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Smash Recap: 'The Fringe'

Joey O’Hern

Staff Writer



As the show opens it’s clear from the get go that Eileen has decided on the “old” Bombshell script. Derek is clearly not satisfied with her decision as he fusses about having to choreograph and stage the new “Public Relations” number. Jerry suggests cutting another number to make room for the new number.

On the other side of town Karen, Jimmy and Kyle begin to set up for their first act read through of “Hit List” at The Fringe. Ivy on the other hand is still in rehearsals for her mess of a show “Liaisons” which is soon to have a performance day for the press.

Rehearsals for “Bombshell” are underway and we see Karen center stage going over “Never Give All The Heart” it sounds flawless yet Jerry feels it’s the song to be cut as he feels there are to many songs. Um, hi Jerry! This IS a musical.  Outside in the hallway Tom promises Julia he’ll talk to Eileen about keeping the parts they love in the show. Karen who wants to be part of “Hit List” learns from Jerry that due to her exclusive contract with “Bombshell” she must drop out of her commitment with Jimmy and Kyle. Forced to Kyle and Jimmy she can’t do the performance at The Fringe, it sends them into a last minute panic for a replacement.

As a favor to Julie, Tom meets with Jerry and Eileen trying to talk to them about keeping “Never Give All The Heart” in the show, they make a deal with him. He’s got 24 hours to make it worth something keeping, if they still don’t like it, it gets cut.

Despite being advised to stay away from “Hit List” Karen goes to their performance and outside the location she bumps into Ellis’s ex girlfriend. After some small talk Karen realizes that Ellis is the one who helped Jerry take “Bombshell” right out from under Eileen. Seems to me Karen’s got some blackmail she never expected to acquire.

Back in the rehearsal room for “Liaisons”, the press eagerly awaits what is sure to be a flop of a revival.  They’re far from being impressed by anything they’ve been shown, that’s until Ivy Lynn get her big number. The room erupts with applause and the press goes crazy. It’s so good that Terry Falls (Sean Hayes) wants to cut it so he can be sure that he’s the star, not Ivy. Shortly after Ivy is seen crying in a stairway, finally pushed to her limit she tells Terry that the show is terrible in every way possible. She thinks she just got herself fired but really, Terry appreciates the honesty and decides to hear the cast suggestions. The cast, not holding back expresses their concern at how atrocious the show is, with everything out in the open Terry decides it’s time to rework everything.

Tom restages the debatable number; trying to do whatever he can to keep it in the show. It’s more upbeat and features Marilyn with all of her men. Derek appalled expects Julia to back him, when she doesn’t this sets Derek off and after a quick rant he storms out quitting the Marilyn musical. Eileen and Karen follow behind begging him to come back but after he storms off for the final time Karen takes the chance alone to let Eileen know what she heard about Elli and Jerry working together.

Karen makes her way back to “Hit List” performing in the final performance at The Fringe; little does she know Derek is in the back watching everything unfold. The crowd goes wild and Scott Nichols an artistic director (played by Jesse L. Martin) wants to sit down with the writers and director. They say they don’t have one and that’s when the tide shifts as Derek steps up to direct.

At a quaint restaurant in Chinatown Eileen lets Tom and Julia in on the fact that Ellis was working with Jerry the whole time feeding him information to take over “Bombshell”. It’s there that Eileen is struck with the idea for a new director, Tom.

So that’s it ladies and gentlemen. Derek leaves “Bombshell”, Tom takes over, and “Hit List” is gaining steam. The real question is, with Derek no longer focused on Marilyn will Karen get replaced? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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