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Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer

Last week’s episode, we saw Danny play the hero and shot down one of Monroe’s helicopter but he also played the price with his life.

Tonight’s episode opens with our band of rebels burying him and when Rachel goes out to reach and comfort her daughter, Charlie rejects her.

Meanwhile, we learn from Nora that thanks to Danny, there are no signs of Monroe’s chopper.

A drunk and grieving Miles says they need to take down Monroe and he needs the help of his militia men to help him do the job. And Miles wants to start with enlisting a Jim Hudson, a man that Miles may not have the best relationship with.

The next day, Rachel doesn’t want Miles to go but stay and be there for Charlie. Miles sees no point and leaves anyways.

Meanwhile, our band of rebels reaches another rebel hideout, an abandoned hospital. That night they go out to raid, Charlie among them but Rachel begs her not to go but to no avail.

As Aaron gets his supplies in order, he puts down the two power amplifier pendants and when he walks away, they start to power on. Randall has flipped them on to pin point their location. Randall promises Monroe that his team can build him more pendants to help conquer the world and he choose Monroe to go to and not the governor of California, a Governor Affleck –a nod to Ben maybe?

While at the hospital, we see Rachel use a microscope to take a look at the capsule that she pulled out of Danny’s body in the last episode and writes down some equations that she sees.

Miles and Nora eventually find Jim Hudson (Malik Yoba) at a quaint town in Culpepper, Virginia but we know soon they will be found out as a rebel at a previous camp ratted them out to a militia man. When Miles meets up with Jim again, he is a librarian in the town under the name of Henry Sims with a wife. Miles plays along for awhile until Jim/Henry finally hears him out but at gun point. Jim doesn’t trust Miles considering how he handed Monroe on a platter to him to kill but Miles couldn’t do it but is here now to make it up to Jim and his men.

But Jim likes his life that he has built in Culpepper and refuses to help Miles. Nora tells Miles that there are others that they can go for help and just as they are about to go on their way, they notice a militia kill squad out for either Miles or Jim.

Miles goes to warn Jim about the kill squad coming. Jim doesn’t want to fight, as he doesn’t want to endanger those he cares about but Miles said that men like them, killers, can’t afford to care. As the kill squad enters the town, Miles, Jim and Nora battle them. They win pretty handily and just as the lead guy was about to kill Jim’s wife, Jim comes and brutally kills him in front of his wife, who then leaves him.

Despite Miles ruining his life once again, Jim joins Miles’ quest in killing Monroe.

Meanwhile, Charlie has become cold inside since Danny died and keeps on going on militia raids despite being injured. Rachel sees this and once again begs her daughter not to go but Charlie won’t listen. Rachel plays the mother card and Charlie says some hateful things that result in a face slap from mom.

Charlie storms off and Rachel then notices the pendants power up. She tells Aaron that this isn’t normal when sirens blare outside of the hideout and we see Humvees approach. Monroe has regained power.

The rebels disperse just before Randall steps out of one of the Humvees using an antiquated tablet device to seek the pendants. Meanwhile, Rachel uses the chemicals to destroy the pendants that she has so Randall can’t track them. She pulls out flash drives out of the pendants and destroys them.

Randall and the militia men now scour the hospital for Rachel, Aaron and Charlie, who remained behind looking for Rachel. We find out that Randall is Rachel’s boss when she worked for the Department of Defense. She tells Aaron and Charlie that she essentially worked on a project that ended being a weapon. Over a megaphone, we learn that Randall doesn’t want the pendant but Rachel and her intelligence.

It seems Randall’s motivation for the pendants his for military purposes for the war in the Middle East. It stems from his son being killed in action. Meanwhile, the militia men at the hospital have caught up with our trio but Charlie quickly takes down two of them.

But Rachel is eventually caught by Randall, who wants Rachel’s help to turn on the power just for Monroe as Randall believes that when the world had power, the people just used it to kill each other and it is better for power to be in the hands of few than the many. But, thanks to Charlie, Rachel escapes with her daughter and Aaron.

At the rendezvous point everyone is reunited and Miles witnesses Rachel and Charlie reconcile and mourn the loss of Charlie together.

We flashback to the night of the Blackout and Randall asking the Tower to execute his orders while back to the present, Rachel promises Aaron to tell him everything and begins by telling him about the Tower.

What is this Tower? Was the whole world supposed to go dark or only portions of it? Next week looks like we will get some answers.

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