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Robbie Williams Once Hid A Spice Girl In A Duffel Bag And Placed Her In The Trunk Of Her Car

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
12/04/2017 3:30 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Robbie Williams Once Hid A Spice Girl In A Duffel Bag And Placed Her In The Trunk Of Her Car | robbie williams
Media Courtesy of BBC Radio 2

Sounds weird, right?

Robbie Williams once hid a Spice Girl in a duffel bag then placed her inside the hood of her own car! It all sounds really horrible but from what we know, she did agree to it and Robbie had a good reason for it.

So which Spice Girl did Robbie hid in a bag? It was none other than Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell! I mean can you imagine Victoria Beckham being stuffed into a carry-on? Well, maybe if it was a good brand...

Williams made the revelation during an appearance in this Friday's Graham Norton Show to promote his new book about his life, Reveal. The title is quite apt since the singer seemed to hold nothing back, much to the delight of host Graham Norton who questioned whether Williams asked permission of the people who were involved in his stories. Williams replied with a no, but when asked if Geri had a problem with this particular duffel bag story that is in the book, Williams merely shrugged and said that it did not put her in a bad light.

And so the host egged him on to recall the tale and how it came about.

But to be clear, Williams did say that “we weren’t dating, we were friends,” and then he continued, “I used to have this flat in Notting Hill, and the window was quite public. I’d be watching the TV and a bus would pull up, and they’d just be watching Robbie Williams watch the television every 20 minutes. That particular evening, Geri was around at the flat. I don’t know how but 20 to 25 paparazzi were outside and they were letting the flashlights go off like this, trying to get us to come to the window."

He then recalled that he tried to call the police but got a stern lecture with the policeman telling him "when you start out, in your career, that’s when you want the press, isn’t it? When the press want something from you, you don’t like that, do you?”

Not wanting to be told off anymore, Williams decided to get rid of the policeman. At that point Geri was hiding in a cupboard away from the policeman and the paparazzi and Williams came up with a plan.

“I’m like, ‘Geri we can’t do anything about the paparazzi, we should get out of here.' I had a genius idea to put her in a Hold-All because she’s a very small person. I literally put her in this duffle bag and put her over my shoulder. I had the paparazzi all taking pictures and I’m like, ‘Hi, guys!’" he said, then went on. “She had a car and I put her in the boot of her car, which is funny,” and then he joked, " when we got to the service station and I had a KFC, I could have let her out but nature called I had to have that chicken!"

Okay, so not as weird as it sounds...

Seriously Williams, you do realize there are only eleven people that the official KFC twitter account follows and one of them is Geri!



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