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Supernatural: 11×06, Our Little World

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 11×06, Our Little World | Little World
Media Courtesy of Hypable

This episode, "Our Little World", starts almost immediately after last week's episode, still in Fall River, Massachusetts. Two teen girls are hanging out in the park, complaining about parents and all the stuff teen girls complain about. After one of the girls heads for home, Amara appears out of the shadows and declares to the remaining girl that she would like to be "just like her." Amara proceeds to eat the girl's soul. Amara returns to Hell to find foster daddy Crowley waiting up for her.

Crowley, seeing she's aged a few years, knows she's been eating souls and warns her to stop going out where she risks bringing attention to herself. “I’m a growing girl; I need to eat," she says, to which Crowley attempts to ground her. Pffft.

Sam and Dean, still in Fall River, continue searching for Amara. They realize that it may be time to bring the Cas off the bench. Dean calls Cas only to discover he is still held up in his room watching Jenny Jones reruns. Dean tells Cas it's time to turn off the TV and get back in the game. Meanwhile, Sam gets a call from the Fall Rivers sheriff, who tells him that Len (the soulless man who from last week's episode) has died.

Back at the bunker, Cas attempts to take Dean's advice and leave the bunker but flashbacks to the people he hurt while under Rowena's curse. He retreats back into the room and the safety of daytime TV, only to catch a glimpse of Metatron in the background of a local news story.

Back at the demon hideout, Crowley's stressing to a random minion that Amara's human "candy wrappers" can't be left behind to possibly blab to someone about Amara and her hunger for human souls. The minion reminds Crowley that Amara had eaten most of the demons at the hideout.

Back in town, the boys have identified Len's body, and, thanks to the strong scent of sulfur, they figure out it must have been a demon who killed him. They catch Goldie, the now soulless teenager from the beginning of the show, being arrested for attempting to kill her mom. The boys recognize that she is soulless. They use her to trap the random demon, so they can interrogate him. The demon fills in some of the blanks about Crowley and Amara and says that Crowley had put his foot down with Amara, ordering no more demons for dinner, so Amara had been eating out. The demon refuses to tell them where Crowley is held up with Amara, so, realizing the demon's meat suit is already dead, they kill him. Back at hotel, the boys figure out that, since the demon had been trailing the soulless there in Fall Rivers, Crowley must have Amara nearby. They discover an abandoned asylum outside of town and figure it must be where Crowley is hiding Amara.

At the asylum, Crowley reaches out to Amara, even bringing her a human to snack on that she decides she's doesn't want. Crowley admits to her that he has no clue what he's doing and that he sees her growing so fast and knows soon she won't need him anymore. He reminds Amara that he helped put Lucifer back in the cage, and, despite setbacks, he is still the King of Hell. For those reasons, he does have wisdom he can offer her. He asks for time and for her to just play by his rules a little longer. He offers her protection in return for her patience.

Before storming the asylum, Sam asks Dean if he thinks they are they ready to kill her, knowing so little about her. He wonders if they can even kill her at all.

Back near the bunker, Cas has tracked down Metatron, who has become every bit the loser we could imagine, and retrieved the demon tablet from under the mattress where Metatron had hidden it. Cas demands information on the Darkness. Seeing Cas is not right, Metatron begins to taunt him.

Dean and Sam make their way into the asylum and distract the guard outside Amara's door. Sam remains to keep the demons out while Dean enters the room where Amara is waiting. "I knew you'd come," she tells Dean. Crowley appears and protects Amara. He confesses to Dean that, in the past, he had been unable to bring himself to kill him with the bromance they had between them, but, now, he feels different. Now, he feels ready and able to kill Dean. Fatherhood changes a man, after all. But Amara has none of it. She attacks Crowley and says she will only spare his life if he promises safe passage for Dean to get out and lets him know she is no longer interested in his "protection."

Outside, Sam is fighting off demons while trying to maintain the "no kill" rule, but, when cornered, he ends up having to stab one of the demons but still manages to not kill the others. As Sam is trying to fight without killing, Cas is beating the daylights out of Metatron, proving he is far from broken. Metatron begs Cas to kill him. According to Metatron, being a human has been horrible, and he just wants out.

Back at the asylum, outside Amara's room Sam tries to get in, but is knocked to his knees by another vision.

After ordering Crowley out of her room, Amara asks Dean about their connection, admitting she is not even sure what it is. She muses that maybe it’s because Dean was the first thing she saw once she was freed. Her “first experience of His creation" she says. There’s no fighting it. She is fascinated, and the fact that Dean doesn’t stab her, says enough.

As they are sharing their moment, and Sam is having his vision, Cas is finding out from Metatron that, when God created the world, it took work and sacrifice. In fact, in order to create the world, Metatron continues, God had to give up the only thing he'd ever known, betray his only kin, the Darkness -- his sister.


Back at the asylum, Amara tells Dean that soon she'll be strong enough to settle the oldest score. Sam breaks into the room, but Amara knocks both him and Dean to the ground and casually walks away.

Back at the bunker, the guys recap, with Dean questioning how Cas could let Metatron go, to which Cas asks how Dean let Amara go. Sam excuses himself to begin researching the lore and has the vision again, but, this time, it is clearly the cage and two hands reaching through the bars.

Is it a vision from God? Are those the hands of Lucifer?

We end with Amara walking the streets taking in the world as "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" plays.

I would love to know your thoughts! Who was in the cage? What do the visions mean? And does Amara know where to find God?


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