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Supernatural: 11×10, The Devil's In The Details

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:19 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 11×10, The Devil's In The Details | Supernatural
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Welcome back from the winter hellatus Supernatural fans! Episode 10 kicks off with a quick recap of the first half of the season (long story short: Darkness Smited, Sam, Lucifer, spooning in hell). The episode kicks off with Rowena decked out as Rudolph in a perfectly suburban house as Crowley, clad in pjs, is opening Christmas presents including a Funko doll of Sam. Santa arrives, to Rowena’s surprise, and it’s revealed that this is actually Rowena’s recurring nightmare. Santa then reveals himself to be Lucifer, and kills Crowley. So not only has Lucifer been getting inside Sam’s head, he’s been visiting Rowena in her dreams.

Coming out of the dream we find ourselves back in the cage where Lucifer is taunting Sam, as only Lucifer can. Sam remains steadfast in his choice to not let Lucifer take over his body. Sam tells Lucifer that Dean is coming, he knows it. And Lucifer implies that betting on Dean is not such a good plan. But Sam has nothing to worry about Lucifer explains, since he won't be killing him. After all that was so five years ago.

Instead Lucifer touches Sam and take him on a stroll down memory lane. First stop? Teen Sam. We find Sam studying with some young lady at a park. They flirt and she admits she wants to make-out. Sam, being ever the suave awkward teen, begins to kiss her. Lucifer points out how decisive and confident Sam once was. In fact, he says, Sam used to be a hero. Next stop, episode five season finale (Swan Song). The scenes replay when Same defeated Lucifer before. Lucifer tell Sam how much respect he had for him and reminds Sam that back at that time Sam was willing to do the hard thing or risk anything to save the world. But not anymore.

After that Lucifer takes Sam to the days of Amelia and the dog explaining that this was where it all went wrong; it all traces back to the life Sam attempted to live instead of trying to find Dean in purgatory. Every moment Dean and Sam have spent since then has been trying to overcome their guilt. So instead of sacrificing for the greater good, they now always choose each other. Lucifer, knows that they aren't ready to die to beat the darkness. A long time ago they could have fought the fight, but now he can’t… But Lucifer has defeated the darkness before and can do it again. Snapping necks and cashing checks is what he does, he promises Sam.

Meanwhile in hell, Crowley confronts Rowena. Rowena says she had to take a chance on Lucifer, the only one who can defeat the darkness and scolds Crowley for staking his own life on Sam Winchester. She explains that she joined up with Lucifer after he came to her in a dream. Crowley wonder what happened to her Super Duper awesome Coven? #Girlpower

Back on earth Dean is driving along, still trying to gather his bearings after witnessing the smiting of Amara and to reach Sam. He suddenly drives through a portal of some sort and gets sick. Cas explains that he’s suffering from smiting sickness. Being an angel Cas is immune, so he tells Dean to go back while Dean investigates the scene to see if Amara is alive or not. At the scene Cas meets up with a young angel named Ambriel who works in statistics. She suggests they work together so no one murders anyone. She says so far she has seen nothing strange. Cas points out that it is dark, but the middle of the afternoon. They continue to search the area.

Meanwhile Dean has made his way back to the bunker still unaware Sam is in the cage with Lucifer. He finally receives the call from Crowley that there has been… a hiccup in the plan. Dean calls Cas and leaves a message for Cas to meet him, he’s going to hell.

Dean arrives at the address he got from Crowley where he is greeted by Billie the reaper who helps Dean get into hell.

Back at the scene of the smiting Ambriel points out they, her and Crowley, have a lot in common. Examples included both being expendable and not important.  Ambriel stumbles upon an unconscious Amara, who turns out to be very conscious and sucks down her soul. The action appears to restores her and the daylight returns to the area. Cas get there and confronts Amara. She comments that he smells of fear and self loathing, and her brother’s horrible taste in men. Though he’s used up and not worthy, she says she has a job for him anyway and sends him away. After he disappears, she is left breathless and out of sorts. Meanwhile a surprised Cas is suddenly at the building with Billie the reaper, who is unphased by his sudden appearance.

In hell Dean and Crowley have trapped Rowena and are forcing her to invoke the incantation that will get rid of Lucifer and free Sam from the cage. Cas suddenly appears and delivers the message that Amara burned on his chest “I am coming.” Dean wonders if it’s a threat or a promise...

Back in cage Lucifer is telling Sam to noodle on the idea of saying yes, but to keep in mind the whole world ending clock ticking thing. He reminds Sam that there is no other choice. God went out for a pack of smokes. “I’m it.” Sam tells Lucifer that he’s not changing his mind, no matter what.  He has faith in his friends. And he has faith that they will find a way.

So Lucifer opts for Plan B - attacking Sam.

Hearing the commotion Dean and Cas show up and Lucifer snaps them both into the cage, where Dean confronts Lucifer and tells him, “I’m not even a little scared.” Lucifer and Cas begin to fight as Dean tells Sam they don’t have to win, they just have to last a few minutes more in the cage. They all begin to fight Lucifer.  Meanwhile Rowena continues the incantation.

Lucifer get Dean in a choke hold and tells Sam to say yes, or Dean dies. But before he can finish the deed Lucifer disappears into a flash of bright angel light.

Outside the cage they all ask, What now? They decide that today was a train wreck, and that they’ll figure it out. Crowley tells them all to get the hell out of hell (pun intended). Dean, Sam and Cas walk towards Baby, and Cas tells Dean he’ll catch up with them both later. Something seems off. Dean and Sam decide it must because of the tough day...

Back in hell, where Rowena remains under Crowley’s control, he asks her, “why do you hate me”? She explains that when she looks into his eyes she see the woman she used to be before magic. When she was weak. And she remembers Crowley’s father and how he left her and broke her heart. And tearfully she explains that she HAS to hate him, because if she didn’t she would love him, and love is weakness and she will never be weak again.

Suddenly Cas walks back in to Crowley and Rowena’s surprise. But something about him is still not right. As he smiles, Crowley begins to put it together as we flash on the previous scene back in the cage where Cas asks Lucifer if he can really beat the darkness. Lucifer says he can, and Cas allows him the use of his vessel.

Lucifer is Cas! He thanks Rowena, removes the device Crowley has been using to control her and confirms that she is the only one who can open the cage. Once she confirms he snaps her neck.

Then he makes himself comfortable telling Crowley, “let’s chat.”

What were your thoughts about the new episode of Supernatural? Let us know if you were surprised by any plot twists in the comments below and if you are planning on tuning in next week! 


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