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Rapper King Kevi Files Restraining Order Against Justin Bieber!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/20/2013 6:22 pm
Rapper King Kevi Files Restraining Order Against Justin Bieber!


Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

Justin Bieber recently hit 40 million followers on Twitter and supposed friend of the Biebs, Rapper Kevin Pederson aka King Kevi, is feeling their wrath and no longer feels safe.

According to E! News, Pederson is filing a 150-yard restraining order against Bieber. According to Pederson, on June 13th the 19-year-old pop star tweeted out the rapper’s number insisting that fans should get in touch with him. The tweet was then allegedly deleted, but followed by another tweet by Bieber stating, “I have never even met this kid Kevi, do you even fact check?” Since then, Pederson has reportedly been getting some harsh tweets and death threats from many fans among Justin’s 40 million followers.

"Forty million crazy fans from all over the world are saying they want to stab me, come to my house and are giving out my address," King Kevi told E! News.

But who exactly is King Kevi? So far all that’s been circulating about him over the past few months is that he is Justin Bieber’s BFF who throws wild parties. It was also reported in April that he tried to stage photos of himself leaving Selena Gomez’ house (in which surveillance evidence showed he didn’t even make it inside), but he quickly denied that claiming he was dropping off money to a friend that was there.

And he’s currently finishing up a 30-day treatment program for codeine abuse at Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center.

Bieber and his team have repeatedly denied that the two know each other. And really, there is no photographic evidence either to back up the friendship. Bieber is in the spotlight 24/7 and a photo of him and his supposed BFF is bound to show up somewhere, right?

Meanwhile, Kevi made the move of changing his number to prevent any Bieber fans from calling, but claims that they know his address so someone is bound to find him. As for the restraining order, as of now, it was denied by a judge, but a July 10 hearing will help provide for a final ruling.

On another note, the second round of JB’s Believe tour kicks off on Saturday, June 22 in San Diego. And I’m guessing his BFF won’t be joining him on the road.


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