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Prison Break: 05x07, Wine Dark Sea

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
05/19/2017 12:41 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Prison Break: 05x07, Wine Dark Sea | Wine Dark Sea
Media Courtesy of Fox

All right, so let’s break it down. Michael has been reunited with his crew but is in bad shape. Not only was he cut by Cyclops, he had also been “poisoned” because it was cut with anti-freeze. The men are stuck on Phaecia with no way out and no one there to help them. Somehow, Sara’s husband is involved in all of this, and Michael is still known as Kaniel Outis, a dangerous terrorist. Things are happening and happening quickly, as we near the end of this season.

In Phaecia, the men are quickly trying to come up with a way to get Michael to safety, but they can not come back to anywhere in the first world, due to Michael’s status. Lincoln has an idea to call Sara because Michael needs blood. Lincoln is calling to consult with Sara about Michael’s care. Lincoln and the crew have found passage on a boat to Greece, and Sara agrees to meet them there in order to take care of him. Of course, before she leaves, she tells her whole plan to her husband. Good idea or not a good idea? We are wondering the same thing.

As Michael’s crew boards, one decides to stay behind: Ja. The rest of them journey on to Greece to meet Sara. All Michael has to do is stay alive long enough to meet her.

And it happens!!

Michael and Sara finally are reunited. Sara’s blood is compatible with Michael’s, and she is able to give him blood! While Sara is tending to Michael, Lincoln and Whip are trying to figure out safe passage home.

Meanwhile, in the United States, our assassins are learning that the State Department is looking into Poseidon the day after they went to do their illegal search for Michael. Turns out Henry Kishida is working for the good guys. He confronts our assassins and says he is going to turn them in for their unsanctioned work. In return, he is killed.

At the same time, Michael tells Sara that Jacob is Poseidon, and we finally see Jacob starting to pull the strings in the United States. Sara had some suspicion, but he covered it so well.

Jacob contacted Michael and said that his skills were going to be used for the government to help people escape from prisons all over. Four years ago, he betrayed Michael, and Michael found out that his work was not sanctioned government missions. Poseidon shot and killed Gains to stop the investigation and made Michael clean it up in order to set him up. Michael was condemned as Kaniel Outis. But, Michael is smarter then he thought, and he has a plan in motion to make it right again.

Back in Greece, Lincoln decides to call Sucre to come get him. Sucre works on ship and is able to gain passage for them. The cost is 50k. Sara gives them an heirloom that can get them the money. Sara is on her way back to the United States and is worried about little Michael. Big Michael tells Sara to get away with little Michael as fast as she can but play Jacob's game until this time.

The men get on the boat, but Jacob has his operatives send out APBs for Michael to every boat and aircraft. Michael is recognized by the boat's captain, and he called the United States Navy. The boat is boarded and the men are trapped. They try to escape but are stuck. They manage to jump the ship with very little with them to the water below.

Back in the States, Sara is reunited with her horrible husband. Sara thinks that her son is missing, but Jacob has sent him to a sleepover. Sara secretly calls a friend to go pick him up and hold on to him. She loads a gun and goes to see Jacob. She demands that he spill everything. He says that her plan didn’t work and that little Michael is in danger. He orders her to put the gun down or Michael will be hurt. She complies, and now we feel like its about to go down!

We feel that Poseidon is losing it. Strings are coming unraveled so quickly that he cannot keep up. He is going to continue to spiral, and we think it's going to get way worse before it gets any better. If our crew has anything to do with it, you know its going to get much better.


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