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Revenge! Arrow Recap: "Home Invasion"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/27/2013 3:00 am
Revenge! Arrow Recap:


Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer

Revenge, betrayal and a love triangle are all a part of tonight’s Arrow. Read on to find out what went down.

Remember spoilers ahead.


Diggle versus Deadshot

Diggle is out for revenge. He wants Deadshot dead for killing his brother. Oliver promises him that they will take him down together. And part of that is being part of an ARGUS sting operation to bring down the hired assassin. But Diggle ARGUS agent friend, Lyla, is none to pleased that he was using her to get to Deadshot.

However, the ARGUS sting operation to catch Deadshot does not go has plan and Lyla is hit. Diggle chases after Deadshot and just as it seemed that Diggle would get his wish, Deadshot gets the upper hand and points two guns at him. Deadshot taunts him and shows him the tattoo of his brother’s name and says there is space next to it for him. Remember that Deadshot tattoos the name of his victims on his body. Deadshot then gives Diggle a swift kick and escapes.

Diggle and Oliver’s partnership has been frayed because Oliver chose to go after Rasmus (see below) instead of helping Diggle go after Deadshot.

Shado gives Oliver an Archery Lesson.

Back on the island, we Shado training Oliver on how to shoot an arrow. During their training, they share a brief moment before it is back to business. But Oliver is still struggling using a bow and arrow. Shado shows off her skills over a bow and arrow. She tells him is over thinking things and needs to just let go. They then proceed to kiss but Oliver pulls away because he is still in love with Laurel and intends to let her know how much once he gets off the island, which leads us to…

The Arrow Love Triangle

What gets Oliver, Tommy and Laurel into this love triangle is working on a case that sees her take a 7-year old boy in protective custody after his parents were murdered by a hired hit man. What caused them to be a target? They were suing a wealthy man, Edward Rasmus who took all their money but to stop their lawsuit, he hired an assassin called Mr. Blank (J. August Richards). The only loose end is the boy, which he goes after at Laurel’s apartment. Before Mr. Blank can take out the kid and Laurel, Arrow swoops in to the rescue. Despite her father, Detective Lance, wanting to put a security detail on her, Laurel believes she will be safe because Arrow won’t let anything happen to her.

In order to keep Laurel and the boy safe, Tommy reluctantly suggests to Lance that the safest place for them to be is with Oliver. The reason he tells Lance is because the Queens have excellent security and not really because Oliver is Arrow.

While at the Queen Mansion, Laurel and Oliver share a nice moment over their mutual concern over the boy and also share a hug. Tommy sees the chemistry that is still between them.

Tommy realizes that Oliver still loves Laurel. But Oliver says that it doesn’t matter how he feels because of who he is, Laurel probably wouldn’t be with him so Tommy has nothing to worry about. Oliver also says that she can’t ever know his secret. Tommy says he doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know, he does and because he does know, he fears that if Laurel ever found out that Oliver is also Arrow, she would choose him.

And it is that fear that causes Tommy to lie to Laurel and tells her the experience of almost getting killed has caused him to realize he doesn’t want a long term relationship with her thus they break up.

Roy Seeks Arrow

Roy is on a mission to seek out his rescuer (Arrow) and goes so far as takes a police scanner from Lance to track his movements. When he gets a whiff of Arrow, he leaves his date with Thea and chases after him but only to get caught by Lance who set a trap to get his scanner back. At the police station, Thea pays him a visit and Lance tells them chasing down Arrow will only get them killed and shows them his latest victim, Rasmus (but really Mr. Blank killed him).

Thea wants to know why Roy wants to find Arrow so badly. He tells her that he saved his life and he feels that he owes him and that experience has opened his eyes to not go back to the way he was before. He feels connected to Arrow now. Thea is on board with Roy helping find Arrow because Roy means a lot to her.

Yao Fei Returns

As Shado and Oliver return from their archery lesson to Slade and their airplane headquarters, Yao Fei comes in and father-daughter have a brief reunion. Slade, Oliver and Shado wonder how he escaped but he informs our island misfits that he didn’t and Fyers’ men enter. Yao Fei then tells Oliver that his time on the island is at an end.

So ends another episode of Arrow and we only have three more episodes until the season finale. Let’s hope we get some of our questions answered like where does Yao Fei’s loyalties lie?


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