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Rediscovering The "Glee" In Glee,

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/24/2013 5:31 am
Rediscovering The

Bec Heim

Staff Writer

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Glee Again.

My dearest Gleeks, I, your most faithful glee-capper, have a confession to make which pains me to my very core.

Coming into season four, I had almost fallen out of love with Glee. It is sad, but true. Glee had hurt me way too many times for me to trust it again. There was Holly Holiday, bizarre romantic entanglements, character assassinations, nonsensical plot, and season three in general to support my decision to separate myself. With my favorite characters graduated and gone, I was ready to just throw in the towel and give up then and there like so many of my friends had.

I couldn’t. Being a Gleek is like eating a delicious cake while you’re on a diet, you just want one more piece before you put the fork down and go to exercise away your guilt. It’s bad for you but it’s just so wonderful.

So I told myself one more episode and then I’m going to quit cold turkey.

Since I’m writing a weekly Glee recap and write my own blog on Glee, you can pretty much tell how that promise ended.

I have called the fourth season “The Season of Cautious Optimism” but now I’m going to call it “The Season That Saved Glee For Me”. Some of my vocal compatriots on the Internet would say otherwise, or as one article title on Michigan Daily puts it:“Glee Is No Longer Fun”. This is for a variety of reasons: the new characters aren’t as developed, the old characters aren’t around much, the New York plots sucks, but no it’s the McKinley plots that suck.

I have read the arguments on message boards, fan forums, online articles and a variety of mediums that expressing an opinion is available. And I do understand where they are coming from and respect their opinions.

I respectfully disagree with all of those opinions, though.

I think season four is good.

In fact, I’m having a lot of fun with season four.

Not only good, I think season four is something we haven’t seen from Glee: consistent and stable. There are coherent plot lines that actually make sense to the characters. They actually tackle the majority of the things dealt with in a respectful manner: Ryder with his dyslexia, Jake dealing with being biracial, Kurt adjusting to New York, Finn finding himself as an adult, Marley with her eating disorder, Santana trying to find her separate identity outside of Brittany, even Quinn experimenting with her sexuality. These plots are dealt with respectfully, honestly and even somewhat realistically.

Look at what we had in the seasons of the past. This is a nice change.

In fact the only three plots that I can say I have a legitimate problem with this season was Tina’s crush on Blaine because it got creepy. Then there is Rachel’s (dear God don’t let it be real) pregnancy thing. Yes I know it just started but I already hate it. Also Sue vs Finn but I can’t even hate on it that much because it’s fun watching Finn stand his ground and get one up on Sue.

What I think people have a problem with is this.

Glee is growing up into something new.

It’s no longer a huge mega cultural phenomenon it once was and I think that’s a good thing. When the characters on the show tried to fit in and be popular, we hated them or were annoyed by them. Glee is becoming the show it was meant to be. A slightly dark, comedic yet dramatic look at growing up set to the soundtrack of our lives. Glee (and by that I meant the producers and the writers) had to stop worrying about being a mega giant and focus on itself to produce something of better quality.

People grow up. Shows grow up. They change and the change is actually needed. We couldn’t keep the members of New Directions in the choir room forever because then the show would have been boring. The fact that we have a new cast of characters in the choir room has infused some much needed new life into the show.

I like Marley, Unique, Jake and Ryder. I even have a grudging like for Kitty’s sharp tongue. You also are expecting massive amounts of development for characters that need time to develop. Look back at season one of Glee. The old characters weren’t very developed back then either.

I like that fact that the old members aren’t as around much anymore. It gives me the chance to miss them and it gives the writers a chance to develop them in new and interesting ways.

The New York plot needs some work I admit. It seems like everything came too easily for Rachel. Kurt, however, had to work for his prize of attending NYADA and his plots are extremely fun to watch. It’s bound to get even better with Santana there.

The McKinley plots are good like very good. They are solid and constructed and interesting. In fact, I can say that “Dynamic Duets” one of the two solo McKinley episodes this season is one of my favorites this season.

So what do I say to those naysayers?

It’s okay to finally put that guard down. Glee has hurt us in the past, but the show is trying to be better. It just needs you to put down your barrier and love it again. It needs you to give it a chance.

That’s what I did and I’m having fun again.

Just find it in your hearts to give it that chance. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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