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Sarah Borges Gets 'Good And Dirty' On New EP

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

03/26/2016 5:19 pm
Sarah Borges Gets 'Good And Dirty' On New EP | Sarah Borges
Media Courtesy of sneakattackmedia

Having already had a taste of success in her now defunct band The Broken Singles, Sarah Borges continues to prove herself as a fine musical talent with the release of this five track EP.

Opening number "Tendency To Riot" is raw and sure to lure in listeners within a matter of seconds. With lyrics that refer to drinking alone (and I'm sure we've all done that at least once...those of legal age that is!), there's a refreshing rawness to the production and the delivery.

Single "Caught By The Rain" switches things up and adds a grittier edge to the musicianship and as a result of the lyrics being a little hard to make out, it's that which ultimately makes the track worthy of a few repeat listens.

"Band Girlfriend" meanwhile is a thumping rock 'n' roll number with the sound and style of Jerry Lee Lewis and other rockers of the hey-day. It's a testament to women owning and using their very unique personalities and identities to their own advantage and most certainly over men who believe themselves to the the greater sex or higher power. The song itself is less than two minutes long - quite a rarity by any artists' standards -  and is a powerhouse of a number - without question, the highlight of the collection.

Borges is no one trick pony and she proves this once and for all via "Lucky Us", the only track which truly resembles a ballad. Stripped back in comparison to the previous tracks, it showcases her vulnerability in a way that many singers might tend to shy away from, so credit must be given to Borges for being so willing to open herself up to her fans and listeners.

It's a shame therefore that the EP closes out with the weakest number "Purple Gto". While it's the longest song on the collection, it's also the most simplistic. Usually, this wouldn't be a problem, but when put against the previous tracks which demonstrate true artistry through the musicianship and the lyrics, it brings Borges' EP to an end with a whimper rather than the bang it deserves. 

Sarah Borges'


And Dirty - EP is available now on itunes.


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