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Supernatural: 11×02, Form And Void

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:26 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 11×02, Form And Void | Form And Void
Media Courtesy of IGN

Tonight, we jump right back into what I am calling the "Zombie Darkness Apocalypse of Season 11." Not to be confused with the actual apocalypse of Season 5 (though the similarities between the Croatoan virus and the Dark Zombie curse are not lost on me).

Back in the deserted town of death, bodies are everywhere. Sam, whose zombie infection continues to slowly take hold, is ransacking a hardware store for supplies to use on random zombies he captures to get more information. One not-fully-turned zombie reveals to Sam that everyone turns at their own pace but all end up dead just the same. He suggests Sam put a gun to his head and, then, turn that gun on himself. Later, after the zombie hostage has gone, Sam hears singing in the hall -- a woman singing Death's song. Sam investigates to find a woman amongst the bodies.

A Reaper named Billy, she explains that, though Sam had killed her boss, there is still work to be done. People are still dying and there are souls to collect, but, before she leaves, she promises Sam that there will be no more coming back for the Winchesters. The old Death thought letting them come back again and again was funny; the rest of the reapers are not interested. Before leaving, she lets Sam knows he's dying and that she promises to be back for him soon.

Meanwhile, Dean has dropped off Jenna at her Grandma's house where she'll get help with the baby. Things take a serious Rosemary's Baby turn when Baby Darkness dumps over a box and begins telepathically throwing blocks into the wall to spell "Feed Me" -- all from the comfort of her crib. Grandma, quite rightly freaked, asks Jenna who they should call! Cut to Dean answering the phone, "Ghostbusters." Dean turns around and heads back to Grandma's.

Back at the Angel Torture Chamber, Cas continues to be questioned about Metatron's whereabouts and is tortured by the two Angels, despite his continued warnings that they should run because he is cursed. They threaten to torture him with a demon and condemn him for always choosing the Winchesters over his brothers. In the nick of time, Hannah arrives. Hannah kicks out the Angels and releases Cas, though Cas asks to stay in the handcuffs for safety. Hannah tries to heal Cas but can't.

Hannah explains that something horrible has happened, as the alarms in Heaven have been going off, and they don't know what to do. Cas brings Hannah into the Darkness loop. Hannah asks for help in locating the Darkness -- or the Winchesters, if they are able to locate the Darkness. Cas asks how Hannah was able to find him and puts together that Hannah orchestrated the whole torture plot so she could come in and save the day and get Cas to give up the Winchesters. The other Angels bust in and confirm Cas's accusation. The torture resumes in the form of a "brain hack", but Hannah tries to stop them. Cas breaks free and kills the other Angels but not before they kill Hannah.

Back in zombie town, Sam visits the chapel for a little "Are You There God? It’s Me, Sam Winchester" moment. He asks God, "If you're out there, we need your help. We need to know there's hope. We need a sign." After no answer, Sam leaves the chapel -- only to be immediately hit with flashbacks to the cage.

Please mean Lucifer is returning. Please mean Lucifer is returning.

Back at Grandma's house, Jenna's grandmother has called a priest for an exorcism of Baby Darkness. Dean is shocked to find the Priest is Crowley. Outside, Crowley reveals to Dean the baby is not a demon but something old. Something powerful.

Meanwhile, Jenna sneaks into the nursery to tend to Baby Darkness. Moments later, she returns to the kitchen and stabs Grandma. Crowley and Dean rush in. Crowley claims plot twist! Dean checks on the crying baby and discovers the Mark of Cain. Crowley and Dean then find Jenna in Grandma's room smashing stuff nonchalantly. Crowley catches on immediately that she has no soul, probably because the baby has eaten it. Dean tries to tell Jenna he can help her, to which she replies that she doesn't want to be fixed and goes after him with a knife. They struggle until Crowley kills her. Dean explains to Crowley that the baby is the Darkness, leading them to fight over killing the baby. Back in the nursery, Baby Darkness has aged a few years and is now walking around. By the time Dean makes his way in to the room, she's gone. When he makes it back to the room he's trapped Crowley in, he's gone, too.

Elsewhere, Sam takes a turn for the worse. He manages to search "Biblical Purification" and finds a reference to holy oil and fire. Not his brightest idea, but okay. He begins to burn the marks on his neck, and, surprisingly enough, it works! Sam attracts a few Dark Zombies into a ring of holy oil fire, curing them. They all, then, head off to cure the rest of the dark zombies hanging around town.

Back at the bunker, as Dean tells the story of Baby Darkness to Sam, they come across an odd pile of books and a dying Cas.

Elsewhere, Baby Darkness, who is now a little girl, is walking the streets when Crowley pulls up and offers her the souls of a family he has taken. She smiles…


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