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Supernatural: 11x07, Plush

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 11x07, Plush | Plush
Media Courtesy of Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW

This week, on "Plush," we welcome back everybody’s favorite Minnesota cop, Sheriff Donna! Still reeling from last week’s reveal that the Darkness is God’s sister, and after Sam is caught praying for guidance, the boys get a break from plotting against the Darkness when they get a call from Sheriff Donna asking for help with an evil killer bunny on the loose in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. The boys get ready to hunt some wabbits.

By the time they get there, Sheriff Donna has arrested the killer bunny. He’s sitting in the cell with the blood-soaked bunny mask that won’t come off, no matter what they try.

Personal note? This is scary stuff, y'all. If this episode had aired the week of Halloween, I would have seriously been a wreck taking my kids trick or treating...

The boys can’t help making plenty of “What’s up, Doc?” quips, but the fun runs out when the killer bunny manages to grab at Dean and reveal some crazy super strength. The boys are stumped after confirming it’s not a demon. The boys track down the identity of the man behind the mask, thanks to his Tech T-shirt and “Kylie” tattoo and question his girlfriend, who says he began acting weird after putting on the mask in a thrift shop the day before. Meanwhile, Sheriff Donna and Officer Doug are transferring the prisoner when he breaks free and attacks. They shoot him dead and the mask falls off.

Soon after, at the local high school, a fully-costumed school mascot, dressed as a court jester, arrives in the locker room and attempts to kill the coach with a kettlebell, putting him into a coma. The boys figure out that the costumes must be tied into some sort of ghost possession. When they shoot the jester full of rock salt, the ghost disappears and a scared confused teenage girl is all that’s left.

The boys track down the original owner of all the costumes,  a children’s performer named Chester, who had recently committed suicide. His sister had donated all of his costumes to a number of places. They ask for a complete list of costumes and where they were donated, but before they can start tracking them down, a freaky clown shows up at the hospital and finishes off the coach. Sam and the clown (straight out of his worst possible fears) struggle in an elevator and Sam is able to cast out the ghost.

Sam and Dean keep digging and find out that, prior to his suicide, Chester had been accused of molesting some of the children in town. The victims of the haunted costumes were Chester’s accusers. Sam and Dean pay Chester’s sister another visit and she unloads the whole story, leading them all to wonder if Chester was actually guilty.

Just then, the one remaining costume piece that was not burned by Sheriff Donna and Officer Doug appears in the form of a squirrel head on Chester’s young nephew. The boys cast out the ghost and, while Sam takes the head outside to burn it, Dean fights off Chester’s ghost as the sister and nephew watch from inside a salt circle.

Once the costume head has burned, Chester’s ghost disappears. The boys bestow the honorary title of “hunter” to Sheriff Donna as they say goodbye and then head back home.

As they ride off in Baby, Sam admits that he suspects his visions are trying to tell him he needs to return to the cage to find answers on how to stop the Darkness. Dean shuts him down, saying it’s NOT going to happen. Though Sam agrees we, and Sam’s eyes, know better.

A return to the Cage? I am down for that.


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