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So You Think You Can Dance Is Back: First Stop, LA With Mr. Ferguson!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/15/2013 11:23 pm
So You Think You Can Dance Is Back: First Stop, LA With Mr. Ferguson!


Erika Rivera


Nicole Wiseman

Managing Editor & Photo/Video Lead Editor

Hello PopWrappers! So You Think You Can Dance is back for season 10 (woohoo!) , and it’s full of montages (love those!), inspirational sob stories (grab your kleenex!) , and so much more. Enough chatter though! The lovely Nicole Wiseman and yours truly of the Unholy Trinity of PopWrapped, Erika Rivera, will be recapping this soon to be great season of dance! Let’s get down to business and see what this season has in store for us! 

We are gifted at the beginning with some of our faves sharing their past experiences with SYTYCD…I have missed some of these dancers. Hopefully, they will be making an appearance as allstars!  Mary and Nigel soon take the stage with honestly one of my fave guest judges,Modern Family's resident ginger Jesse Tyler Ferguson. 

The amazing Cat Deeley (who always gets stiffed come Emmy time as host)  as always quickly reminds everybody how things work: Each dancer gets one audition. If the judges don’t like them, adios, amigos! . If the judges want to see more of them, they advance to the choreography round to show us what they can do there. And if the judges just totes love them like cray cray, they get a ticket straight through to the next round in none other than Las Vegas. Got that? Let’s check out LA’s crop of dancers!

Erika’s Take:


A Vegas popping prodigy as it would appear, Fik-Shun (what a name) is just looking for the opportunity to go home again. And after popping his way through a crazy performance, a ticket to Las Vegas isn’t the only thing he gets. The judges give him a standing O! What to go!


Our first sob story dancer, Malece takes the stage for a contemporary routine. The judges fall for her and all agree that there is much more than can be down with her. So what do they do? Why, send her to Vegas, of course!


The Armenian SYTYCD champ shows us how he won and a Latin ballroom routine that is more fun than anything. Holy hell, his hips don’t lie! Nigel loves him as do Mary and Jesse and he’s Vegas bound too!


Won’t lie; This guy gives me the creeps with the tutu around his neck but all in all, he’s kinda brilliant. His movement is so mesmerizing and he puts the judges in a trance. It’s Vegas for him!


This tomboy from Cali was a softball player who just woke up one day and said “Hey, I think I’ll try dancing today.” Taylor tugged at heartstrings though by talking about her recently departed uber-supportive Gramps. Then, just before she goes out on stage, she dislocates her knee rehearsing in this most sickening manner. And we have to watch it … multiple times … IN SLOW MOTION. Like a bad horror show…UGH Never again, So You Think You Can Dance. I beg of you! And as quickly as her knee popped out, it popped itself back in. WOW. Taylor makes it through her performance and earns herself a trip to choreo!


No SYTYCD episode is complete without a good b-boy (it’s like one of the show’s staples) and Morris definitely seems like he will stand out. Cyrus from last season is there to cheer him on and he earns himself a trip to choreo! 


The Russian wannabe rapper takes the stage to perform a little ballroom. Kinda like most Russian dancers, he’s pretty good (what the hell do they feed those guys over there?) Mary eats him up and sends him straight to Vegas!



Tonight’s inspirational story was brought to you by these guys. After the loss of their dad, the two brothers started to go to the point of no return when an older brother came back to get them straight. Now, the brothers run The Great Relaters which teaches the positive influence of hip-hop to kids. The fellas aren’t that bad to be honest. Their moves surprised me. And the judges agree that they want more. That being said, they don’t move onto either Vegas or choreo but do get the offer from Nigel to get some help from him! Awesome!

In the choreography round, Taylor makes it through but Morris the Bboy doesn’t…oh well…At the end of the day, 10 more dancers are through to the Vegas rounds. 

Nicole’s Take:

So glad SYTYCD is back and first off with the guest judges is everyones favorite bowtie wearing red head Jesse Tyler Ferguson.  Now lets get into the auditions!

  • First guys, smooth
  • Second girl looked like a hummel figure but was so cute! 
  • Paul Karmiryan: Guy who won SYTYCD Armenia and did latin ballroom; Slick could have better splits, but good turns, nice footwork and facials. Wanna see how he would do with hip hop, would have to look it up. Definitely gave me the Benji feels, love the suspenders. 
  • Elijah Laurant- creepy and what is up with the tutu and leather shorts. Great height and spins but the tutu made me lose his neck. Glad he took it off. He is good but it felt like it was just a lot of movement and not a lot of dancing. It was beautiful but it was not a true dancing. I wanna see him with choreo. But excited to see him in Vegas.
  • Taylor Ward: Softball girl, Damn, this should be good. She is so pretty!  OH NO SHE IS THE KNEE GIRL!!!!!! Taylor- ok wow power and wow girl, you are inspiration, she could be girl who surprises us with all the ability. Wow, just wow. She is like Katniss. 
  • Mobsy- great Bboy, love the song choice. Very lanky for a Bboy but it kinda works for him. I always have an issue with Bboys on the show until they prove me they can do choreo like Cyrus.  The elbow turn was awesome. Glad he is going to choreo.
  • BBoys/Bgirls montage shows there is talent there as well as flexibility.
  • Armen Way- Russian rapper… um ok? Love the partners outfit.  Reminds me of Pasha from season 3 i think it was but a bit less likable.  But he could grow on me; Wanna see him try Broadway and hip hop to be honest. 
  • The 3 brothers: this is a great story. Truly heartwarming. WOW the slomo is great. These boys know how to use music and work with what they know to story-tell. Great job; don’t know how they would do with other styles but could be like Will last season. Glad they are able to get their message out. Not surprised they aren’t going through to choreo or Vegas
  • After Choreo, Marcus is not going though but glad he was there. So glad Taylor is going through to vegas. 

A true theme this week is about loss and giving back through a lot of the auditions this season. Dance is a great inspiration to get back up.

So as the first night of auditions come to a close in LA, I can truly say since the last time I watched the show 300 days ago, I am so excited that the show is back.

Join us tonight for night two of auditions!


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