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R.I.P: Some of the Vampire Diaries Most Shocking/Tragic Deaths

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/07/2013 7:05 pm


Erika Rivera

Content Editor

As we said goodbye to yet another character in the latest episode (SPOILER ALERT), I thought it would be fitting to do a list of some of the most shocking or tragic deaths in the show’s history. Some of these made us cry bucket loads of tears while others just made our jaws drop or really made us angry. May these characters rest in peace!

Starting with Season 1:

Grams (Sheila Bennett): Many did not see this one coming. Poor Grams, in trying to help Bonnie out with a spell to protect, wore herself to death. After telling Bonnie not to worry about her, Grams passes away in her sleep while Bonnie prepares tea for her. Bonnie’s tears of anguish totally made me breakdown with her.

Vicky Donovan: Poor Vicky learned what happens when you cross Damon when he’s bored: You get turned into a vampire; unfortunately for Vicky, she did not learn to control that blood lust and it got the best of her in the end with a stake through the heart. See ya!

Anna: Just when you think Jeremy has found his match, turns out she’s a vamp with ulterior motives. She does eventually return his love but is killed in the vamp round up by the council. Another love story bites the dust.

Lexi: Stefan’s BFF…this feisty vamp met her end at the hands of Damon as part of his evil plan (what a jerk!). She made us like Stefan more by showing us that he wasn’t always such a wet blanket and made us get to know him a little better with tales of their previous adventures back in the day.

Zach Salvatore: the only human Salvatore left in Mystic Falls and he had the misfortune of crossing Damon when he had been locked up and starved by Stefan. Nice knowing you, Zach!

Richard Lockwood: Tyler’s father was the first of the parents to bite the dust; he unfortunately was killed when he reacted to a sound that vamps could only hear (raising many viewers’ eyebrows) and met a vengeful vampire with the roundup.

Pearl: Anna’s Mother: after waiting nearly 150 years to be reunited, this reunion is short lived as Uncle John Gilbert takes her out as part of a diabolical plot to rid the town of vamps. Ouch and tears from all as it really does suck to lose a parent.

Season 2:

Mason Lockwood: Tyler’s uncle came into town with a mission to find the moonstone for Katherine and to keep an eye on Tyler as the family had its own supernatural secret to guard (Werewolves!).  Damon, much too smart for his own good, kills Mason before he can give Katherine what she needed from him. Adios, Uncle Mason!

Rose: One of the many vampires running from Klaus, Rose’s death was rather touching considering the awful way she died (werewolf bite). She gave us much of the background intel on Klaus and even gave the viewers the chance to see a more human side of Damon as he gives her a wonderful dream before putting her out of her misery. That dream alone and their interaction = heartbreaking.

Jules: One of Mason’s were buddies: she came into town looking for Mason and found out that Tyler had triggered the were curse and decided to mentor/manipulate him into dealing with the vamps and getting the moonstone. She skips town with Tyler in tow but much to viewers’ surprise, is brought back as part of the sacrifices (a were, a vamp, a doppelganger) needed to end Klaus’s curse. He ruthlessly rips her heart out!

Jenna Sommers: This death still haunts me; Klaus kidnaps Aunt Jenna and turns her into a vamp as part of his sacrifices. The utter devastation in Elena’s eyes and the fear in Jenna’s make it hard for one to witness as we see Elena losing yet another parental figure. Klaus forces Jenna to finish the transition before driving a stake through her heart in front of Elena.

John Gilbert: As Elena’s biological father, Uncle John has done a poor job of being there for Elena. When he finds out that Elena has to be sacrificed, John gets Bonnie to cast a spell that will allow for him to switch places with Elena. This scene was strangely sweet as we get a voiceover from John reading his letter to Elena saying that he would love her, human or not.

Season 3:

Andie Starr: Damon’s “girlfriend” meets up with the Grim Reaper as part of Stefan’s way of proving to Klaus that he is on team Klaus. Stefan lures Andie to her death and takes her life right in front of Damon as a warning to his brother to keep away (guess Damon couldn’t take a verbal hint). This death signified to the viewers that the Stefan we knew and loved was soon to be a thing of the past.

Bill Forbes: Yet another parent bites the dust; this time, it’s Caroline’s father. After trying to de-vamp her earlier in the season, Daddy Forbes tries to make up with Caroline by trying to help un-sire Tyler from Klaus with disastrous results. He ends up in the hospital, gets fed vampire blood and then “killed” in order to make the full transition. After a very moving scene with Caroline, he decides not to make the full transition to vampire and dies peacefully (parents do not last long on this show!).

Mikhael: Papa Original has spent thousands of years trying to kill his offsprings as he thinks they are an abomination only to be bested by Klaus by way of Stefan staking him after Damon thinks they have gotten the upper hand on Klaus. Way to go, Stefan! You Suck!

Finn and Sage: I decided to put these two together as they were killed at roughly the same time. Finn was Klaus’s brother who absolutely hated being a vampire and Sage was his only progeny who spent centuries looking for him. After Klaus is able to disconnect the all from the spell cast by his mother (thanks Bonnie!), Finn meets his end when Elena and the gang stake him without knowing that the connection had been severed. Sage then goes after them for revenge but dies suddenly along with her progeny. Sage’s death alerts the gang to the fact that if you kill an Original, everyone in their line dies with them (oops!).

Alaric Saltzman: Poor Ric. The guy was perpetually unlucky in love (vamp wife, dead gf) and was like a mentor to Elena and her friends for such a long time. When Klaus’s mother took matters into her own hands as far getting rid of her children, Ric became casualty as she turns him into a vamp and sets him after her children. Unfortunately for Ric, his life was tied to Elena’s and would be kept alive until she died. As he fought his best friend Damon after staking Klaus, he began to falter and dies in Damon’s arms, making Damon realize that Elena was no longer among the living. His “human death” gave TVD one of the most touching goodbyes/beautifully haunted scenes as all of his students came to say goodbye to their beloved teacher.

Season 4:

The Council Members: The season started off with a bang and explosion as Pastor Young, after rounding up a few vamps, and the members of the councils, decides to take out the council by way of an explosion. With a simple flick of match, the founders’ council was no mas.

The Twelve Hybrids: As Tyler worked mercilessly to un-sire his hybrid buddies, he had a traitor amongst his friends, Haley. She rats them out to Klaus, who goes cray cray and slaughters all of them, as “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” plays in the background. Tyler is devastated at the loss of his friends after working so hard to set them free and we will never listen to that song without shuddering.

Carol Lockwood: Shortly after Klaus’s hybrid slaughter, he comes across Tyler’s mom, who is a drunken state. After lamenting the loss of his “family” of hybrids and knows that it is Tyler’s doing, he takes the last member of his family and drowns Susan as she pleads for her life and for Tyler’s life. Another parent gone from Mystic Falls.

Kol Mikhaelson: Klaus’s temperamental brother meets his end as he tries desperately to stop Jeremy from completing the Hunter’s mark and releasing Silas. Elena and company get the best of him and stake him before he can harm Jeremy. Adios to another Original!

Jeremy Gilbert: In this season’s most shocking death so far, the baby of the Gilbert family and Elena’s only link to humanity is taken from us by Silas as Katherine interferes and get his neck snapped right in front of Bonnie. This death has taken viewers by surprise so far as we were not ready to say goodbye to Jeremy in such a crude and horrific way.

So there you have them: the most tragic and shocking deaths in TVD so far. Now it’s your turn to sound off! Which ones did not make this list that you think are noteworthy? Who else do you think will be on this list soon? Are some of you all still reeling from some of the deaths? (I was totally crying when I wrote about Jeremy and Alaric). (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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