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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters: 01x05, Moo Shu To Go

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

02/16/2016 6:39 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters: 01x05, Moo Shu To Go | Shadowhunters
Media Courtesy of Freeform/Sven Frenzel

Shadowhunters is hitting all the marks this week as we catch a glimpse into the Lightwood's family life, Simon's getting stronger and the rift between Alec and Jace seems to grow. "Moo Shu To Go" has something for everyone with a whole lot of action and hints at romance in the future! So, let's get to the recap, shall we?

Clary tells Jace and Alec about her vision through the necklace and Valentine's offer to trade her mother for the Mortal Cup. Jace says the necklace is actually a portal shard and that's why her mother wanted her to have it. Alec interrogates Clary about what she saw in the vision, pumping her for information to identify Valentine's location but Clary doesn't remember anything specific. Alec thinks the necklace is dangerous and that it could be a way for Valentine to see inside the Institute and takes it from Clary, hiding it under the floor of the training room with the protection of a rune.

Isabelle lends a sympathetic ear as Clary voices her frustrations about Alec. But Izzy says the necklace is, in fact, dangerous. They talk about Clary's mom and how close they were. Izzy and Alec's mother, Maryse, suddenly swans in through a secret portal. Izzy's reaction is instantaneous and it's clear that she doesn't have the same kind of relationship with her own mother. And Maryse is very quick to give Clary the cold shoulder. But we get our first reference to Idris, the secret Shadowhunter homeland. Maryse demands to see Jace and walks away to track him down.


Freeform/John Medland

Jace is training with a seraph blade and Maryse interrupts to question him about why the Seelies are suddenly not communicating with The Clave. Maryse blames Izzy for the disruption due to her relationship with Meliorn. Izzy wants to talk to Meliorn to find out what's happening and Maryse orders Jace to go along and Alec to stay with Clary.

Luke is getting increasingly frustrated with no leads on Clary's location. He asks Alaric to continue looking for Clary.

Jace asks Alec to switch assignments so that he can stay with Clary. But Alec says no, he's going to follow orders this time. Alec apologizes for the vision he had of Jace during the memory demon ritual. Jace knows Alec loves him but not that Alec is IN love with him. Jace says it's no big deal because they're like brothers.

Outside the Hotel du Mort, Simon is still lurking and Raphael finds him, telling him he won't save his life again and scares Simon away.


Freeform/John Medland

Clary finds Alec in the training room and they begin to spar as they talk. She asks about their relationship with his mother and it's clear that parents don't have the same relationships with their children in the Shadowhunter world. Clary asks Alec to go to her old apartment to find a box that might hold clues to her past. He refuses and then they are interrupted when Magnus Bane calls. Magnus asks Alec out for a drink and Alec, surprisingly, agrees but when he looks up again, Clary is gone.

Meanwhile, Alaric is with a pack of werewolves that are plotting to get the Mortal Cup. Their alpha orders the pack to hunt down Clary to retrieve the Cup.

Clary is outside the art school where she'd been accepted but no one can see her because she's using an invisibility rune. But Simon calls and everyone around her can hear her phone. Alec finds her and Simon demands to help Clary get to her apartment and they agree to meet up.

Clary asks Alec the question everyone wants to ask Alec at this point: "Why do you always look so miserable?" He denies it but Clary continues, saying it must be hard to be in love with Jace when Jace is straight. She's kind and understanding but Alec is still very much in denial and refuses to admit his true feelings.

Shadowhunters Freeform/Sven Frenzel

Meliorn is in mourning over the Seelie scouts Valentine murdered. Izzy and Jace arrive and Meliorn seems...happy? to see her. He's difficult to read. Izzy says they have questions and Meliorn seems intrigued about negotiating a form of payment later....a sexy payment.

Valentine is performing a ritual on a man, drawing a rune on his neck and injecting him with Seelie blood. He says if the man is "worthy he will live. He will live in the glory of angels." That does not bode well.

