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Television PopWrapped | Television

RWBY RECP: The White Trailer Builds Into Armor-Busting Climax

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

08/03/2015 10:40 pm
PopWrapped | Television
RWBY RECP: The White Trailer Builds Into Armor-Busting Climax | RWBY RECP
Media Courtesy of Wikipedia

Heyo! It be me again, back from Pareé. Except not, because I'm too poor.

Today's installment of the RWBY RECP covers the second revealed trailer, White. It introduces the second member of the RWBY cast, Weiss Schnee. As said in the previous RECP,  Weiss Schnee is inspired by the Snow White, for whom Weiss is named, albeit in German.

Here, she is introduced as the heiress to the Schnee Dust Company. (Dust, by the way, is a naturally-occurring substance that comes in different colours and elemental abilities; it will be expounded upon in the first episode RECP, approximately after the final two RECPs of trailers; Weiss' family, the Schnees, have a monopoly on dust production, hence her wealth and status as an heiress.) She is putting on a performance, where she sings a song which is available on the RWBY Volume 1 Soundtrack, entitled Mirror Mirror.

Weiss' singing about her loneliness is juxtaposed with scenes of her fighting a large suit of armour, who proves to be a tough match, especially considering it's incredibly strong and dwarfs her considerably. Despite this, she proves her ability survive with her speed and strength, as well as use of her Semblance (a mystical ability that manifests in a unique way unto each person, and is based on some aspect of their personality or character) and her weapon (most weapons in RWBY are hybrids; Ruby's is a  scythe and "customizable high-impact sniper rifle", and Weiss' is a rapier with a revolver chamber that houses dust), Myrtenaster.

The giant Knight suit of armour knocks Weiss down, and she begins to bleed above her left eye. A scar is there, but it's unclear if that blow was the cause of it or if she received it before; there is a story behind it to be revealed in later volumes (as of the time of this writing, it hasn't been revealed).

As the music picks up towards, the chorus grows through a glorious crescendo into a climax, Weiss uses her semblance and dust-infused weapon Myrtenaster to effectively stomp and beat the hell out of the suit of armour with ease. The White Trailer ends with Weiss receiving a standing ovation for her singing abilities, with her opening her eyes and looking around as though her reverie regarding the suit of armour took her away far enough that she'd forgotten where she was.

With the White Trailer concluded, there are only two trailers left before the actual show begins: Black and Yellow.

Who's excited?! *crickets*

Check out the trailer below!


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