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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 02x14, Homecoming

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

03/09/2017 5:34 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 02x14, Homecoming | Homecoming
Media Courtesy of Jerimum Geek

Welcome back, Karaphiles! Are you ready for another episode of Supergirl? In case you missed it, last week took us on a bit of a romantic rollercoaster with Alex and Maggie feuding over Valentine's Day, Winn landing a date with a beautiful alien, and Kara battling an all-powerful suitor but ultimately ending up with glorious Mon-El (i.e. exactly where she should be). Now, lets see how all these love birds handle the unexpected homecoming of the one and only, Jeremiah!


Mon-El wakes up in Kara's apartment with Kara nowhere in sight. Apparently, finally hooking up with her heart's desire has made Kara very productive, and she flies back in after stopping multiple crimes before noon. She and Mon-El are adorable (of course), and he tells her that he'd like to wake up next to her. Cue the girlish screams. Before they head to the DEO, Kara asks that they keep their relationship quiet so that they can enjoy it without all the attention.

Although Mon-El agrees, he quickly spills the beans at work. Though Kara is irritated, no one seems to really care. Winn gets an alert that Cadmus is on the move, and Kara and J'onn fly off to intercept them. When they manage to stop the convoy, who does Kara find inside the truck but her adopted father, Jeremiah (What? No way!).

Back at the DEO, everyone is excited about Jeremiah's return, especially Alex. Jeremiah says that Cadmus forced him to change the real Hank Henshaw into a cyborg, and, afterward, they kept him around to help with their misdeeds. Mon-El shows up and thanks Jeremiah again for saving him and Kara in the past.

However, he doesn't believe that finding Jeremiah was just luck. Mon-El believes that Cadmus let them find Jeremiah. Jeremiah agrees with him, telling the team that Cadmus built a bomb using Kara's radiation flare that could destroy the city. We then get a glimpse of Henshaw and Lillian working on mysterious device -- one that the DEO and Supergirl wont be able to stop.

Winn muses hilariously about their imminent death, and Jeremiah suggests that they track Kara's radiation signature to find the bomb. Eliza shows up and is finally reunited with her long lost husband. Meanwhile, Mon-El pulls Kara aside and voices his doubts about the bomb and his suspicions about Jeremiah's homecoming. He warns her that Jeremiah lived with Cadmus for years and that they could be forcing him to betray them. Kara asks him to trust Jeremiah, and Mon-El agrees, albeit reluctantly.

Homecoming Jerimum Geek

Later, the Danvers sisters throw a celebratory dinner where Alex comes out to her dad, introducing him to Maggie. Eliza and Jeremiah talk and agree to take their relationship slow and get to know each other again. J'onn shows up, and Jeremiah thanks him for taking care of his daughters, and they all toast. He also asks to be reinstated at the DEO, and J'onn agrees, irritating Mon-El.

Mon-El points out the coincidence of Jeremiah's homecoming with the impending bomb, angering Kara and Alex with his accusation. Despite everyone's happiness, Mon-El can't see why no one is questioning their luck (and he's not wrong! For a hardcore government agency, they're not very suspicious). Angry, Kara asks him to leave and tells him that their relationship won't work because he doesn't listen to her.

Jeremiah walks Mon-El out and tells him that he knows who he really is and that he doesn't think Kara would like it if she found out the truth. At the bar, Mon-El tells Winn about his suspicions and asks for help keeping an eye on Jeremiah. In return, Winn asks Mon-El to be good to Kara. Mon-El also gets the pleasure of meeting Winn's girlfriend.

Back at the DEO, J'onn thanks Jeremiah for treating him like a person before reinstating him and sending him to the med-bay. However, instead of going there, Jeremiah hacks into the mainframe, not knowing that Winn is watching. Winn and Mon-El tell Kara what he saw, and she can no longer deny that the circumstances are suspicious.

Homecoming Jerimum Geek

While the team searches for the fusion bomb, Kara, Winn, and Mon-El confront Jeremiah. He claims that he wanted to look into his daughters' old cases, and Winn says that his story seems to check out. Kara, however, still isn't buying it, now noticing the suspicious circumstances of his homecoming.

Alex, of course, is completely unwilling to accept anything negative about her dad. Kara reasons with her, telling her that Jeremiah breaking into the DEO's systems instead of talking to them is suspicious. Alex tells Kara to start acting like Jeremiah is her father instead of accusing him of betraying them.

At the bar, Mon-El asks Winn for advice on being a better boyfriend. Winn tells him to stop trying so hard and just ask Kara what she needs from him and learn to listen. He then gets an alert that Cadmus is moving the fusion bomb, and the DEO sends a team to disarm it. However, when they enter the warehouse, there is no bomb in sight.

Back at the DEO, it appears Mon-El's suspicions were correct, as Jeremiah heads for the mainframe once again to steal files from the system. When J'onn confronts him, he finds that Jeremiah's damaged arm is actually cybernetic. Jeremiah tells him that there's more to the story, but J'onn refuses to listen. He and Jeremiah spar, with Jeremiah coming out on top and fleeing.

The team returns to headquarters, and Winn tells Alex and Kara about Jeremiah's enhancement. Alex vows to find Cadmus, and Winn reveals that he placed a tracker on Jeremiah when he began acting suspiciously after his homecoming. They track him to the woods where Alex confronts their team, as Kara flies off to stop a train from crashing, a handy distraction set by Henshaw.

Alex manages to stop Jeremiah before he can flee. He claims that all his actions have been for her, but she doesn't believe him. She urges him to give himself up, but he tells her that she'll have to kill him before he'll go willingly. When she's unable to shoot, he flees.

Back at the DEO, Winn works to find out what Jeremiah stole while Kara and Alex cope with his betrayal. Eliza shows up, and Alex breaks the news. Later, Maggie comforts Alex while she breaks down. Elsewhere, Mon-El shows up and finally asks Kara what she needs from him. She tells him that all she wants is to wake up next to him.

Finally, Winn calls to say that Jeremiah stole the National Alien Registry. Mon-El asks Kara what they should do, and Kara says that they get up and get to work. Meanwhile, Cadmus prepares their plan to finally rid the world of aliens, using a massive mystery ship.

Final Thoughts

Wow, that was a doozy of an episode! As per usual, I was Team Mon-El all the way, here! It bothered me that they were just so quick to accept Jeremiah's homecoming, even though he'd spent over a decade living with the enemy. It just made no sense. Either way, I did not expect to feel so emotional at the end of the episode. Major sob fest for the Danvers sisters!

Sidenote, I am so here for this Kara/Mon-El love connection that it's unreal! And kudos to Winn for having a badass girlfriend of his own! The women of this show are kicking butt!

Until next time, Karaphiles! Catch up on Supergirl with Season One on DVD or Blu-Ray.


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