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Some Of Our Favorite Conspiracy Theories From Shane Dawson

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
07/12/2018 5:12 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Some Of Our Favorite Conspiracy Theories From Shane Dawson | Shane Dawson Appreciation Conspiracy Theories
Media Courtesy of YouTube

Yes, this is a Shane Dawson appreciation post but ever since we’ve been introduced to him we can’t get over his videos. So, we would like to share our favorite conspiracies from Dawson’s videos because everyone should be going down the rabbit hole with us. If you don’t want your entire world shook, close this article down quickly.

The Mandela Effect - This insanity was our first taste of Shane Dawson’s Youtube channel and it, literally, broke us. Basically, things we remember aren’t the same, and it effects a lot of us adding to the craziness of it. The Mandela Effect started when he died a few years ago because many people, it’s even in a book, remember him dying in prison. Another big one from this is the beloved children’s book series The Bernstein Bears. Do you remember it like that? Because, now they are called The Bernstain Bears. This goes so much deeper.

The moon landing was faked - You might have heard this one before but Shane really breaks it down. Our goal was to get there first and we faked it to win. His proof? There’s a breeze ruffling the American flag but there’s no gravity on the moon. He goes so much deeper, so much so in fact, that you won’t trust NASA anymore.

The Earth is flat - We know this really sounds insane and we don’t believe it, but Shane gives us a tiny segment of a video discussing the possibility. It’ll make you think and once again blame NASA for deceiving us. According to the video, you can’t fly over Antarctica and can only visit it for brief monitored trips. It’s because Antarctica borders the Earth, and flat Earthers would be vindicated if it was discovered.

Avril Lavigne is dead - According to the theory, she died after her first album and a stand in has been playing the role ever since. Her music style changed which could easily be because she was trying to stay with the times, but conspiracy theorists believe that isn’t Avril and hasn’t been for some time.

The Illuminati killed Michael Jackson - The theory states that Dr. Conrad Murray was merely the patsy to get the job done because he was worth more alive then dead, and because Jackson could reveal the truth. Many of his songs talk about breaking free and he never shied away from saying how he felt. His sister LaToya says he was killed by ‘them’. Digest it. This theory feeds into another one that the music industry is modern day slavery.

These are just a few of the many theories Shane Dawson shares on his channel. If you start watching, you may not come back for awhile, but you’ll have a good time.


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