... but it’s not over yet.

T-Bag decides to follow the hit men to see where they are going. They meet with Sara’s husband! WHAT?! This is insane.

Finally, the reunion we are all waiting for! Michael and Lincoln are finally able to hug and talk like themselves. But this happiness cannot last -- they just killed the rebel leader.

The rebels are at war with Michael and his gang.

They are back in a metaphorical prison.


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