 Simon and Clary meet up and take a secret shortcut to Clary's apartment. Alec is along for the ride and skeptical that Simon's shortcut is safe. Simon leads the group and vaults over a very tall wall in a not-very-human sort of way. They arrive at the apartment to find it covered in old runes that Clary had never seen; wards of protection cast by Dot years ago. And Simon can see them...which he shouldn't because he is a "mundane." Clary tries to pull open the door but it's stuck and Simon yanks it right open, breaking the lock and splintering the wood. Once they get inside, they discover the apartment has been burned out. Alec says it was for her protection, Clary's mother was trying to erase any part of her. Simon discovers a loose floorboard and they find the box Clary was looking for.

Alec hears a noise and goes outside to investigate. A wolf is darting through the foliage, acting as a distraction while Alaric and his werewolf friend grab Clary and Simon. The two are handcuffed and shoved into an unmarked police car.

Izzy asks Meliorn if the Seelie Queen has broken off communication with The Clave and he says yes. They don't trust the Shadowhunters to be on the winning side of a war with Valentine. And they don't trust The Clave and The Accords to protect their people.

Shadowhunters Freeform/Sven Frenzel

Jace and Izzy meet up with Alec and Jace is furious that Alec lost Clary. Jace tries to track Clary but he can't pick up her trail. And when Alec and Jace try to Parabatai track her, they still have no luck. Jace becomes even more angry at Alec for allowing Clary to be taken and Alec accuses him of being blinded by his feelings for Clary and losing sight of his fellow Shadowhunters.

Alaric and the Alpha wolf take Clary and Simon to a Chinese restaurant where they question Clary about the Mortal Cup. She tells them she doesn't know where the Cup is located but they don't believe her. The Alpha says he'll order a wolf to rip Simon to shreds if she doesn't give them the Cup and Simon is dragged from the room.  Upset and wanting to buy some time, Clary tells them that the Cup is in her apartment under the floorboards. The Alpha tells her that if she's lying, he'll make her watch while Simon dies.

Simon is dangling upside-down in a back room of the Chinese restaurant. He manages to break his handcuffs and gets loose. Searching through some lockers, Simon finds a lighter and a phone. He calls Clary's phone and Jace answers. Simon fills him in on what's going on and they realize they were taken by the werewolves. He finds a flier for the restaurant and is able to give Jace a definite location. Jace tells Simon to start a fire as a diversion.

The alarms go off when Simon starts the fire and the Alpha wolf locks Clary in an empty shipping container. Clary tries to draw a rune on the container to escape but only manages to start a small fire of her own. But it's Luke to the rescue as he suddenly flings open the door! Clary is freaked out by Luke and he tries to explain that he's attempting to help her and Simon but she doesn't believe him. And then he promptly grabs Clary and slings her over his shoulder. As they're leaving, Alec and Jace find them and knock Luke out, freeing Clary.

Izzy breaks Simon out of the restaurant as it is quickly filling with smoke.

Shadowhunters Freeform/Sven Frenzel

When the group meets up again, they are surrounded by werewolves and the Alpha leaps to attack but another wolf pounces to defend them. The one to emerge from the fight is Luke and the other wolves shift back into human form and bow to him. Luke is now the Alpha of the pack because he killed the old one. But Luke is badly injured and Clary goes to him. He explains that he promised her mother that he would always protect her. Luke collapses and Jace goes to help against Alec's objections. They need to get Luke to Magnus Bane because only a warlock can cure Luke's wounds.

Clary apologizes for doubting Luke and Luke for lying to Clary. Clary holds Luke in her arms as they drive away to find Magnus and save his life.

So much happened and it's getting so good! Will they get to Magnus in time to save Luke? Will Alec accept who he is and find a little peace? And Meliorn's pretty darn sexy, do we get more Seelies in future episodes?  UGH! Is it Tuesday again yet, guys?


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