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So You Think You Can Dance Heads To Detroit For Its Second Night!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/20/2013 2:58 am
So You Think You Can Dance Heads To Detroit For Its Second Night!

Erika Rivera & Nicole Wiseman

Managing Editor & Video/Photo Lead

Welcome to Detroit for night 2, viewers! For the first time in ten seasons, So You Think You Can Dance is taking the auditions to the home of Motown, where another first will take place: Season 4 fan favorite, veteran all star (and one of my personal faves) tWitch brings his winning personality to the judges panel. Let’s see how he does! Bring on the dancers!


First up is the animator (not another one…sigh)  who wishes to bend reality (wha a surprise!). After going on for hours (or at least seems like it for me), the judges seem uber impressed. tWitch calls it the best audition he’s seen ever and they all send him to Vegas! After Jade’s killer introduction to Detroit, Nigel warns the other wannabes: “That’s all we need. Something unique. Good luck whoever’s following him.” 


Cute contemporary dancer who brings up her darling dad to do a little dance before she auditions. I kinda hate when they do that but it makes for good TV. I just hope she is good and she surprises me by actually being great. Mary feels the hair on her arms stand up and tWitch loves her. It’s Vegas for her!


After telling everyone about his amazing abs (calling the Situation), Mo moves everyone in the audition room with his amazing contemporary routine. That was epic. Nigel tries to send him off to choreography but Mary with my full blessing to go all crazy, sends the dancer straight to Vegas!

Cue the random intro to a new dance from Detroit called the Jit. Who will be the  one showing it off in their audition?


Sysko is the lucky man who gets to show off the Detroit Jit  in the competition. Sysko engages the judges and gets Mary all hot and bothered with his hip roll. Everyone claps and has a good time with this guy as the judges send him straight to choreography.

During a quick break, Nigel and tWitch share with everyone how dancers never stop learning, which leads someone in the crowd to challenge tWitch to prove himself. tWitch gladly shows everyone what he is made of and I am thrilled!


Garret becomes our first trying out because it’s fun person. His style is “panic but have fun with it”. He gets everyone in a great mood but is clearly not competition material. Fun while it lasted but let’s get back to the serious competitors. 

In the choreography round, Sysko bombs as he does a big choreography no-no of freestyling in the middle of a routine and almost hurts his partner. So as Sysko doesn’t make it through, eight more dancers get their hands on tickets to Vegas, and day one of Detroit comes to a close.


The tap dancer whose moves are so effortless. I just love tappers. They are so amazing to me. Tyrone wows the judges and gets all kinds of wonderful compliments. To be honest, I’m dying for a tapper to make it to the finals for once. Maybe it will be their season! Straight to Vegas for this prodigy!

Now for something weird: exotic dancers! Shirtless time!


Smilez is the first up from the unique bunch. He wins the judges over with his moves and his persona. They reserve judgement on him until the rest of his crew takes the stage.

*insert montage of less-talented crew members auditioning here*


Rounding out Smilez’ crew, Prince Charming loves to dance shirtless for the ladies (rolls eyes). Fortunately for him, Mary and her hot tamale loving ways is still a judge and loves him as do the other judges because he is actually quite good at what he does. Both Smilez and Prince get sent to choreography, with Prince actually making it through to Vegas!

Nicole’s Take: 

Hey dance fans! Here we are for the second night of the SYTYCD dance premiere and for tonight, we are heading to the motor city. Let’s get to dances and season 4 runner up Twitch .

Jade - spooky sly smile. I agree that he easily is a great dancer in his style. His isolations and waves were a thing of beauty and flowed like the music. I am glad to see him go through to Vegas and would love to see what happens when he get super flowy non isolation type of choreography.

Amy- the dads jazz class. This girl has legs, hair and passion you can see for days. Her extensions truly move all the way from the hips and joints to the tip of her toes and fingers. She danced with a dark passion that just feels so beautiful to watch.  She was speaking the language of dance which all the judges could speak. Glad to see her going through to Vegas.

Morgan- The ab off with twitch, yes please. Oh Wow your legs, and your height. I feel like the more I watched his solo I saw his technique get better. He was a pleasure to watch, I would love to see Mia Michaels do something with him or even better, Travis Wall.

Ok now we move on to the new dance style of the season. The Detroit Jit. I do love that it has the charleston, jitterbug roots. And Kat Deel

Will Sisko- Ok the chair move was cool. What I like is that through the Kitting and floor work you can see core strength and style. He could probably hold up really well to a Tyce broadway piece. And now we move to the hip rolls with Mary in the chair. This is Magic Mike come to life on network TV. God Bless. Mary Murphy was all of us in that one moment. I want to see how he does in Choreo.  

And then we have Twitch show him just how good he is. I see the step up movies for him.

Oh Garrett…. if you have to question the style at first then know its gonna be a joke… But I will give him a A+ for effort and ability to make me smile. From the row the boat, the baby freezes and the disco inferno, you know it was just pure joy. It was entertaining to watch. 

And now we watch the choreo. Oh Dear Marco, Nigel is right. Freestyling is not ok to when there are lifts involved.

And with that we have the end of the first day in Detroit.

Tyrone- I am always a big fan of tappers on this show. And the fact that Tyrone says he dances with his upper body as well, it makes me so excited. And he delivers. Every little step and shuffle you can hear. His step overs are stunning. and everything was perfect. And even the turns at the end. One of the best danes I have ever seen on the show. His dancing shines as bright as his smile. That wasn’t just music he made with his feet, that was a symphony.

Join us next week as SYTYCD goes to Austin and has Minnie Driver on the panel (why her?!)



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