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Supernatural: 11×13, Love Hurts

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:21 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 11×13, Love Hurts | Supernatural
Media Courtesy of SerieTiVu

On this week's Supernatural, Valentines Day is about to get a little bloody.

A couple is getting ready to go out for Valentine’s Day when the babysitter shows up. While the wife is in the other room the husband and babysitter share a kiss (obviously not their first). The sitter, Stacy, demands that he tells the wife about them so they can start their life together. He promises to do it soon, just not on Valentine’s Day. The wife walks in and they leave for their date night. Later, while Stacy is alone watching TV, someone she knows (we can’t see the face) comes in and rips her heart out.

The next day at the bunker Sam tells a hickey infested and slightly hung over and smelly Dean about the babysitter whose heart was ripped out on Valentine’s Day. They suspect a  werewolf and decide to check it out. They interview the couple and find out the nanny-cam was stolen from the scene and also suspect the husband is not being entirely honest. Dean decides to confront the husband at the office without his wife. The husband admits to sleeping with the babysitter and taking the nanny cam so he could delete the kiss before turning it over to the police, but then discovers that the killer was himself. Dean watches the footage, and knowing the husband was out to a very public dinner the night before, realizes the monster they’re looking for is a shapeshifter. Yahtzee! He tells the husband to sit tight and not tell anyone until he’s had a chance to work it out, and leaves.

Later the last co-worker left in the evening leaves the office after suggesting the husband go home. While getting into the elevator, she passes by a woman who barely notices her. It’s Stacy the babysitter, there to rip out the heart of the husband.

Sam and Dean interview the secretary the next day and confirm that the woman she saw get off the elevator was the babysitter, confirming their suspicion that the monster is a shapeshifter. They go back to the home and once again question the wife, who admits to knowing about the affair, but still thinking they had a chance. In the course of the conversation the boys confirm that she’s not the shifter. After they leave she starts scurrying around and finds a shoe box with weird - witchcraft looking stuff in it that she tosses in the disposal. Then she makes a call and leaves a voicemail for someone claiming that she had done something wrong, that Dan (the husband) was dead! Later, while she's alone, there’s a knock at the door; the wife looks out peephole to reveal the husband!  She manages to get away and goes straight the hotel where the boys told her they were staying. She tells them what really happened, which was that she had told her hairdresser about the affair and the hairdresser, a “white witch,” had given her a “Return to Love” spell to get the husband to come back to her. Sam researches the spell and discovers it was actually a “Kiss of Death” curse. When she kissed the husband, she cursed him, but then he passed the curse on to the babysitter when he kissed her and then it defaulted back to him after she died.

Dean, Sam and the wife go to the office of her hairdresser to kill the witch and break the curse. They leave the wife armed with a knife to wait in the car. While inside the witch’s salon/office the come across a book that explains that they’re dealing with a Qareen.  A Qareen is a “slave to its commands” given to it by the person who possesses its heart and presents itself to its victim as said victim’s deepest, darkest desire. For the babysitter that was the husband, for the husband it was the babysitter and for the wife, the husband. One can only imagine who it will present itself as for Dean…

The boys begin to search the place for the heart of the Qareen. Sam finds it in a locked box but before he can stab it is caught in a binding spell by the witch herself. She explains to Dean she only does what she does to punish cheating men.

Meanwhile in another part of the building, Dean is confronted by the Qareen, disguised as Amara. She/It confronts Dean wondering why the love he feels in his heart is cloaked in such shame. She tells Dean that he shouldn’t try to fight it. Dean is tempted but know this is not actually Amara and they begin to fight.

As the witch is just about to finish off Sam the wife come in and distracts her. This is more than enough of an opportunity for Sam to shoot the witch and stab the heart of Qareen. Not a moment too soon for Dean who watches the creature suddenly disappear.

Later as the boys are packing up and getting ready to head back out on the road Sam asks Dean what he saw. And in a refreshing change of pace, Dean admits it was Amara. He also comes clean that though when he’s away from her he wants nothing more than to kill her, when she’s near him something happens to him. Sam reminds Dean that she is the sister of God and she chose him, there’s nothing he can do about it and that Sam doesn’t blame or judge Dean at all.

Dean admits he doesn’t think he can kill her.  Sam says, “I got it.”

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Dean be able to let Sam kill Amara when the time comes?


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