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Supernatural, 11×12: Don't You Forget About Me

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:20 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural, 11×12: Don't You Forget About Me | Supernatural
Media Courtesy of The CW

We kick off the episode with, Claire, Jimmy Novak/Castiel’s wayward daughter barging into the makeout session of two teens, accusing one of being a monster. Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean are enjoying some food, an unGodly donut burger from hell. But I digress. Before he can eat, Dean gets a call that they’re needed in South Dakota.

Alex, the recovering vampire child, is talking prom with her boyfriends at school, seeming almost normal. Sheriff Jody (she’s back!!!) picks her up and is obviously proud of the normalcy. They return home and are surprised to find a boy there waiting for them. Turns out the call came from Claire, who wanted to bring the boys in on the "case" she was working.

The girls begin snipping at each other instantly. Oh Sheriff Jody Mills, raising teen girls is hard. Especially they are wayward daughters of a fallen angel and a black sheep of a vampire family. But back to the episode.

At dinner (where Dean helps himself to plenty) Claire tries to convince the boys that there is a case happening there in town, which Sheriff Jody refuses to admit is real. Jody and Alex begin to describe the tails of Claire’s failed hunting attempts. The girls begin fighting again, and the talk turns to sex. The boys find themselves trapped in the most awkward conversation ever. Did I mention raising teen girls is hard?

Claire is not just busting heads, she’s not going to her college classes and doesn’t have any friends. Dean volunteers Sam to step up and talk to her. Sam explains that she wouldn’t be the first hunter to use the profession to escape. Claire confesses that she feels a little late to the “Jody and Alex” show. She wonders if she should just head off on her on, but Sam reminds her that the monsters will always be there, but the chance at growing up with a family and stability, won’t. Maybe she should think about holding onto it for a little bit…

Meanwhile, in town, we see Alex’s teacher getting attacked outside the school. The next morning his body is on top of the flagpole. Claire is convinced this is part of the case she’s been working on. Sheriff Jody, Sam and Dean investigate the school and Sam becomes suspicious of the janitor.

Meanwhile, school being canceled and all, Alex and her popular boyfriend decide to take a walk in the woods (much to the chagrin of Dean). While alone, and shaken up by her teacher’s death, Alex tries to open up about her history before being adopted by Jody. Henry, the boyfriend, tells her she doesn’t need to tell him anything, after all everyone has a past.

Supernatural The CW

Claire, Jody, Sam and Dean discover that though the janitor's alibi checks out, his social security number does not nor does the fact that he arrived just before the disappearances Claire had been investigating began.They decide to question him again, sans Jody and Claire who have to visit the registrar's office to re-enroll Claire to college. The boys leave, with Jody and Claire not far behind. But before they can get in the car, creepy janitor shows up and attacks them both, but not before Jody gets a call in to Dean letting him know that she and Claire are in danger.

The boys rush back to the house to find Jody and Claire both gone. They figure out the janitor is from the same town as Alex, and that they must be connected. They call to warn her to stay put with Henry until Dean can get to her. She hangs up but when she tries to go back into the restaurant, Henry won’t let her. Is preppy boy a vampire too?

Sam and Dean figure out that the entire Sheriff Jody family unit is being held at an abandoned building near the school and start making their way there.

The creepy janitor reveals he was one of the men Alex lured to her vampire family's nest, and was turned. He tracked and followed Alex all this time - but when he found her she was a miserable loner. So he decided he couldn’t seek his revenge on Alex while she was an unhappy loner, so he turned the preppy boy and had him romance her and make her happy; that way creepy janitor could take everything away from her, like she had once done to him.

Supernatural The CW

He tells her he will take away the only people she loves and begins with Claire, by sinking his teeth right into her neck. Dean and Sam show up, but the janitor comes after Alex. Claire stops him just in time, and together Alex and Claire take down preppy vampire. Nothing says sisterly bonding like vampire hunting.

A few days later Jody wakes up to find the girls making her breakfast. The three have finally connected, and the family, slightly beat, is better for the vamp attack. Sam warns Alex that there might be more vamps some day. And Alex says she’ll be ready.


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