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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Sons of Anarchy" 7x10 Recap: Jax Hears Some Cold, Hard Truth

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

11/12/2014 11:44 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Crooks and Liars
Did you hear that? That was the entire "Sons of Anarchy" universe screaming: HOLY SHIT!!!! I could write an article on how the club finally got back at Moses and the rest of Marks' crews, or how Rat really proved himself as a member without turning into a "rat" (HA!), or I could even talk about how bad ass Wayne was. Let's save that for the notes and focus on the MAJOR move in tonight's episode: Gemma and Abel. When Abel came out of his room with a scratch on his forehead, he told Grandma Gemma and Wendy that Thomas was the culprit. Obviously, the accident being at the hands of his baby brother didn't raise any warning signs, so Abel was sent off to school. Enter Courtney Love's teacher character. Courtney reminded Abel that if he was covering for an adult, he needed to tell the truth because it was wrong to hide that sort of thing and he needed to stay safe. Abel took her words in, and then retreated into the bathroom for his lunch break later on. One eye of the fork in his lunchbox and Abel made a decision. It was the next scene that Jax and Gemma were called down to the school to deal with Child Services, and Abel dropped a whopper when he revealed a nasty gouge on his arms (from the fork): Grandma did it. Gemma was floored and her and Jax returned home with Abel. It didn't take long for the truth to be revealed because Wendy revealed she had dressed Abel for school that morning and the mark wasn't there. So why would Abel lie? The Child Services ordered Gemma to stay away from the boys, and it appeared to weaken the matriarch, but it had to be done. Jax moved the boys in with him at his place and Wendy came along too. And you all know where that left us. Upon realizing how Wendy feels about the boys, and what she's done to help them, Jax called Abel in to have a talk. He explained to Abel that Wendy was his real mommy, and Abel appeared to understand. When Jax went to tuck Abel into bed, the bombshell EXPLODED: Abel innocently asked his father: "So is that why Grandma killed my other Mommy, so my first Mommy could be here with me?" Gemma's time is UP. This episode was one of the finest in "Sons of Anarchy" history, and while yours truly only focused on that one aspect of the episode, EVERYTHING worked. What did you guys think of the reveal? Will Jax believe Abel? What will he do? SOME NOTES: 1. This episode had so much to talk about: The scenes with Tig and Venus were exceptional and Kim Coates and Walton Goggins were brilliant. Absolutely amazing!! 2. The huge twist of Tio not giving up the actual location was VERY well done, and watching Moses suffer at the hands of SAMCRO (just like he did to Bobby) was a perfect punishment/death sentence.  3. Anyone else loving the relationship between Chibbs and Jarry? 4. Prediction time:  Now that Jax (possibly, if he believes it) knows the truth about his evil mother, he wouldn't have any reason to kill Lin. So maybe have Tully off Juice instead?  5. Countdown to Gemma's downfal HAS BEGUN!!!

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