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Sean Spicer Says Hitler Did Not Use Chemical Weapons

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
04/12/2017 9:14 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Sean Spicer Says Hitler Did Not Use Chemical Weapons | Spicer

The White House pops up in my Top Stories every morning, and this morning was no different. Press Secretary Sean Spicer took the cake on Tuesday when he said that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, whose regime gassed millions of Jews during the Holocaust, did not use chemical weapons during World War II.

Does this man even own a history book?

In his own defense, Spicer was only "trying to make a point" about Syrian President Bashar Assad using chemical weapons against his own people.

“We did not use chemical weapons in World War II. You had someone as despicable as Hitler who did not even sink to using chemical weapons,” Spicer said. “If you are Russia, ask yourself, is this a country and regime that you want to align yourself with?”

According to The Hill, Spicer then tried to clarify his statement by saying at least Hitler "did not gas his own people."

“When it comes to sarin gas, [Hitler] was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing,” Spicer said.

Needless to say, this did not go over well with assembled reporters. “I understand your point. Thank you. I appreciate that. He brought them into the Holocaust centers," Spicer continued. "I understand that. I was saying in the way that Assad used them where he went into town, dropped them into the middle of town. I appreciate the clarification. That was not the intent.”

Holocaust ... centers...?

Spicer tried to backtrack after the briefing by apologizing on Twitter, saying he was not "trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the Holocaust." But lawmaker Brian Schatz and the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect were not happy.

“On Passover no less, Sean Spicer has engaged in Holocaust denial, the most offensive form of fake news imaginable, by denying Hitler gassed millions of Jews to death,” said Steven Goldstein, executive director of the Anne Frank Center. 

The Anne Frank Center has called for Spicer's immediate removal from office. This is the latest in the Press Secretary's podium "stumbles."

There really is no other way to put it, folks. This is worse than upsetting.



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