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SMASH Recap: The Song


Joey O’Hern

Staff Writer

The show opened with two time TONY Award winner Veronica Moore (played by the incomparable Jennifer Hudson) rehearsing her signature song “I Got Love” for her one night only show. Seriously, J-Hud’s voice is ridiculous. Personally, I’m still trying to digest her killer performance from this year Oscars. The legendary, Cheryl Lee Ralph made her appearance in this episode playing Veronica’s “Momager.” Let me add, I just realized she is the same lady who played Lauryn Hill’s mom in “Sister Act” not to mention she was an original “Dreamgirl.”

*Spoilers Ahead!!*

Jimmy and Kyle are looking for gigs as they call around the city hoping to book something to get the exposure that Derek advised them they needed. Eileen’s ex-husband Jerry pays her a visit offering some advice in hopes to prepare her for her court proceedings that deal with the sketchiness of where the money came from to back “Bombshell.”

Julia was invited to speak to one of Peter’s acting classes. In her eyes she sees this as him coming around realizing she’s not as flawed as he makes it out to be. Once she gets to his class she realize it’s actually a reading of her script and not herself giving a lecture.

Back in rehearsals for Veronica’s show, Ivy Lynn had to fill in as an ensemble member and we learn they have a history of working together. Veronica is in need of new music so Karen pulls Kyle and Jimmy in hoping they will be able to provide a new, edgier song for her.

Her Momager inked a deal for her concert to be taped for a network, sparking the interest for Kyle and Jimmy that this could be their big break. Her concert was being recorded for “Bravo” which actually isn’t a bad idea. Andy Cohen, in the small chance of you reading this, can we get a J-Hud concert filmed?

Kyle and Jimmy’s begin practicing songs for Tom to hear so he can decide if it works for Veronica’s one-woman show.  Tom’s not impressed, challenging them to write a new song by the end of rehearsal and this is where “I Can’t Let Go” begins. Shortly after, we see Nick reappear in Eileen’s life, Nick being the sketchy boyfriend who got fraudulent money to give to Eileen to fund “Bombshell,” with me? Which can I just say, did I miss that he’s on the run?

Derek try’s to push a sexier and edgier vibe onto Veronica; once she feels uncomfortable, her mom steps in and threatens to have him replaced with Tom. Derek, struggling with whether to push Veronica or play it safe, takes Ivy’s advice of letting her do what she wants to do. 

Kyle and Jimmy come up with a song they believe is perfect for Veronica. Derek, in the classic grumpy attitude of his, agrees to it being in the show without listening to it. Good? No bad. Jimmy, insulted, gets a lesson from Derek that to make it in theatre you’ve got to wait your turn.

We find Veronica and her mom in her dressing room before her show.  At her angst of always being the good girl, her mom encourages her to stick to it if she wants to become a bigger star than she already is.

Karen calls Kyle to check up on Jimmy, that’s where we learn that apparently he’s got “triggers” and when he’s set off he disappears for a random amount of time. We finally got some Kyle singing (Andy Mientus) who is actually super talented. Jimmy has been missing over night and is found by Karen and seems to be on something. After she talks to him we get what we all knew was coming, a kiss between Jimmy and Karen in the alleyway. Classic TV right? 

As the crowd settles in and Veronica prepares to take the stage, her mom sees her in a look that she doesn’t approve off. She quickly lets her mom know she has decided to sex it up and get rid of the “Broadways Sweetheart” image she’s known for. Veronica finishes the night with “I Cant Let Go” written by Jimmy and Kyle. The song is gorgeous and fit J-Hud’s vocal range to a tee. Not to mention it’s doing pretty well on iTunes as I type this.

After the concert, a meeting of the creative team is held and Eileen lets them know they are going to Broadway, but with her stepping down as lead producer; her ex-husband Jerry will take over the show. But the clincher of the night? Ellis the evil ex-assistant! Eileen is the one that tipped off her husband making way for him to step in as producer.

What will happen from here? Will Jerry change everything “Bombshell” is? Will Julia ever get her script worked out? Tune in to find out. 

SMASH is on Tuesday at 10 on NBC. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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