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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 02x15, Exodus

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

03/11/2017 1:30 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 02x15, Exodus | Exodus
Media Courtesy of CW

Another week, another episode. Welcome back, Karaphiles! Are you ready for this week's Supergirl, "Exodus"? I know I am! A quick recap: Last week, we saw the return of Jeremiah Danvers -- a short-lived celebration after it was revealed that he was actually working for Cadmus to steal the alien registry. Props to Mon-El for being rightfully suspicious the entire time. What will Cadmus do now that they have the list? Let's find out!


We open when a family on its way out of town is pulled over. Unfortunately, what appears to be a friendly cop is actually a Cadmus agent, and the alien family, disguised as humans, is abducted. Back at the DEO, Kara reveals that this is the 20th abduction since Cadmus stole the registry. Sadly, the DEO still doesn't know what they want with the aliens thanks to Jeremiah's skills at avoiding detection. J'onn declares Jeremiah an enemy of state, and Alex reluctantly agrees to arrest him on sight.

Meanwhile, Kara wants to write an article warning the aliens about the abductions. Of course, Snapper is highly against running the article without additional sources (which Kara can't provide without compromising the DEO). Kara offers to let Snapper interview Supergirl, and he agrees.

At the bar, Alex tells Maggie that she wants to protect her father because she still believes there's good in him. Maggie tells her that she can help keep him safe as long as she's there when the DEO finds him. At another table, Lyra and Winn are bonding, which James is eager to point out. Winn, however, downplays the romance, claiming to take things slow.

Just then, there's an explosion at the bar, and Cadmus agents come to round up the aliens. Alex, Maggie, and Lyra try to fight off the agents, but one of them grabs Lyra and throws her in a van. Alex tries to save her but another agent intercepts her. Thankfully, Guardian shows up to take the agent down -- but not before the other agents take Lyra and the other aliens away.

Back at the DEO, Winn stresses over Lyra while the team considers ways to get the aliens back. Alex goes to interrogate the Cadmus agents, but her methods turn questionable when she gets violent. He tells her that he can't tell her where Cadmus is without them knowing and blowing up his head. J'onn stops her and questions her state of mind, but she begs off. Supergirl shows up for her interview with Snapper and tells him about Cadmus stealing the alien registry. Unfortunately, since she's unable to provide a source for her information, Snapper is still unwilling to run the story.

Exodus CW

Later, Jeremiah shows up at Alex's apartment, claiming to be on her side and begging her to help him free the aliens. He tells her not to tell J'onn, and she reluctantly agrees to help him, only to find out that it was J'onn in disguise, testing her to see if she would betray her oath as a federal agent to help her father. Having failed the test, Alex is suspended. Meanwhile, the real Jeremiah and Lillian prepare to enact Project Exodus, marching all of the abducted aliens onto the ominous-looking ship.

Kara shows up to comfort Alex. However, she admits that, while she disagrees with J'onn's methods, she does agree that Alex shouldn't be involved with the mission for her own good. Maggie, on the other hand, disagrees and promises to help Alex save her father. At CatCo, Lena shows up and Kara tells her about Cadmus, Project Exodus, and her article. Lena tells her that, if Snapper won't run her article, she should just blog it herself. She also offers to look for clues on her mother's whereabouts using her L Corp connections.

Later, Cadmus attempts to abduct another alien but is thwarted by Alex and Maggie, who find Cadmus' location using the GPS in the agents' van. Lena finds a mysterious lab in L Corps files and asks her assistant to look into it. But, of course, her assistant is actually working for her mother, who tells her to "take care" of Lena.

Meanwhile, Alex infiltrates Cadmus and finds her father. He tells that Project Exodus is actually a plan to forcibly deport the aliens instead of killing them. Alex feels betrayed, but Jeremiah sticks to his "I'm doing this for you and Kara" argument. He claims that Project Exodus was his way of giving the aliens a fighting chance. Back at her apartment, Mon-El gives Kara advice on her article. He tells her that, if she believes publishing the article is the right thing to do, she should "blob" it. (Oh, Mon-El.)

Exodus CW

Lena calls to tell Kara about her findings but is attacked before she can finish. "Coincidentally", Supergirl shows up to save her, and Lena tells her where to find Cadmus and the aliens. With information about the alien registry leaked, Lillian decides to launch Project Exodus immediately. Alex orders her to stop and threatens her with bombs that she planted all around the base. Alex urges Jeremiah to help her, and he finally switches to the right side and joins her fight.

Unfortunately, there is no override code, and Alex drops the rest of the bombs before heading off to stop the launch by piloting the ship. The problem is, once the ship leaves the atmosphere, it'll jump to light speed and will be unstoppable. Lyra works to free the other aliens, but they're unable to flee the ship before it takes off.

At the DEO, Winn tries to teach Alex how to land the ship, but, with the ship moving so quickly, it doesn't work. Kara flies off and tries to slow the ship down so that Alex can land it. Meanwhile, Jeremiah battles Hank inside Cadmus HQ. As Kara tries to stop the ship, it begins to fight back, launching missiles at her. Not easily deterred, she uses her freeze breath to take out the cannons. Kara struggles to stop the ship, but Alex encourages her until she's finally able to slow the ship enough for Winn to land it remotely.

Exodus CW

Yet again, the celebration is short-lived, as Kara arrives at CatCo and finds that she's lost her job, having breached her contract when she ran her competing article. Alex apologizes to J'onn for going against him, and he apologizes for using her father against her. He reinstates her and tells her that he hopes they'll get Jeremiah back one day.

On to our last glimpse of the ever-adorable Mon-El and Kara. Though Kara is still sad about losing her job, Mon-El tells her that she's capable of doing so much more than she gives herself credit for and that she'll find something else. She kisses him and says that she could be okay just being Supergirl and having him. *melodramatic sigh* Finally, we end on an alien ship (my money is on Daxamite) as it breaches Earth's atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode. Although Alex did frustrate me a couple of times (I mean, she has to be the least level-headed federal agent in existence), I was still glad when she was correct and Jeremiah agreed to help her. It really sucks that Kara lost her job, but, in the end, she did the right thing, and hopefully she'll find something bigger and better ... or at least get her job back!

Of course, I have to gush over Mon-El and Kara for a minute! Dude is doing so much better at reading her moods and giving her what she needs! I can't decide if this makes me happy or sad that we're going to find out his true identity soon. I also have to mention Winn and Lyra. I really hope that she becomes a bigger part of the show because her energy is amazing and she and Winn have a very cute dynamic.

Until next time, Karaphiles! Catch up on Supergirl with Season 1 on DVD or Blu-Ray.


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