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Television PopWrapped | Television

Musical Superheroes: All Our Heroes Can Really Sing!

Rachel Leishman | PopWrapped Author

Rachel Leishman

Staff Writer
04/12/2017 9:36 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Musical Superheroes: All Our Heroes Can Really Sing! | Musical superheroes

In honor of the Flash/Supergirl musical extravaganza, we're taking a look at what superheroes (and their counterparts) we love who can really hold a tune!

We know by now that Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin can sing. If not, what did you think they were doing on Glee?

But did you know that they're not the only superheroes with pipes? In fact, they're not the only ones on their own shows! Jeremy Jordan is a Broadway babe who we love and adore and Danielle Panabaker has one amazing voice as well!

So we decided to share a few videos of our favorites singing! And surprise, some are big movie stars too! 

First up, we have "Smooth Criminal" from Grant Gustin's time playing Sebastian on Glee. For those who weren't taken away to the land of Lima, Ohio and these competing Glee clubs, you might have missed the joy this show brought us all.

So here is probably one of the best Grant Gustin performances on the program! 

And now, our lovely Danielle Panabaker singing in Girls Against Boys.

For those who have also forgotten, Melissa was also a cast member on later seasons of Glee. And her character had some amazing performances like this one of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball".

And now as we leave our television superheroes, did you know that our cinematic ones also have some pipes? First up, we have the Black Widow herself, Scarlett Johannson, singing a song from her album.

Did you know that Iron Man can sing? Well, you would if you watched Ally McBeal. So for me, this choice was a hard one. Robert Downey Jr. has two amazing songs out there. One of those is "Smile" from his movie Chaplin and the other is this. "River", by the ever lovely Joni Mitchell, is an amazing song and Robert does an incredible job! 

I mean, this one is easy. He was in Into the Woods after all. But Chris Pine is one of those "I can't sing" guys when he most definitely can. So why not have Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman's boytoy) join the ranks of superheroes? 

And finally, here we have Captain America. Chris Evans has sung in multiple movies so we know he'd be up to the task of a musical Steve Rogers. But nevertheless, at least he's singing Journey.

So now we just patiently wait until all our superheroes join together, both DC and Marvel, to make a musical movie like no other. And really, who wouldn't love that? 


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