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Television PopWrapped | Television

Sean Spicer Reacts To Melissa McCarthy's SNL Impression

Rachel Leishman | PopWrapped Author

Rachel Leishman

Staff Writer
02/17/2017 5:06 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Sean Spicer Reacts To Melissa McCarthy's SNL Impression | Sean Spicer
Media Courtesy of NBC

Saturday Night Live is known for their impersonations and sketches, and, this week, Melissa McCarthy is the star, and now Sean Spicer finally spoke out!

For those who haven't seen the sketch, Melissa comes out as press secretary Sean Spicer and very outrageously portrays him -- to the point where she drives a podium into a reporter. Spicer simply said that he thought the performance could be pulled back a little.

Now here's the thing: 'pulling back a little' should be used when referring to someone making fun of someone else by over-exaggerating a tiny bit. This literally showed her putting a whole container of gum in her mouth and then sticking it to the podium that she ran into people.

But just needs 'pulled back a little'.

The craziest thing about this all is that the White House isn't upset by the portrayal of the press secretary, but rather that he was played by a woman. In 2017, we have people mad that a woman is playing a man. By that logic, every woman ever should try and boycott an "original Shakespeare production" where they use men in every role.

It's just total insanity. And it has spawned a whole bunch of female celebrities wanting to portray the men closest to Trump. Most importantly, Rosie wants to play Steve Bannon.

If the sketch had been called over the top or even if Sean Spicer had said "I would never do any of that, but it was funny", we'd be okay. Instead he said 'pull it back a little'.

Well, hopefully this sketch has spawned more like it. With Baldwin hosting Saturday Night Live, we might have an entire episode of just Donald Trump sketches. And, honestly, it wouldn't really be the worst thing that the show has ever done.


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