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Quantico: 01x10, Quantico

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

12/13/2015 5:54 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Quantico: 01x10, Quantico | Quantico
Media Courtesy of ABC/Phillippe Bosse

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News channels broadcast Alex being led out of a courthouse and into a prison vehicle with Liam. Inside, Liam uncuffs her.

Back at HQ, Shelby, Caleb, and Simon are shocked when the cuffs are taken off of them too. The same is done for Miranda and Alex joins them, revealing the plan to catch the real bomber. They all have to review their old classmates' files and find out who's behind it.


Caleb tried to convince his father to stop investigating Shelby. Meanwhile, his standoffish attitude had her convinced that he was going to break up with her.

Alex and Ryan paired up for one last assignment together before he returned to his position at the Bureau.


Ryan is still in the hospital, but expected to recover.

Miranda and Liam ask Alex to spy on Caleb, Shelby, Nimah, Raina, and Simon when they've been sent to follow up on a possible lead. Of course, Alex is against it because they're her friends. But she gives in.


Alex asked Ryan to use his connections and do a background check on Natalie; she suspected that a scar on Natalie's neck was fake. They found a restraining order she had against a guy. Natalie caught them before they could get any further.

I still cannot stand Natalie, FYI.

Caleb set out to prove that Shelby's sister is real, so he broke into her laptop. Natalie saw him and told Shelby, who confronted Caleb.


Things between Liam and Natalie are tense; she's angry at him for not realizing the truth about Alex's betrayal from the beginning.

Miranda, Liam, and Alex see Raina visiting the leader of the terrorist cell that she and Nimah infiltrated.

They also see Simon meeting with a man in a park, who Alex recognizes immediately as the bomb expert Simon once took her to see.


Caleb told Shelby the truth, and warned her that his father is relentless.

Ryan urged Natalie to trust them, but of course she was as stony as ever.

Someone else noticed Natalie's scar and reported it, so Miranda called her out in front of everyone.

Natalie once had an emotionally abusive boyfriend; when she got pregnant, she faked the scar so a judge could think he abused her physically and grant a restraining order so she could protect her daughter.

Her story is touching, I'll admit. I still can't like her, though.


Alex instructs Liam to have agents arrest Simon, but they lose him.

Nimah asks Raina why she visited Hamza; Nimah knows they're being spied on. Raina is convinced that Hamza is a lost soul and doesn't truly want to hurt anyone. Nimah accuses her of being naive.

Nimah exposes Alex, Liam, and Miranda for spying. Everyone is angry, and Alex tries to defuse the situation.

Then Simon walks in and declares that he planned the Grand Central attack.

Well... that escalated quickly.

He reveals that he hatched a political plan involving two bombs, for a synagogue and a mosque; he and his associates were sick of the Israeli Palestinian conflict and its violence. Because that makes so much sense.

However, he never planned for the bombs to go off. The Grand Central bombing mirrored the plan he designed, so he knows someone stole them.


Nimah, determined to get revenge after Simon nearly betrayed the entire team during a past assignment, told everyone that Simon served for the Israeli Defense Forces. He defended himself; he believed in the Jewish homeland and claimed he didn't kill anyone, he was just a translator.

Raina prompted him to tell the truth, and he did. He helped lure women into interrogations, only to later find out that the they were being killed. He broke down in tears as he confessed.


Simon says his plans were designed for the bombs to be found before explosion; someone stole the plans and fixed those flaws.

Everyone turns on Alex, accusing her of turning on them as soon as she got the chance. Of course, that wasn't her intention. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, isn't it?


Ryan and Raina tried to stand up for Simon, leading Ryan to accidentally reveal that he's already an agent, so Alex urged him to tell everyone the truth. And he did; Simon and Natalie deserved to be in Quantico because of their secrets and their rage, he told the room.

Low-key falling more in love with Ryan with every episode, just sayin'.

Thanks to that little heart to heart, Natalie was saved from being kicked out of training.

Alex and Ryan had a moment alone just before he left Quantico. He confessed that he never told her he loved her when he really wanted to; Alex admitted that she'd never said it at all.

Miranda told Simon that because he attacked Ryan during his third week of training, he had to be dismissed.

Caleb contacted Shelby's sister, threatening to expose her con unless she gave him 20% of whatever she was doing. She agreed and Shelby, who was listening to the conversation without her sister knowing, burst into tears.


Alex begs Simon to help her finish the plan, but he turns her down. After she leaves, a man sneaks up behind him and covers his face with some sort of cloth, more than likely coated with something that wil knock him unconscious.

Secrets always catch up us, don't they?


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