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Spoilers PopWrapped | Spoilers


PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/02/2013 3:35 am
PopWrapped | Spoilers

Jamie Harsip

Staff Writer

The one and only Ryan Murphy just did another Twitter Q&A! This is what he had to say:

Q: Is Mercedes coming back soon? 
A: Yes. Just wrote a big episode for Mercedes. Amber is thrilled.

Q: Will Adam come back? Will he song again? He and Kurt were so so sweet I loved them so far!! 
A: I hope Adam will come back. I love his character.

Q: Any Kurt solos in the future? 
A: Yes. In the Stevie Wonder episode.

Q: Are there any storylines for Kitty coming up? 
A: Yes. A romance gone wrong.

Q: Is Brittany leaving Trouty Mouth?
A: How did you guess?

Q: Is Mike Chang coming back soon? 
A: Yes. In our Stevie Wonder tribute episode. I have missed him.

Q: Will we ever see any part of Blaine’s immediate family ever again for as long as they both shall live wait what 
A: Perhaps at the wedding

Q: Are we going to find out more about ryder’s online love? 
A: Yes. I like this Catfish story.

Q: Any Burt/Blaine/Kurt scenes soon? I love all three of them together! Family time! 
A: Then you will be happy with the last 2 episodes.

Q: More Becky, okay? She’s hilarious. Not really a question… let me try again. Can we see more Becky? :)
A: Yes! I love Becky. She has a big storyline coming up.

Q: I would LOVE it if Matt Bomer came back on the show. Any plans?
A: I’m making a movie with Matt this summer, so I’ll ask him.

Q: Is S5 official yet? I also want to say the no.1 reason I love Glee! The cast and everyone supporting Cory today has been sweet
A: Not official.

Q: Are we gonna see Santana “find herself” in any way in NY?
A: Doing an episode about that.

Q: Do you have any plans for Glee’s 100th episode? 
A: Yes! Big plans if it happens.

Q: Ryan could you tell me Cooper’s middle name?
A: Jay

Q: Will Chord sing a new solo till the end of this season? 
A: Yes. A great solo in the Lights Out episode.

Q: Can we see Naya singing Adele’s “Don’t You Remember” to Brittany? 
A: Wouldn’t you rather see Santana singing to a hot together girl in NY who could emotionally give her a real relationship? I do.

Q: How have you not done a Beatles tribute episode yet? It makes no sense.
A: I was just asking myself that the other day.

Q: Is Brittany getting a graduation storyline?
A: Actually, she is!

Q: please make this a perfect night and answer me: will Mercedes have a solo in this season?
A: Yes. Enjoy your perfect night.

Q: are most things going to be wrapped up in the last episode of the season or will there be a cliffhanger like last year?
A: Many cliffhangers.

Q: I love Kurt and Santana’s friendship! Do you think they could get a duet?
A: I love their friendship too. They need a duet.

Q: Hi Ryan! Anything about Quinn? And what about Beth? Shelby is back so?
A: Shelby is back in an amazing scene. Beth is doing quite well. Thank you for asking.

Q: Someone new to the cast of AHS? 
A: So many exciting cast announcements coming up for American Horror Story.

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