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Recap: 'Community' Goes to the Sadie Hawkins Dance!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/06/2013 7:07 pm
Recap: 'Community' Goes to the Sadie Hawkins Dance!


Jennifer Stasak

Staff Writer

When “Community” first began, it was intently focused on the relationship between Jeff Winger and Britta Perry. Namely, it was concerned with the will-they-won’t-they tension that existed between the pair. After the two secretly hooked up throughout the second season and then promptly decided to stop, Jeff and Britta haven’t really been the same. In fact, Jeff consistently insults and snarks at Britta. And while the blonde woman consistently “Brittas” things, she does make an effort to try and better the people around her. Her attempts consistently go awry, and the one person there who should support her as a friend is the one always knocking her down. 

“Herstory of Dance” focused on the dean’s decision to host a Sadie Hawkins dance and – in rebellion – Britta’s defiant protest, creating a dance that celebrates women and their accomplishments, named after a pioneer for women: “Sophie B. Hawkins.” Unfortunately, Britta confuses Susan B. Anthony with Sophie B. Hawkins, and the group gently points this out. Everyone, however, except for Jeff who mocks how she “Britta’d” everything again. Not to be made a fool, Britta insists that she didn’t mix up the names and sticks to her story in order to save herself from embarrassment. She decides to continue with her plan to host the dance, and Jeff notes that in order for the dance to be successful, people will expect Sophie B. Hawkins to show up to the dance. Britta leaves, determined not to fail in her endeavors. So she opens up to Pierce in the library, who explains that she should continue the charade.

Meanwhile, Shirley and Annie are competing against one another in order to set Abed up with the “perfect date” for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Abed, without either of their knowledge, agrees to both dates in order to fulfill a sitcom trope of having two dates in one night. What he doesn’t anticipate – and what he should have, in retrospect – is that Rachel, the coat girl and only person who knew his plan the entire night, would be the one he connected with most. After Shirley and Annie uncover the truth behind Abed duping both dates, they chastise him and remind him that life isn’t a set of tropes or sitcom staples – it consists of REAL people who have real feelings and emotions. 

Britta is panicking at the dance, while Jeff and Dean Pelton are reveling in her failure. As the time draws nearer for Sophie B. Hawkins’ appearance, the blonde grows visibly nervous and attempts to clear the air. Just as she is about to, Sophie B. Hawkins appears on stage and begins to sing one of her songs. Jeff and the dean are surprised, but Pierce isn’t. He admits that he is the one who invited the musician to Britta’s dance. The elderly man was tired of seeing Jeff treat Britta terribly, and knew she deserved better. Remorsefully, Jeff texts Britta from across the room and congratulates her, saying she “Britta’d the hell” out of the dance, thereby turning the phrase into something with a positive connotation.

It was really beautiful to see everyone come together in “Herstory of Dance.” It was especially wonderful to see Jeff recognize how terribly he’s treated Britta over the years from the person who consistently offends nearly everyone he encounters. THAT was a humbling moment, and I think both Jeff and Abed really were humbled by their friends in the episode by being reminded that actions ALWAYS have consequences.

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