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Supernatural: 11×03, The Bad Seed

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:25 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 11×03, The Bad Seed | Bad Seed
Media Courtesy of IGN

Episode Three begins with the return of Rowena, who is busy recruiting witches for her "Mega coven" without much success. As it turn out most witches of the Grand Coven don't seem to be taking her very seriously. During one of her recruitment sessions, some of the witches take the wind out of her sails by revealing Crowley is alive and well -- information that had escaped Rowena up until then. Meanwhile, at the bunker, Sam, Dean, and a chained-up cursed Cas are trying to locate Rowena to undo the spell and Metatron to help them solve the darkness problem. Cas continues to get worse from the effects of Rowena's curse.

In Hell, Crowley is doting on Amara, Little Darkness, and promises he will protect her from God. When alone, Amara has a conversation with the adult version of herself, who guarantees that young Amara's destiny will become clear. Crowley's demons locate Rowena, and he sends his minions to kill her once and for all -- a mission that fails. But one of the other witches present at the failed attempt on Rowena's life helps Sam and Dean locate Rowena, and they catch her right as she plans to skip town (in a blond wig, no less). Sam and Dean take her back to the bunker, agreeing to let her go free after she has undone the curse on Cas. Back in Hell, Crowley discovers that, with her growing knowledge and power, Amara's hunger for souls is growing as well. He begins feeding her the souls of his minions and finds the more she gets the more she wants.

Somewhere in a bar, we meet up with two friends, a demon and an angel, who share a drink and compare stories about how bad things have gotten in both Heaven and Hell. They commiserate and ponder how the little man needs to step up and take care of things … Foreshadowing?

Back at the bunker, Cas has escaped before Rowena could cure him and has disappeared. Using a locator Sam, Dean, and Rowena try to find him. While searching, Rowena reminds Sam the he never kept up his end of the bargain they'd made -- Crowley's life in return for Rowena removing the Mark of Cain. This, of course, is news to Dean.

The conversation is stopped short, though, as they locate the area where Cas has ended up. Dean comes across Cas in a dark alley about to attack a woman. Dean steps in only to have Cas in all his crazed cursed glory turned his blind rage on Dean. Sam and Rowena show up just in the nick of time, and Rowena removes the curse but manages to escape before the boys can lock her down.

Back in Hell, Crowley begins to grow increasingly concerned with Amara's appetite for souls. The last scene reveals she has indeed aged to a teenager and demands of Crowley that she is hungry. Crowley may have bit off more than he can chew…

The takeaway; While the big highlights were the return of Rowena and the restoration of Cas, I think the more subtle takeaways were the mentions of Metatron and God early in the episode. Will one or both be making an appearance anytime soon? I also think the seemingly innocuous conversation between the demon and angel were a foreshadowing of someone's return as well.


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