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SMASH Recap For "The Dramaturg"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/23/2013 7:25 am
SMASH Recap For

Joey O’Hern

Staff Writer

The show opens with Karen playing Derek a new song by Jimmy and Kyle. Derek, still unimpressed promises Karen to meet the duo with a little persuasion. Next we find ourselves in the office of Eileen where a meeting is being held with Tom and Julia about reworking the script for “Bombshell”. Eileen brings up the idea of using a dramaturg (someone who pulls the show together on all aspects usually). Tom and Julia are insulted but have no option when Eileen insists that they meet with the new dramaturg. Ivy auditions for a new show and smooth talks her way into getting herself an audition for the lead.

Read On Below! Spoilers

As the scenes change we get a special treat with Jennifer Hudson singing “Home” from “The Wiz” as her character Veronica brushes up on the score from the classic show. Derek visits and persuades Veronica to get him another meeting with the producers of “The Wiz” in hopes to get his job back. Tom and Julia reluctantly meet with the new dramaturg, Peter. After a few back and forth snarky comments and some resistance they start to realize they have no choice. Karen lets Kyle and Jimmy know they’ve got one shot with Derek and only gives them a short time to get their material together.

Julia meets with Peter and doesn’t tell her what she wants to hear. Calls the script more like a “bio-pic” and “two dimensional”. Julia tells Peter he’d feel differently if he’d seen it and he says he shouldn’t have to, implying that he never even saw it.

Rehearsals resume for “Bombshell” and as they do Karen reminds Derek of their meeting with Jimmy and Kyle. Veronica surprises Derek letting him know that one of the producers for “The Wiz” is in town and will only be able to see him at a “Bombshell” rehearsal.

As Julia storms into Eileen’s office angry at working have to work with Peter, Julia learns that Peter did see the show in Boston and that she was set up. Eileen gives Julia an ultimatum, work with Peter or don’t work at all. An angered Julia finds Peter at dinner and that’s where he challenges her to bring the sexiness to “Bombshell” that it’s lacking. As rehearsals for “Bombshell” go over time Karen calls Kyle and Jimmy letting them know that she and Derek won’t make the meeting they were promised.

Julia in an effort to prove that she knows what she’s doing debuts a new song for the show that features Marilyn and JFK, with the “The Wiz” producer in the room to see what Derek is made of a lot is on the line. Peter, impressed still thinks the show needs work. Derek and Karen finally make it to meet with Kyle and Jimmy at their apartment. After a very nervous yet energetic pitch from the 2 of them, Derek admits he’s interested and the 4 of them begin to work on “Hit List”.

 Will this new show rival “Bombshell”, will Peter the dramaturg be able to fix the script? Tune in next week to NBC at 10pm see what happens on “SMASH”! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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